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My NameEdit

Dator Vitae means ‘giver of life’ or ‘life giver’ in Latin.



Dator is a Latin word meaning ‘giver’, ‘donor’, or, more abstractly, ‘one who gives’. It is a masculine noun from the Proto-Indo-European word *déh₃tōr.

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Vitae is the genitive singular of the Latin word vita meaning ‘life’, with vitae therefore meaning ‘of life’. It is from the Proto-Italic word *gʷītā, which itself possibly came from Proto-Indo-European *gʷih₃wo-teh₂.

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The correct pronunciation of Dator Vitae is something like [da.tɔr wiː.tae̯].

My TemplatesEdit


Seasons in DanishEdit

Seasons in Danish · årstider (layout · text)
forår, vår (spring) sommer (summer) efterår (autumn) vinter (winter)


Chess pieces in EstonianEdit

Chess pieces in Estonian · malendid (see also: male) (layout · text)
kuningas lipp vanker oda ratsu ettur

Seasons in EstonianEdit

Seasons in Estonian · aastaajad (layout · text)
kevad (spring) suvi (summer) sügis (autumn) talv (winter)


Canids in GermanEdit

(canids) Hund; Kojote, Hund, Fuchs, Schakal, Wolf (Category: de:Canids)

Continents in GermanEdit

(continents) Kontinent; Afrika, Amerika, Antarktika, Asien, Europa, Nordamerika, Ozeanien, Südamerika (Category: de:Continents)

Playing cards in GermanEdit

Playing cards in German · Spielkarten (layout · text)
Ass Zwei Drei Vier Fünf Sechs Sieben
Acht Neun Zehn Bube Dame König Joker

Tastes in GermanEdit

(tastes) Geschmack; bitter, salzig, sauer, süß (Category: de:Taste)

Times of the day in GermanEdit

(times of day) Tageszeit; Morgendämmerung, Morgen, Vormittag, Mittag, Nachmittag, Abenddämmerung, Abend, Nacht, Mitternacht (Category: de:Times of day)


Suits in HungarianEdit

Suits in Hungarian · színek (see also: játékkártyák) (layout · text)
kőr káró pikk treff


Days of the week in IcelandicEdit

Days of the week in Icelandic · dagar vikunnar (layout · text)
mánudagur þriðjudagur miðvikudagur fimmtudagur föstudagur laugardagur sunnudagur

Oceans in IcelandicEdit

(oceans) haf; Suður-Íshaf,‎ Norður-Íshaf,‎ Atlantshaf,‎ Indlandshaf,‎ Kyrrahaf (Category: is:Oceans) [edit]


Days of the week in IrishEdit

Days of the week in Irish · laethanta na seachtaine (layout · text)
Luan Máirt Céadaoin Déardaoin Aoine Satharn Domhnach

Oceans in IrishEdit

(oceans) aigéan; Aigéan Antartach,‎ Aigéan Artach,‎ Aigéan Atlantach,‎ Aigéan Indiach,‎ Aigéan Ciúin (Category: ga:Oceans) [edit]


Note: My Norman templates and contributions focus mainly, but not entirely, on Jèrriais.

Auxiliary verb conjugation tablesEdit

My Norman conjugation tables display the subjunctive pronoun forms and imperative pronoun forms specific to the verb being conjugated as opposed to showing all possible subjunctive pronoun forms and imperative pronoun forms that are not used with the specific verb in question. This achieves two things:

  1. It reduces visual clutter in the conjugation table
  2. It makes the conjugation table easier to use and more accurate to the verb.

This applies not only to the my Norman auxiliary verb conjugation tables, but also all other verbs – regular or irregular.

Aver – to haveEdit
Êt' – to beEdit
R'aver — to get back, have backEdit

Irregular verb conjugation tablesEdit

Craithe – to believe, thinkEdit

Regular verb conjugation tablesEdit

Ahonter – to shameEdit

Chess pieces in NormanEdit

Chess pieces in Norman · pièches d'échecs (layout · text)
rouai danme châté êvêque c'valyi pion

Days of the week in NormanEdit

Days of the week in Norman · les jours d'la s'maine (layout · text)
Lundi Mardi Mêcrédi Jeudi Venrédi Sanm'di Dîmmanche

Norman definite articlesEdit

Norman Definite Articles
singular plural
masculine le / l' les
feminine  la / l' les

Planets of the Solar System in NormanEdit

(planets of the Solar System) plianètes d'lé système solaithe; Mèrtchure, Vênus, Tèrre, Mars, Jupiter, Saturne, Uranus, Nepteune

Playing cards in NormanEdit

Playing cards in Norman · cartes (layout · text)
as deux trais quat' chînq six sept
huit neuf dgix valet danme rouai fol

Seasons in NormanEdit

Seasons in Norman · les saisouns (layout · text)
France: renouvé (spring)
Guernsey: r'nouvé (spring)
Jersey: èrnouvé (spring)
Sark: rnuve (spring)
France: étaé, éto (summer)
Guernsey: étaï (summer)
Jersey: êté (summer)
Sark: ete (summer)
France: arryire (autumn)
Guernsey: autaomme (autumn)
Jersey: s'tembre (autumn)
Sark: otum (autumn)
France: hivé (winter)
Guernsey: hivaer (winter)
Jersey: hivé (winter)
Sark: ive (winter)

Suits in NormanEdit

Suits in Norman · couleurs (layout · text)
tchoeu carreau picl'ye trêfl'ye