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This is a shortcut for categories that use {{ja-readingcat}}, which are always named according to the following pattern:

  • Category:Japanese terms spelled with x read as y

where x is a single kanji, and y is a string of one or more hiragana.

{{ja-readingcat}} takes x and y as its first 2 parameters, with optional 3rd and 4th parameters for the reading type (on, kun, nanori, etc). This template figures out the first two parameters from the category name, so its 1st and 2nd parameters (both optional) become the 3rd and 4th parameters in the {{ja-readingcat}} template.

This template converts to:

  • {{ja-readingcat|x|y|1|2|}}


Please note:Edit

Although you can get usable results without substituting this template, any change to this template, {{ja-readingcat}} or the category name any time in the future may cause it to break, with potentially cryptic results. Please be considerate and always use subst: