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Borrowed from Tok Pisin Tok Pisin, from English talk + pidgin or business.



Tok Pisin (uncountable)

  1. A creole of Indo-European, Malayo-Polynesian and Trans-New-Guinean languages (principally English and Kuanua); one of the official languages of Papua New Guinea.


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From English talk + pidgin (ultimately from business).

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Tok Pisin

  1. Tok Pisin
    • 1992, collected by Mühlhaüsler et al. quoted in Language, Education, and Development: Urban and Rural Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea (Suzanne Romaine, Oxford: 1992)
      Na mipela i no save long Tok Pisin tu. Brata bilong mipela ol i go long stesin, orait ol i kisim save long stesin. Ol i kam bek orait ol i tok pisin.
      And we didn't know Tok Pisin either. Our brothers went to the station, and then learned new things in the station. Then they returned speaking in creole.

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