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Rico Suave (plural Rico Suaves)

  1. (US, slang) A snappily dressed, cool, confident Latino lady's man.
    • 2005, E. Lynn Harris, Freedom In This Village: Twenty-Five Years of Black Gay Men's Writing, page 387:
      "No Rico Suaves for me." He sank his thumbs into his armpits to simulate wearing overalls. "I'm only into one-hundred-percent Boy-Next-Door crackers."
    • December 2007, Indianapolis Monthly, "Show Stealers", pp. 194, ISSN 0899-0328
      The show follows Lawrence Jameson, a regular Rico Suave, and Freddy Benson, a small-time swindler who tugs at ladies' heart.
    • 2008, [1] "The King of Erotica 2: The Crown", →ISBN
      He tried to turn on the Rico Suave charm.
    • 2009, [2] Asley & JaQuavis, "The Tale of Murda Mamas: The Cartel 2", →ISBN
      That Rico Suave-ass nigga don't know how to keep a bitch like Miamor.
    • 2009, [3] Reba Toney, "The Rating Game: The Foolproof Formula for Finding Your Perfect Soul Mate", pp. 181 →ISBN
      If you've been invited to a friend's birthday, and you show up only to find three couples, two stragglers, and Rico Suave hitting on the hot waitress, lower your expectations of meeting someone, and try to have a great time anyway.
    • 2010, [4] Michelle Dupress, "Attract the Love You Want", pp.10, →ISBN
      He thinks he is Rico Suave and you know him to be a Don Juan.
    • 2011, Stanley E. Terrell, Brickettes: Tales and Poems from New Ark, page 57:
      And he felt a cloying kinship with his father, his uncles, his teachers, and his mentors at the same time he was feeling a closer bond with the homeboys, the G-Dawgs, the Rico Suaves.

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