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French edit

Noun edit

Export f (uncountable)

  1. a German beer brand

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Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ɛksˈpɔrt/, [ʔɛksˈpɔʁt], [-ˈpɔɐ̯t], [-ˈpɔːt], (also) /ˈɛkspɔrt/
  • Initial stress is used chiefly in juxtaposition with Import. Otherwise it is rare, except for the beer, where both ways are commonly heard.
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  • Hyphenation: Ex‧port

Etymology 1 edit

18th century, from English export.

Noun edit

Export m (strong, genitive Exportes or Exports, plural Exporte)

  1. (economics) export (the act of exporting)
    Synonym: Ausfuhr
    Antonyms: Import, Einfuhr
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Etymology 2 edit

Originally brewed for export (out of town or to other regions/states, not necessarily abroad), therefore having a slightly higher original gravity and alcohol percentage.

Noun edit

Export n (strong, genitive Exports or Export, plural Export)

  1. Short for Exportbier (kind of lager beer).
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