This Proto-Indo-Iranian entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Indo-Iranian edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Indo-European *bʰeh₂- (to shine).

Noun edit

*bʰaHnúš m[1]

  1. ray of light

Declension edit

consonant stem
singular dual plural
nominative *bʰaHnúš *bʰaHnúā́w *bʰaHnúás
vocative *bʰaHnú *bʰaHnúā́w *bʰaHnúás
accusative *bʰaHnúám *bʰaHnúā́w *bʰaHnúás
instrumental *bʰaHnúáH *bʰaHnúbʰyáH, -bʰyā́m *bʰaHnúbʰíš
ablative *bʰaHnúás *bʰaHnúbʰyáH, -bʰyā́m *bʰaHnúbʰyáH
dative *bʰaHnúáy *bʰaHnúbʰyáH, -bʰyā́m *bʰaHnúbʰyáH
genitive *bʰaHnúás *bʰaHnúáwš *bʰaHnúām
locative *bʰaHnúí *bʰaHnúáwš *bʰaHnúsu

Descendants edit

  • Proto-Indo-Aryan: *bʰaHnúṣ
  • Proto-Iranian: *baHnúš

Derived terms edit

References edit

  1. ^ Lubotsky, Alexander (2011) “bhānú”, in The Indo-Aryan Inherited Lexicon (in progress) (Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Project), Leiden University