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  1. Initialism of Level of Service. This is a measure by which transportation planners reckon the quality of service on transportation devices.
  2. Initialism of Line-of-Sight. This is an uninterrupted virtual line of observation.
  3. Initialism of Loan Origination System. This is a software application or ASP solution for originating loans.
  4. Initialism of Loss of Signal.
  5. Initialism of Law of the Sea.
  6. Initialism of Line of Supply. This is the transportation infrastructure that supports a military unit.
  7. Initialism of Large Offspring Syndrome. This is a phenomenon found occasionally in calves and lambs that are born to parents which have been cloned or otherwise subject to embryo manipulation.
  8. Initialism of Murtala Mohammed International Airport. This is the IATA airport code for this airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

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