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English citations of tsuris

  • 1968, Ronald Sukenick, Up, page 84, Dial Press
    You think you got troubles? You should go down there and talk to some of those schnorrers. Still, what chutzbah. It's like the Jewish moral sense, emerging from all that tsuris.
  • 1987 June 19, D. Keith Mano, “The making of a terrorist”, National Review
    If I were an American mother, I'd worry more about drugs in my children's schools and drunk driving and AIDS and a million other problems, gehocte tsuris.
  • 1988, February 19, John P. Roche, “The Key to Failure: Laos and the Vietnam War”, National Review
    Thailand was our "privileged sanctuary" and no one in his right mind wanted to widen the Indochinese War even further. Didn't we have enough tsuris already? (as we say in Brooklyn).
  • 1991, John Updike, Rabbit at Rest
    “Sounds to me, my friend, like you got some tsuris. Not full grown yet, not gehoketh tsuris, but tsuris.”
  • 1993 February 26, Frank McConnell, “A nation of standups: starring in our own scripts”, Commonweal, Commonweal Foundation
    Catholic, oral culture uses the model of the confessional. Protestant, print culture uses the model of the private journal and the examen de conscience. And in that sense the Tube is a triumph of ecumenism: two varieties of tsuris for the price of one.
  • 1997, Hilary Henkin and David Mamet, Wag the Dog, New Line Cinema
    Stanley Moss: I don't need this gig, I don't need the money, I don't need the tsuris ... I don't need it.
  • 1998, Peter Biskind, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Bloomsbury 1999, p. 111
    "Ain't we had enough tsuris with all these crazos we've been working with?" replied Rafelson, alluding to Dennis Hopper.
  • 1998 September 25, Reed Johnson, “Promising ‘Memory’ Falters”, Daily News, Los Angeles
    To say the least, Russell (Michael Landes) feels ambivalent about his mom's new beau, who's young enough to be his own twin. But that's only the start of his tsuris.
  • 1999 June, David Brickner, Future Hope: A Jewish Christian Look at the End of the World, Purple Pomegranate Productions
    They predicted a time [] that will be marked by terrible worldwide trouble or “tsuris” such as this planet has never seen.
  • 2002 February, Joel Herscovitch, Back to the Garden, page 211, Xlibris Corporation
    “I think you’ve been holding out on me, boychick.” Jesse tightened. “It’s giving me tsuris. Why didn’t you tell me? [] About the be-ootiful women up there.”
  • 2003 March, Michael Walsh, And All the Saints, page 232, Warner Books
    “This is one of the things giving me tsuris [] . Legs,” said Dutch, “is out of control.”
  • 2003 August, Jay Neugeboren, Open Heart: A Patient's Story of Life-Saving Medicine and Life-Giving Friendship, page 63, Houghton Mifflin Books
    “Listen, sonny boy,” he says, “it doesn't matter what troubles — what tsuris — others have. Your tsuris is still your tsuris and you shouldn’t bury it.