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[[File:Crown_Prince_Akihito_%26_Michiko_Shoda_Wedding_1959-4.jpg|thumb|250px|Empress Michiko on the right, wearing ''jūni-hitoe'' on her wedding day in 1959]]
[[File:Ajuga_nipponensis_2.jpg|thumb|250px|{{l|ja|ジュウニヒトエ}}, the plant in [[genus]] {{taxlink|Ajuga|genus}}]]
Compound of {{compound|lang=ja|sort=しゅうにひとえ'|十二|tr1=jūni|t1=twelve|単|tr2=hitoe|t2=unlined or single-layer robe}}.
* {{l|ja|sc=Latn|訓読み|Kun'yomi}}
* {{IPA|lang=ja|[d͡ʑʲɯᵝːni çito̞e̞]}}
===Alternative forms===
* {{l|ja|十二一重}}, {{l|ja|十二単衣}}
{{ja-noun|k|hira=じゅうにひとえ|rom=jūni-hitoe|hidx=しゅうにひとえ'}}: lit. "twelve layers"
# {{context|lang=ja|sort=しゅうにひとえ'|clothing}} a [[ceremonial]] twelve-layered robe worn by women of the [[imperial]] [[court]], consisting of twelve single-layer unlined robes worn one over the other
#: This style became fashionable some time in the tenth century during the {{w|Heian period}}. Starting from the {{w|Muromachi period}}, the term ''jūni-hitoe'' was also used in the popular culture to refer to the five-layer {{term|lang=ja|五重唐衣裳|tr=goe-karaginumo}} style.
# {{context|lang=ja|sort=しゅうにひとえ'|botany}} {{taxlink|Ajuga nipponensis|species}}, a [[perennial]] plant in the [[mint]] family and native to Japan
#: Members of this [[genus]] are also known as {{term|lang=en|bugleweed}}, {{term|lang=en|ground pine}}, {{term|lang=en|carpet bugle}}, or just {{term|lang=en|bugle}}. As with many biological terms, this is often written in katakana, as {{l|ja|ジュウニヒトエ}}.
# A style of clothing worn by important ladies in the royal court, (between the years 794 to 1192.)
====Related terms====
* {{l|ja|唐衣裳|tr={{l|ja|からぎぬも}}, ''{{l|ja|sc=Latn|karaginumo}}''}}: traditional [[robe]] and [[apron]] clothing
* {{l|ja|着物|tr={{l|ja|きもの}}, ''{{l|ja|sc=Latn|kimono}}''}}: a [[kimono]]
====See also====
* {{pedialite|lang=ja}}
* [[着物]] ([[きもの]], ''[[kimono]]''): A Kimono