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An (incomplete) list of Khalkha Mongolian roots in which the original *ï/*i assimilated to the following vowel leaving no palatalisation.

Cyrillic script requestsEdit

а, АEdit

б, БEdit

в, ВEdit

г, ГEdit

д, ДEdit

е, ЕEdit

ё, ЁEdit

ж, ЖEdit

з, ЗEdit

и, ИEdit

й, ЙEdit

к, КEdit

л, ЛEdit

м, МEdit

н, НEdit

о, ОEdit

ө, ӨEdit

п, ПEdit

р, РEdit

с, СEdit

т, ТEdit

у, УEdit

ү, ҮEdit

ф, ФEdit

х, ХEdit

ц, ЦEdit

ч, ЧEdit

ш, ШEdit

щ, ЩEdit

ы, ЫEdit

э, ЭEdit

ю, ЮEdit

я, ЯEdit