People's Republic of China



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    The People's Republic of China

Proper nounEdit

People’s Republic of China

  1. Official name of the country popularly known as China, as opposed to the Republic of China.

    Synonyms: Communist China, mainland China, PR China, PRC, Red China
    • 1980, Spiro Agnew, Go Quietly . . . Or Else[1], New York: William Morrow and Company, →ISBN, page 34:
      I disagreed completely—and still do—with President Nixon's initiative to "normalize" relations with the People's Republic of China. The American people—against the will of the majority, if the polls are correct—have been forced to go along with the Carter administration's decision to repudiate our mutual defense treaty with the free Chinese regime on Taiwan, and to give Peking the diplomatic and economic muscle to seriously impair the security and prosperity of the seventeen million people on the island. This is a strange way to reward a loyal ally whose hardworking and creative citizens have made their country a model success story for the capitalistic free-enterprise system.