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English definition:

  1. A municipality of the state of [[{{{state}}}]], Brazil.

Foreign language definition:

  1. Example (municipality of the state of {{{state}}}, Brazil)


Category: ... :Municipalities of {{{state}}}, Brazil

The following documentation is automatically transcluded by the template {{place doc}}.

This template categorizes and generates definitions for a certain type of place name. This template can be used in all languages. It is powered by {{meta-place}}.


Rule 1: The 1st unnamed parameter is the mandatory language code. Therefore, you can use:

# {{place:Brazil/municipality|en}} (for English)
# {{place:Brazil/municipality|ja}} (for Japanese)

Formatting rule:

  • If it's English, the definition is going to be formatted as a main definition.
  • If it's a foreign language, then the definition is going to be formatted as a translation with a gloss between parentheses.

Rule 2: The 2nd unnamed parameter is the link to the English translation if different from the current language.

# {{place:Brazil/municipality|ja|Example}} (this is a Japanese entry whose English translation is "Example")

Rule 3: Additional parameters:

  • Check at the top of this page for any additional parameters that this template may use.

For instructions about changing the text and code of this template, and creating similar templates for other types of places, see {{meta-place}}.