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From Middle High German strīt, from Old High German strīt, from Proto-Germanic *strīdaz.


  • IPA(key): /ʃtʁaɪ̯t/
  • (file)


Streit m (genitive Streits or Streites, plural Streite or Streits)

  1. quarrel, dispute, fight, argument
    Streit um des Kaisers BartQuarrel about something unimportant (literally, “Dispute over the Kaiser's beard”)
  2. (archaic outside of compounds) fight, battle
    Streitaxtbattle axe
    Sie rüsteten sich zum Streit(e).They prepared for battle.

Usage notesEdit

  • Neither of the existing plural forms is very frequent. In formal German, Streitigkeiten is normally used instead. Streite is listed in some dictionaries but is quite uncommon. Streits is a recent innovation (possibly on the model of Streiks) which has become fairly common in colloquial German but is likely to be considered incorrect in formal style.


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