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Laurel (plural Laurels)

  1. (Mormonism) A 16- to 17-year-old participant in the Young Women organization of the LDS Church.

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  1. A female given name from the laurel plant.
    • 1972 Eudora Welty, The Optimist's Daughter, Random House, →ISBN, page 27
      "What on earth made Becky give you a name like that?" she'd asked Laurel, on that first occasion.
      "It's the state flower of West Virginia," Laurel told her, smiling. "Where my mother came from."
  2. A Spanish surname​.
  3. A municipality of the Philippines; named for Miguel Laurel.
  4. A city in Maryland.
  5. A city in Mississippi; the county seat of Jones County; named for the laurel thickets in the area.
  6. A CDP in Virginia.
  7. A CDP in Florida.
  8. A city in Montana; named for the laurel bushes growing in the area.
  9. A town in Delaware; named for the laurel bushes growing in the area.
  10. A neighbourhood of Edmonton, Alberta.
  11. A hamlet in New York.
  12. A city in Nebraska; named for early settler Laura Martin.
  13. A town in Indiana; named for the city in Maryland.
  14. A city in Iowa; named for the community in Ohio.
  15. A river in the United States, flowing from Lake, Kentucky into the Cumberland at Corbin, Kentucky.
  16. A neighborhood of Oakland, California.
  17. An unincorporated community in Ohio.
  18. An unincorporated community in Oregon; named for the trees growing in the area, thought to be laurels (later identified as madrones).
  19. An unincorporated community in Tennessee.
  20. An unincorporated community in Washington.
  21. An unincorporated community in West Virginia.
  22. A ghost town in Santa Cruz County, California.