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Sister (plural Sisters)

  1. Title of respect for an adult female member of a religious order.
    At the convent, Sister Grace supervises the kitchen.
    Please welcome Sister Smith as she moves from her former congregation to her new congregation.
    Could you say a prayer for me, Sister?
  2. Title of respect for an adult female member of a fraternal/sororal organization, or comrade in a movement, or even a stranger using fictive kin.
    • 1983, Official Proceedings, Resolutions, Constitution and Merger Agreement of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Convention:
      Sister Huerta was to have been our initial speaker this morning. However, we received word later this morning that Sister Huerta would be unable to attend our convention.
  3. A title used to personify or respectfully refer to concepts or animals.
    Native American leader Chief Seattle urged ecological responsibility, referring to Brother Eagle and Sister Sky in his purported 1854 speech.

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