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Old English Lindcoln, from Latin Lindum Colonia, from Brythonic Lindo, Lindon, probably from *linn ‘pool’, in reference to the Brayford.


  • IPA(key): /ˈlɪŋkən/
  • (file)

Proper nounEdit

Lincoln (countable and uncountable, plural Lincolns)

  1. A city and borough in Lincolnshire, England.
  2. An English surname​.
  3. Abraham Lincoln.
  4. A male given name of American usage, originally in honor of Abraham Lincoln.
  5. The capital city of Nebraska, and the county seat of Lancaster County.
  6. A city in Illinois; the county seat of Logan County.

Derived termsEdit

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Lincoln (plural Lincolns)

  1. A brand of American automobile.
  2. An English breed of sheep.
  3. (US, slang) A five-dollar bill.
    • 1955, Ray Charles, Greenbacks
      As I was walking down the street last night
      A pretty little girl came into sight
      I bowed and smiled and asked her name
      She said, "Hold it bud, I don't play that game"
      I reached in my pocket, and to her big surprise
      There was Lincoln staring her dead in the eyes.
    • 1989, Albert William Gray, Size, page 117:
      A Jackson, a Lincoln, three singles. He was seven bucks short, []
    • 2006, EminemsRevenge, Jew Girl, page 181:
      [] not only winning the hand, but also collecting a five dollar per player bonus. [] Jonah yelled to Fred, who crumpled up a Lincoln and tossed it toward him.
  4. (aviation) A high altitude, long-range bomber based on the Avro Lancaster.


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