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Is it wise to put an abbreviation like DS9 in here?? Is this going to be relevant even 10 years from now?

I think it would widen the definition by adding "or condition" after "shape"

Earliest Usenet uses via Google GroupsEdit

  • morph (verb): - Sep 15 1982, 11:51 pm by mork-cb
    A staff of polymorph can help too if you morph him into something "easy".
  • morphs (noun, which sense?): net.books - Mar 4 1985, 4:59 pm by Bob "Kat" Kaplan
    She offers an excuse for this, but in a book that deals with unusual words, it's nice to know the meaning of individual morphs.
  • morph (noun, which sense?): net.rec.birds - Jan 13 1986, 8:41 pm by Richard Snell
    1. A squirrel which is a black morph individual of the species commonly known as grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
  • morphs (noun): - Jan 8 1987, 3:49 pm by Tom Anderson
    Second, the pawn is rotated through the set of legal pawn morphs for every left mouse button click (the legal pawn morphs are queen, bishop, knight, and rook).
  • morphed: comp.sys.amiga - Aug 13 1987, 10:25 am by Rob Peck
    ... of a size equal to that which would cover the outermost boundaries of the old-version vs the new version of the object that has morphed.
  • 'morphing: - Jan 10 1990, 12:37 am by David Hairston
    you make it seem like 'morphing turns garbage into mostly other garbage but in fact it turns garbage into very advantageous goodies (too easily).
  • morphs (verb): alt.mud - Feb 25 1990, 4:44 pm by Edwin Huang
    Myrthful morphs into a horrible, slavering incarnation of horror and grips Julia with at least 20 claw-tipped tentacles!
  • morphing: comp.sys.amiga - Mar 7 1990, 10:43 am by Ken Baer
    Journeyman adds a new level to this motion; morphing.
  • morpher: alt.callahans - May 22 1990, 8:10 am by The Silver Dragon: AKA G. Minette
    "One of the side effects of being a dragon morpher no one tells you about."
  • morphers: alt.callahans - May 22 1990, 8:10 am by The Silver Dragon: AKA G. Minette
    It is a very stimulating and refreshing beverage to dragon morphers.

Hippietrail 12:18, 26 Feb 2005 (UTC)

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