From the root ־

This template page is now essentially in a slow deprecation process.
Because its wording is not very accurate, i.e. many words aren't actually derived from a root but re-analyzed as belonging to it. The deprecation isn't being done by bot since many of its uses need human attention regarding its replacement.
Generally you should use {{HE root}} instead, which will also categorize the entry.

The purpose of this template is for creating Hebrew etymologies. It requires two to four unnamed parameters, which are the consonants of the root. It supports an optional tr= parameter to add a transliteration, and an optional nocat=, which, when set nocat=1 replaces the first F with a noncapital f.

Example usage

{{he-root|ל|מ|ד|tr=l-m-d}}, forming words relating to [[learning]].


From the root ל־מ־ד (l-m-d), forming words relating to learning.