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Latin: added noun
# [[ambition]]
From {{term|ambio|ambiō|go around|lang=la}}.
# A [[going]] around or about; that which [[surrounds]].
# A [[desire]] for one's [[favor]] or [[good]] [[will]]; [[excessive]] [[desire]] to [[please]], [[flattery]], [[adulation]].
# A desire for [[honor]], [[popularity]], [[power]] or [[display]]; [[ambition]]; [[vanity]].
# [[partiality|Partiality]], [[favouritism]].
# A [[great]] [[exertion]].
# {{context|in the time of the Republic}} The going about of [[candidates]] for [[office]] in [[Rome]], and the [[soliciting]] of [[citizens]] for their [[vote]]; [[candidature]]; [[canvassing]].
====Derived terms====
* [[ambitiosus|ambitiōsus]]
====Related terms====
* [[ambio|ambiō]]
* [[ambitiose|ambitiōsē]]
* [[ambitor|ambītor]]
* [[ambitudo|ambitūdō]]
* [[ambitus]]
* English: {{l|en|ambition}}
* Finnish: {{l|fi|ambitio}}
* French: {{l|fr|ambition}}
* German: [[Ambition]]
* Italian: [[ambizione]]
* Spanish: [[ambición]]