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Borrowed from Latin trapezium, from Ancient Greek τραπέζιον (trapézion, irregular quadrilateral, literally a little table), diminutive of τράπεζα (trápeza, table), itself from τρά- (trá-, four) + πέζα (péza, foot, edge).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [tʁaˈpeːts]
  • (file)

Noun edit

Trapez n (strong, genitive Trapezes, plural Trapeze)

  1. trapeze, trapezium (gymnastics, sailing)
  2. (geometry) trapezium (UK), trapezoid (US)
    Synonym: Paralleltrapez
  3. (geometry) trapezoid (UK), trapezium (US)
  4. (astronomy) Trapezium Cluster
  5. windsurfing harness

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