Definitions for adjectives can be totally useless. For example, the definition for 'morphological' is 'related to morphology'

1. If we already knew what morphology is, we would not be looking up morphological 2. If statement 1 does not hold, then we would be looking up 'morphological'. Because we do not know what morphology means, this definition causes us to look up another word.

Please make your definitions more clearer so that we do not have to search twice for one word.

Well you don't actually have to search twice, just use a single click to the entry for the noun. Most dictionaries only define adjectives derived from nouns separately if they have separate meanings. It would be possible to copy the noun entry and adapt it to the adjective, but most people here seem to think that the disadvantages (such as keeping the entries synchronized) outweigh the advantages. I'm undecided on this. What does anyone else think? Dbfirs 08:49, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

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