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* {{rhymes|əʊnt|lang=en}}
{{head|en-cont|verb form}}
# {{contraction of|[[do]] [[not]], negative auxiliary|lang=en}}
# [[do]] [[not]] (negative auxiliary<ref>Arnold M. Zwicky and Geoffrey K. Pullum, [ ''Cliticization vs. Inflection: English ''n’t], ''Language'' '''59''' (3), 1983, pp. 502-513</ref>)
#* {{quote-book|year=1913|author={{w|Joseph C. Lincoln}}|chapter=7
|title=[ Mr. Pratt's Patients]
#* The Police, "Don't Stand So Close to Me", Zenyatta Mondatta, A&M Records:
#*: '''Don't''' Stand, '''Don't''' stand so, '''Don't''' stand so close to me.
# {{lb|en|nonstandard}} {{contraction of|[[does]] [[not]]|lang=en}}
#* {{quote-text|year=1868|author=Louisa May Alcott|title=Little Women|chapter=2|passage=My mother knows old Mr. Laurence, but says he’s very proud and '''don’t''' like to mix with his neighbors.<!--This usage is very widespread throughout the Little Women trilogy, but modern editions often standardize it to "doesn't".-->}}
#* '''1971''', Carol King, “So Far Away”, ''Tapestry'', Ode Records:
* {{l|en|doesn't}}
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