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  1. plural of Monsieur
    • 1821, Thomas Bayly Howell, Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials, and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period [1163] to the Present Time [1820] ..., page 831:
      It is a draft on Messieurs Smith and Payne, payable to the lord advocate, for the sum of [...]
    • 1879, Royal Colonial Institute (Great Britain), Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, page 142:
      Two of the demands which it is proposed to make upon the Zulu King relate to the outrage by Sirayo's sons committed in August last in Natal territory, and to the act of interference by certain Zulus with Messieurs Smith and Deighton whilst [...]
    • 1880, Horace Wemyss Smith, Life and Correspondence of the Rev. William Smith, D. D.: First Provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia. First President of Washington College, Maryland. With Copious Extracts from His Writings, page 140:
      It will appear by the Minutes sent You to June i6th last, and by those which accompany this Letter, that Messieurs Smith and Schlatter have done their Part; [...]



Capitalization of messieurs


Messieurs m

  1. plural of Monsieur
    Je vous présente Messieurs MacKenzie et Harley.
    I present you Mister MacKenzie and (Mister) Harley.