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This template is part of a series of templates used to show the conjugation of Romanian verbs. It should be used under the "Conjugation" or "Inflection" heading.

Templates edit

Templates for the first and fourth conjugation have names of the form {{ro-conj-inf}} or {{ro-conj-inf-1s}}, where inf is the infinitive ending of the verb (a, i or î) and 1s is the first-person singular present indicative infix (ez, esc or ăsc).

First conjugation:

Fourth conjugation:

Templates for the second and third conjugation use a different name format: {{ro-conj-inf-past}}, where inf is the infinitive ending (e or ea) and past is the past participle ending (s, t, pt or ut).

Second conjugation:

Third conjugation:

Usage edit

First conjugation edit

-ez- infix edit

{{ro-conj-a-ez}} does not require any parameters.

On lucra:

  • {{ro-conj-a-ez}}

No infix edit

If the verbal stem doesn't change throughout the conjugation, it is enough to use the templates without any parameters. The template can determine the verb stem and display all the conjugated forms.

On aduna:

  • {{ro-conj-a}}

If there is a vowel change in the forms that are stressed on the theme vowel (third-person singular present subjunctive andfirst-, second- and third-person singular present indicative), the stem for those forms should be provided as the first parameter.

On băga:

  • {{ro-conj-a|bag}}

On usca:

  • {{ro-conj-a|usuc}}

If the different stressed forms use different stems, a list of stems separated by / should be provided as the first parameter.

On turna:

  • {{ro-conj-a|torn/toarn}}

On alerga:

  • {{ro-conj-a|alerg/alearg}}

On supăra:

  • {{ro-conj-a|supăr/super}}

On spăla:

  • {{ro-conj-a|spăl/spal/spel}}

Second conjugation edit

The usage is the same as for the templates above.

On părea:

  • {{ro-conj-ea-ut|par|2imp=pari}}

On cădea:

  • {{ro-conj-ea-ut|cad|2imp=cazi}}

Third conjugation edit

The usage is the same as for the templates above. Note that, since the stress falls on the stem in the infinitive form for third conjugation verbs, the unstressed form needs to be provided as the second unnamed parameter if it is different from the infinitive stem.

On distinge (no stem change):

  • {{ro-conj-e-s}}

On trece (stem change):

  • {{ro-conj-a|trec/treac}}

On toarce (stem change and the unstressed stem is provided):

  • {{ro-conj-a|torc/toarc|torc}}

Fourth conjugation edit

The fourth conjugation templates are used similarly to the first conjugation ones.

On munci:

  • {{ro-conj-i-esc}}

On bizui:

  • {{ro-conj-i-esc}}

On hotărî:

  • {{ro-conj-î-ăsc}}

On jupui:

  • {{ro-conj-i|jupoi/jupoai}}

On ascuți:

  • {{ro-conj-i|ascut}}

On coborî:

  • {{ro-conj-i|cobor/coboar}}

On împărți:

  • {{ro-conj-i|împart}}

Overrides edit

There are also parameters for supplying forms directly. These should generally only be used when the template doesn't generate the right forms.

Non-finite forms edit

  • ger = gerund
  • past = past participle

Present indicative edit

  • 1s = first-person singular present indicative
  • 2s = second-person singular present indicative
  • 3s = third-person singular present indicative
  • 1p = first-person plural present indicative
  • 2p = second-person plural present indicative
  • 3p = third-person plural present indicative

Past indicative edit

  • imp = What comes before the imperfect endings. For vorbi, this would be vorbe. For vedea it would be vede. For cere, it would be cere.
  • 3imp = third-person singular imperfect form
  • perf = What comes before the perfect/pluperfect endings. For vorbi, this would be vorbi. For vedea it would be văzu. For cere, it would be ceru.
  • 3perf = 3rd person singular perfect form
  • plperf = What comes before the plural perfect endings if different from perf (optional).

Subjunctive edit

  • 3sub = third-person singular present subjunctive

Imperative edit

  • 2imp = second-person singular imperative

Full example edit

On avea:

  • {{ro-conj-e-ut|ger=având|past=avut|1s=am|2s=ai|3s=are|1p=avem|2p=aveți|3p=au|3sub=aibă|perf=avu|3perf=avu|imp=ave|3imp=avea|2imp=ai}}