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Using The Subordinate Mode in Lenape(Swarthmore)

Verbal Morphology of Southern Unami (Bryn Mawr)

The Subordinative Order of Proto-Algonquian (University of Chicago)

Intransitive Verbs with Secondary Objects in Munsee Delaware (Lakehead University)

Proto Algonquian *nl and *nθ (Harvard)

More on the Nasalization of PA *a• in Eastern Algonquian (Harvard)

The Eastern Algonquian Subordinative Mode and the Importance of Morphology (Harvard)

The Historical Phonology of Munsee (Harvard)

Algonquian Objective Verbs (University of Brandon)

The Demonstrative Pronouns of Proto-Algonquian

Remarks on the Algonquian Independent Indicative

Reduplication in Proto-Algonquian and Proto-Central-Algonquian

A Restriction on the Shape of Proto-Algonquian Nouns

The Origin of the Absolute Verbs of the Algonquian Independent Order

The Syntax of the Conjunct and Independent Orders in Wampanoag

The Eastern Algonquian Intrusive Nasal

Diminutive Verb Forms in Passamaquoddy

Proto-Algonquian *aye and its Implications

Primary and Secondary Stem Derivation in Algonquian

Connective Vowels in Proto-Algonquian

Algonquian *ye and *we

Connections between Nasality and Vowel Duration and Height: Elucidation of the Eastern Algonquian Intrusive Nasal

Proto-Algonquian Prefinal */l/ in Cree

Proto-Algonquian *k in Cheyenne

Traces of Proto-Algonquian *wi•la ‘he, she’ in Maliseet-Passamaquoddy

Medials In The Northeast

The Eastern-Algonquian Subordinative as Event-Argument Dependency

Correspondences of Cree and Ojibwe Sounds and Proto-Algonquian