This category contains dialectboiler: terms or senses in English as spoken in {{{2}}}.

This is just a mockup, probably this template needs some more functionality or be converted to Lua or something. This should do the basic work, though.

Purpose: Categorizing dialect categories, such as those below.


  • |1={{{1}}}: language code
  • |2={{{2}}}: region where variety is spoken
    |verb={{{verb}}}: change "spoken" to another verb, like "used" or "written"
    |prep={{{prep}}}: change "in" to another preposition, like "by" or "on"
    |def={{{def}}}: custom description after colon
    |nodef=1: changes colon to period
    |nolink=1: no link just plain text
  • |ety={{{ety}}}: etymology-only language code
    |ety2={{{ety2}}}: alternate etymology-only code
  • |cat={{{cat}}}: replace [[Category:Regional ...]] with custom category.
  • |cat2={{{cat2}}}: add second category
  • |cat3={{{cat2}}}: add third category
  • |wp=: {{wp}} template
    |wp=1: inserts plain {{wp}}
    |wp=[anything else]: inserts {{wp|{{{wp}}}}}
    |wplang=: non-English wikipedia language code; usage: {{wp|{{{wp}}}|lang={{{wplang}}}}}


Category:New Zealand English
{{dialectboiler|en|New Zealand}}
Category:Issime Walser
{{dialectboiler|gsw|[[Issime]], a village in the [[Aosta Valley]] of Italy|cat=Walser German|lang=Walser German}}
Category:Arbëresh Albanian
{{dialectboiler|sq|the {{w|Arbëreshë people}} in [[Italy]]|ety=aae|prep=by}}
Category:Late Middle English
{{dialectboiler|enm|the 15th century|cat=Middle English language|nolink=1}}