Fertile Crescent


The extent of the Fertile Crescent.


Coined by University of Chicago archaeologist James Henry Breasted.


Proper nounEdit

the Fertile Crescent

  1. (historical) A crescent-shaped strip of fertile land stretching from present-day Iraq through eastern Turkey and down the Syrian and Israeli coasts.
    • 1914, James Harvey Robinson, James Henry Breasted, Charles Austin Beard, Outlines of European History: Earliest man, the Orient, Greece, and Rome:
      This great semicircle, for lack of a name, may be called the fertile crescent.
    • 1988, Charles Issawi, The Fertile Crescent, 1800-1914: A Documentary Economic History, Oxford University Press (→ISBN), page 3:
      The Fertile Crescent has always been in close touch with the other parts of the Middle East: Turkey, Iran, the Arabian peninsula, and Egypt.


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