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From Persian میرزا(Mirzâ), from earlier میرزاد(Mirzâd), composed of میر(mir, commander) (from Arabic title أَمِير(ʾamīr, commander, prince)) and the suffix ـزاد، ـزاده(-zâd, -zâde, child of, son of), from زادن(zâdan). Akin to Amir, amir, emir and admiral.


Mirza (plural Mirzas)

  1. A title denoting the rank of a high nobleman or prince, signifying a male-line descent and relationship to the Imperial Families of Turkey, Persia and later South Asia, and was the title borne by members of the highest aristocracies in Tatar states, such as the khanates of Kazan and Astrakhan.

Usage notesEdit

  • Equivalent to prince when following the surname; a common title of respect, like Mr., when preceding it.


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