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"Damas"" in FrenchEdit

may have several meanings . For example ( and even nowadays) , in a (rather whealthy and conservative) french family , it may be used by :

-the land-lady, proud about her heavy damas silk curtains (which were offered to her on her wedding) - her sunday damas table-cloth and napkins (made in fact of very thin and intricately embroidered cotton) brought back 15 years ago from South Africa by her husband - of her damas (= Hesperis) in her flower garden ...

- while the land-lord, after a good meal washed down with a fine old hot red wine (made of black damas grape) - and while smoking a damas (small fragrant Habana cigar) - and sipping a fine very old damas prune liquor - might show you proudly the damas blade of his brand new hunting knife ( see damask steel in WP:en ) , made in the USA by Buck knives (or in Solingen , Germany) - and, hanging over the fire-place the damas arab sword his great-grand-father looted after the taking of Abd-el-Kader 's smalah in Algeria (1843) - and the Lefaucheux ( see WP ) hunting shot-gun , in the family since 1850, converted from lateral to central percussion around 1900, which he dared fire many years ago, but only once, and with a very light powder-loaded cartridge, since he feared its beautiful watered-steel damas tubes would not stand modern powder ... T.y. , Arapaima 09:39, 15 January 2010 (UTC)

"Staircase thought" ( BTW, what is the english sentence for "esprit de l'escalier" ? ) : and of course the landlady 'll keep you from having a second helping of damas prune liquor , arguing you have had enough , and that your cheeks are now not "damask rose"-tinted, but " lie-de-vin" (wine-dregs) coloured ...Arapaima 10:00, 15 January 2010 (UTC)

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