This template is used to create the inflection line — the line right below the heading — in entries for Hebrew nouns forms. See also {{he-noun form of}}.


wv= or dwv= — optional
The lemma form with niqúd (vowel diacritics), for display; use dwv= ("defective, with vowels") if the spelling with vowels drops some letters, otherwise use just wv= ("with vowels")
tr= — optional
A transliteration of the headword into the Latin alphabet, as described at Wiktionary:About Hebrew. If this is omitted, the article is added to Category:Requests for transliteration of Hebrew terms.
pausal, pausalwv, and pausaltr — optional
Respectively, the Biblical Hebrew pausal form (without vowels), the same form with vowels, and the transliteration of the same. If the form matches the pagetitle except for vowelization, pausal need not be specified. The default, if these are not specified, is that no pausal form appears in the entry.
|g=m-p, |g=f-p
Puts the entry into Category:Hebrew noun plural forms instead of Category:Hebrew noun forms.


  • At דמים‎, {{he-noun-form|wv=דָּמִים|tr=damím}} produces:
    דָּמִים (damím)
  • At סוסיים‎, {{he-noun-form|dwv=סוּסַיִם|tr=susáyim}} produces:
    סוסיים \ סוּסַיִם (susáyim)

Unit testsEdit