This Proto-Indo-European entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.



*lókus m[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

  1. pond, pool


Athematic, amphikinetic
nominative *lókus
genitive *l̥kwés
singular dual plural
nominative *lókus *lókuh₁(e) *lókewes
vocative *lóku *lókuh₁(e) *lókewes
accusative *lókum *lókuh₁(e) *lókums
genitive *l̥kwés *? *l̥kwóHom
ablative *l̥kwés *? *l̥kwmós
dative *l̥kwéy *? *l̥kwmós
locative *lóku, *lókwi *? *l̥kwsú
instrumental *l̥kwéh₁ *? *l̥kwmís


  • Proto-Albanian:
  • Balto-Slavic:
    • Proto-Slavic: *lokỳ (extended with the collective marker *-h₂) (see there for further descendants)
  • Proto-Celtic: *loku (see there for further descendants)
  • Proto-Germanic: *laguz, *lahō (see there for further descendants)
  • Proto-Hellenic: *lə́kwos (from the oblique grade)
  • Proto-Italic: *lakus


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