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From Latin dulcis (sweet) in the 19th century, probably inspired by earlier names like Dowsabel and Spanish Dulcinea.

Proper nounEdit


  1. A female given name.
    • 1904 Al Harris - Guy d'Hardelot, Three Green Bonnets (a song):
      Three green bonnets at church one day / Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy May / Three green bonnets that nod in a row/ Each bonnet tied with a green ribbon bow.
    • 1966 Patrick White, The Solid Mandala, Avon Books (1975), →ISBN, page 88:
      "Probably most people hate the name they've got," she said. "Take Dulcie."
      "It's not bad," he said slowly. "It's sort of exotic."
      That was a word he had decided to adopt.
      "No, it isn't. It's awful, really. It means 'sweet'. And Dulcie's a plump girl with fair hair and blue eyes. A complexion."