From the OED:


(also blond)(chiefly of hair)

  1. fair or pale yellow
her long blonde hair
I had my hair dyed blonde.
  1. having hair of a fair or pale yellow color
a tall blonde woman'
  1. having fair hair and a light complexion ...
she was blonde and blue-eyed ...

And maybe someone forgot to tell M-W as well:

—spelled blond when used of a boy or man and often blonde when used of a girl or woman

She has blonde highlights in her hair.

M-W and OED (retrived 29 Nov 11) agree that "blonde" with an "e" can also be used as an adjective when describing females. And since M-W is a US based wordbook, it also highlights that blonde with an "e" is still in use in the US as well. --AnWulf ... Ferþu Hal! 04:23, 29 November 2011 (UTC)

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