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Scottish Gaelic lagan (dell).


Proper nounEdit


  1. A habitational surname derived from the Scottish places.
  2. An Irish surname, an Anglicization of Ó Leocháin.
  3. A male given name transferred from the surnames. Used since at least the 19th century, and popular in the 2000s.
  4. A female given name used since the 1990s; much less common than the male name.
  5. Places in Scotland, Canada, U.S., and Australia.
    1. a town in Dearborn County, Indiana, USA.
    2. a town in Lawrence County, Indiana, USA.
    3. a city in Ohio, USA, and the county seat of Hocking County.
    4. a city in Utah, USA, and the county seat of Cache County.
    5. a small city in West Virginia, USA, and the county seat of Logan County.


  • 1781 Robert Burns: Logan Braes:
    O Logan, sweetly didst thou glide,
    That day I was my Willie's bride,
    And years sin syne hae o'er us run,
    Like Logan to the simmer sun
  • 1782 Thomas Jefferson: Notes on the State of Virginia: ( Chief Logan's Lament )
    Col. Cresop, the last spring, in cold blood, and unprovoked, murdered all the relations of Logan, not sparing even my women and children. - - - Logan never felt fear. He will not turn on his heel to save his life. Who is there to mourn for Logan? No one.
  • 2003 Dale Alderman: Being a Dad: The Stuff No One Told Me. →ISBN page 18:
    "How about Logan?"
    "That's it. The perfect name!" I exclaimed. Starla liked the name, and I thought it was exceedingly cool because one of the most exciting characters in the X-Men comics is also named Logan (nicknamed Wolverine). - - - I didn't tell Starla about the comic book connection because she would probably think I was being stupid.

Derived termsEdit