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The following documentation is located at Template:el-l/documentation. [edit]

Ambox warning pn.svg This template is going to be deleted.
Template:el-l is deprecated or has failed Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others.

Please do not use this template, and remove it from pages that use it.

It is recommended that {{l}} now be used - it produces the same output with very similar syntax:


  γιατρός m, f (giatrós, doctor)

{{l|el|γιατρός|γιατροί|g=m-p|g2=f-p|gloss=doctors}} (using alternative displayed form)

  γιατροί m pl, f pl (giatroí, doctors)


A modified form of {{l}} for Greek entries. See also {{el-p}} for phrases.


  • the first, main argument is unnamed
  • Optional named arguments:
    g= gender (use n-p, m-p, f-p for plural forms)
    g1= gender (overridden by g=)
    g2= second gender (value p is no longer used for plural forms - see: g= above)
    (g3= if necessary)
    gloss= the translation
    alt= alternative displayed text

The use of c for common gender is deprecated, if it is used m, f will be displayed.


{{el-l|καθώς}} (without gloss)

  καθώς (kathós)

{{el-l|νερό|g=n|gloss=water}} (with gender and gloss)

  νερό n (neró, water)

{{el-l|μαλλιά|g=n-p|gloss=hair}} (for plural forms)

  μαλλιά n pl (malliá, hair)

{{el-l|γιατρός|g=m|g2=f|gloss=doctor}} (for double gender forms)

  γιατρός m, f (giatrós, doctor)

{{el-l|γιατρός|alt=γιατροί|g=m-p|gloss=doctors}} (here the alternative plural form is displayed, this links to singular form)

  γιατροί m pl (giatroí, doctors)
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