This template is used to wrap non-English text. It should be used whenever non-English text appears in a page, and there is no other template (like {{l}} or {{usex}}) that can be used instead. The template uses Module:script utilities as a back-end.

The template wraps text in the appropriate lang= HTML attribute, and optionally also adds a CSS class for the script. It is similar to {{l}} but does not provide a link. If a link is needed, use that template or a variety like {{m}}, as appropriate. For tagging usage examples in definitions, use {{usex}}.


Language code. Required. For text that is not in any language (e.g. for letters standing on their own), use mul. If you don't know the language, use und
The text to be displayed. If you need to link to the term, use {{l}} or {{m}}, not this template.
Specifies the script, if necessary. The script can be autodetected from the given text, like in other Lua-based templates such as {{l}}. So this is only needed if the detection does not give the right result. However, if you used mul or und as the language, you should probably specify this.
Specify the style to use. Can be empty (normal text), head (headword), term (term/mention, like {{m}}) or bold (non-specific bolded text).
Specifies an additional CSS class to add to the term. It is unlikely that this feature will be needed, but it is included for the sake of completeness.

See also

  • {{l}} to create a language-specific link
  • {{m}} for mentioned terms