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See also: jott and jött


Central FranconianEdit

Alternative formsEdit

  • Gott (Moselle Franconian)


From Old High German god, northern variant of got, cot, from Proto-Germanic *gudą.



Jott m (plural Jödder)

  1. (Ripuarian) god

Proper nounEdit

Jott m

  1. (Ripuarian) God

Usage notesEdit

  • Jott is the only proper noun (or any noun) that retains a common genitive form (Joddes), and one of very few names that do not generally take a definite article before them.
  • The word is chiefly used with some specification, such as Jott em Himmel (“God in Heaven”), Jott use Vatter (“God our Father”), der leeve Jott (“the good God”), or the like. Otherwise it tends to be replaced with der Härjott.