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  • creating and editing Chinese and Latin entries.

Hello, peeps. My name is Shizzlecraft1, or 質禕 in Chinese. I had a user page on Wikipedia, and I kept disruptive editing, so I got blocked. Now, I have learned from my mistakes, and I will never get blocked again. If you have any concerns about my edits, pages, etc., feel free to leave a message at my talk page.

I mainly use my Shizzlecraft1 account for editing English Wikipedia.

But let's be a little honest here...

@Justinrleung @KevinUp @Geographyinitiative For several weeks lately, I have been torn on the decision to leave Wikimedia. I tended to get bored of the site sometimes, and my interest in editing has not been as vigorous as it had been during the times when I first joined, so I ended up attempting to retire on May 7th. However, given the amount of things my acquaintances and I observed here that needed fixing or editing, I felt compelled to return before long. But now that I'm back in business, I'm not able to be very active due to external circumstances, and I'm honestly getting a bit bored of the site, again...

As you can see, a vicious cycle is beginning to develop here, causing it to become difficult to maintain a consistent editing schedule and give feedback to those who would like my advice. By now, I have come to realize that editing on a spontaneous and haphazard basis, as I presently do, is looked down upon by the Wikimedia community. But as my previous unsuccessful retirement attempt has shown, departing from the community entirely is not the most ideal action either, since I shall undoubtedly be willing to return to the community again within a not-too-long matter of time.

Therefore, I have decided on a compromise: from now on, I shall cease to edit Wikimedia using registered accounts, and edit while logged out instead. This will allow me to effectively leave the community (Tea Room, RFE, RFV, and all other "chat-room" styled policy pages), since I shall no longer be identified by a username. I will also lack the privileges associated with logged-in, autoconfirmed, and extended confirmed users, such as page moving, election participation, and the ability to edit protected pages. But I can still make edits to Wiktionary entries in the same way I have been doing under the "Johnny Shiz" alias; it will just be of greater difficulty to identify the edits as mine.

Please note that this does not apply to English Wikipedia, from which I am indefinitely blocked from at present, my IP blocked for several months. Thanks; I hope you understand, and goodbye (partially).