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  1. An Indo-Aryan language of the Dardic branch, spoken by the Kho people.
    • 1885, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland[1], volume 17, page 89:
      In those languages are, (1) Boorishki or Khajuna, the language of the Boorish or Yeshkuns, which is spoken in Hunza, Nager, and Yassin, (2) Shina, the language of the Shins which is spoken in the Gilgit Valley, (3) Khowar, the language of Chitral.
    • 2005, Magnus Marsden, Living Islam: Muslim Religious Experience in Pakistan's North-West Frontier[2]:
      Few people in Rowshan regularly read Khowar works, however, and their attitudes towards the value of written Khowar are ambivalent.
    • 2016, Hans Henrich Hock, The Languages and Linguistics of South Asia: A Comprehensive Guide[3]:
      Morgenstierne 1936 is a foundational article for Khowar etymological studies. It discusses four layers of historical accretion of Iranian lexical elements in Khowar: words from (a) unidentified Ir sources, (b) Pamir languages, mainly Wakhi, (c) Middle Ir. languages, and (4) numerous words from New Persia.