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This template is used to nominate terms for the Foreign Word of the Day. To nominate a new term, add the following on a blank line, substituting the language name or code and the term that you want to nominate:

* {{fwotd-nom|(language name/code)|(term)}} ~~~~

So for example, to nominate the Italian word autostrada, you would type either of the following:

* {{fwotd-nom|it|autostrada}} ~~~~
* {{fwotd-nom|Italian|autostrada}} ~~~~

If a word has more than one part of speech, then you can specify which one you want to nominate by adding pos=:

* {{fwotd-nom|nl|uit|pos=adjective}} ~~~~

Checking entriesEdit

The template has three parameters for those who manage the Foreign Word of the Day. These are used to keep track of certain parts of the entry that need to be checked and improved. Each one can be set to 1 (all ok) or the default 0 (missing or needs fixing).

  • cite=
    • 0 (default): the entry does not meet the citation requirement;
    • 1: the entry has a valid citation;
    • 2 (or more): the entry has multiple citations. Use only for LDLs.
  • trans=
    • 0 (default): the citation in the entry has not been translated into English;
    • 1: the citation has a translation.
  • pron=
    • 0: the entry does not meet the pronunciation requirement;
    • 1: the entry meets the pronunciation requirements.

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