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WT:AK; split by etymology; usage note regarding "can", "cannot" translation
'''수''' (su)
#[[way]], [[means]], [[possibility]]
#[[male]] (non-human)
#:''opposite'': [[암]] (am)
#([[水]]) [[water]], (waters) [[river]]
#([[數]]) [[number]]
#:수를 세다 ('''''su'''reul seda'') to count (the number of)
====Usage notes====
After a future determiner and before, {{ko-inline|수|su|possibility}} with a form of {{ko-inline|있다|itda|to exist}} or {{ko-inline|없다|eopda|not to exist}} may translate as a form of “[[can]]” or “[[cannot]]”, respectively:
* 갈 '''수'''가 없습니다.
*:''Gal '''su'''ga eopsseumnida.''
*:[I] cannot go. (Literally, "The future going '''possibility''' does not exist.")
[[category:Korean nouns]]
* (''male''): {{ko-inline|암|am|female (non-human)}}
# [[water]]
# [[river]]
# {{figurative|lang=ko}} [[north]]; [[winter]]; [[black]]
# [[number]]
#* '''수'''를 세다
#*:'''''su'''reul seda''
#*:to count (the '''number''' of)