This template displays an inflection table for Arabic gendered nouns, i.e. nouns that have a feminine equivalent (e.g. أَمْرِيكِيّ (ʔamrīkiyy, American)). The parameters are identical to {{ar-decl-adj}}, but the table displayed is a bit different because it displays the construct state in addition to indefinite and definite (hence there are six columns across, three for masculine and three for feminine).

See also {{ar-decl-noun}}.


A simple example

For participles, nisbas and similar adjectives that take sound plurals, it is enough to simply specify a single stem with a sound masculine plural, e.g. for the noun مُسْلِم (muslim, Muslim), a simple declaration works:


This yields

A slightly more complex example

For تُرْكِيّ (turkiyy, Turk), the masculine plurals need to be given explicitly:


This yields

For more complex examples, generally it is sufficient to copy the headword declaration for a noun and make minor changes, mostly just changing the template name from {{ar-noun|...}} to {{ar-decl-gendered-noun|...}}. For {{ar-noun-nisba}}, you may need to add |pl=sp, since the strong masculine plural is generated automatically by {{ar-noun-nisba}}.