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#: This style became fashionable some time in the tenth century during the {{w|Heian period}}. Starting from the {{w|Muromachi period}}, the term ''jūni-hitoe'' was also used in the popular culture to refer to the five-layer {{m|ja|五重唐衣裳|tr=goe-karaginumo}} style.
# {{context|lang=ja|sort=しゅうにひとえ'|botany}} {{taxlink|Ajuga nipponensis|species|noshow=1}}, a [[perennial]] plant in the [[mint]] family and native to Japan
#: Members of this [[genus]] are also known as {{term|lang=en|bugleweed}}, {{vern|ground pine|pedia=1}}, {{vern|carpet bugle|pedia=1}}, or just {{term|lang=en|bugle}}. {{U:ja:biology|ジュウニヒトエ}}
====Usage notes
#: Members of [[genus]] ''[[Ajuga]]'' are also known as {{term|lang=en|bugleweed}}, ''[[ground pine]]'', ''{{vern|carpet bugle}}'', or just {{term|lang=en|bugle}}. {{U:ja:biology|ジュウニヒトエ}}
====Related terms====