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This template generates link targets for senses. Whenever a page of Wiktionary now has dozens of different senses for each language you can give the sense you want to link to an id. You can then link to this specific id using a variety of linking templates, with the id= parameter of those templates.

Recommended: You can also use this template via the graphical editor by User:Yair_rand, which you can find under preferences -> Gadgets -> Enable definition editing options.


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the current language section.
The id that you want to assign to the current sense. This can be anything, and can include spaces. However, you should probably keep it short and concise, as it will have to be typed verbatim by anyone who wants to create a link to this sense. Also make sure to choose something that will not need to be changed in the future, because if the id is changed later, all links that point to it will break.


For example you want to add a sense id to the English word "house" in the sense of a "house music", you can add this code to the sense:

Before (not linkable):

# [[house music|House music]].


# {{senseid|en|genre of music}} [[house music|House music]].

Now, when you want to link to this sense, you can use the id= parameter on, for example, {{l}} or {{m}}:

{{m|en|house|id=genre of music}}

Use with affixesEdit

The templates {{affix}}, {{suffix}} and such use the idN= parameter to disambiguate the categories for various homographical affixes. When the parameter is provided on these templates, then in addition to linking to the correct sense id anchor, the derivations category name is also modified to include this id. For example, {{affix|la|habeō|-tus|id2=action noun}} will link to the "action noun" sense id on the page -tus, but it will also place the entry in the category Category:Latin words suffixed with -tus (action noun) rather than the plain Category:Latin words suffixed with -tus.

Use in regular wikilinksEdit

The format of the anchor generated by this template is LanguageName-id, such that {{senseid|en|leading or managerial position in certain organizations}} in the entry for secretary can be linked to using [[secretary#English-leading or managerial position in certain organizations|secretary]].