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The Tisza in Szeged, Hungary

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From Hungarian Tisza. Known in Latin as Pathissus, Ancient Greek Πάθισσος (Páthissos), perhaps from ThracianDacian *patis (water), from Proto-Indo-European *póntoh₁s; compare Sanskrit पाथस् (pāthas, water), Sanskrit पन्था (pánthā-), Ancient Greek πόντος (póntos, the sea). The word may have been reanalyzed by the Slavic tribes as composed of Proto-Slavic *po (by, at) + *tisъ (yew) (compare Russian тис (tis)). More at Tisza.

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  1. A river in Central Europe, mainly flowing through Hungary and Serbia.

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  • IPA(key): [ˈtisɒ]
  • Hyphenation: Ti‧sza
  • Rhymes: -sɒ
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  1. Tisza (a river in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia)
  2. a surname

Declension Edit

Inflection (stem in long/high vowel, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative Tisza Tiszák
accusative Tiszát Tiszákat
dative Tiszának Tiszáknak
instrumental Tiszával Tiszákkal
causal-final Tiszáért Tiszákért
translative Tiszává Tiszákká
terminative Tiszáig Tiszákig
essive-formal Tiszaként Tiszákként
inessive Tiszában Tiszákban
superessive Tiszán Tiszákon
adessive Tiszánál Tiszáknál
illative Tiszába Tiszákba
sublative Tiszára Tiszákra
allative Tiszához Tiszákhoz
elative Tiszából Tiszákból
delative Tiszáról Tiszákról
ablative Tiszától Tiszáktól
possessive - singular
Tiszáé Tiszáké
possessive - plural
Tiszáéi Tiszákéi
Possessive forms of Tisza
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. Tiszám Tiszáim
2nd person sing. Tiszád Tiszáid
3rd person sing. Tiszája Tiszái
1st person plural Tiszánk Tiszáink
2nd person plural Tiszátok Tiszáitok
3rd person plural Tiszájuk Tiszáik

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