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From Old High German hof, from Proto-Germanic *hufą (hill, farm).


  • IPA(key): /hoːf/ (standard)
  • IPA(key): /hɔf/ (northern and western Germany; becoming rare)
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Hof m (genitive Hofes or Hofs, plural Höfe, diminutive Höfchen n)

  1. yard, court, courtyard (open area by a house or enclosed by houses)
    Der Hof hinter unserm Haus ist mit Schiefer gepflastert.
    The yard behind our house is paved with slate.
  2. court (residence and entourage of a nobleman)
    Am Hof des Königs gab es ständige Intrigen.
    There were constant intrigues at the king's court.
  3. farmyard (central area of a farm, excluding the fields)
    Das Essen wird den Arbeitern ins Feld gebracht, damit sie erst abends auf den Hof zurückkommen müssen.
    The workers are served food in the fields, so that they needn’t come back to the farmyard before the evening.
  4. (by extension) farm, agricultural enterprise
    Wenn mein Sohn den Hof nicht übernimmt, muss ich verkaufen.
    If my son doesn’t take over the farm, I’ll have to sell it.


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Hof n (genitive Hofs)

  1. a city in Bavaria
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  1. A municipality in Vestfold, Norway