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pl Ten użytkownik używa polskiego jako języka ojczystego.
en-4 This user speaks English at a near-native level.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
ja-1 この利用者は簡単日本語ができます。
cmn-0 這位用戶無法理解官話
ar-0 هذا المستخدم لا يفهم حرفا في العربية.

This user's native script is the Latin alphabet.
This user has a basic understanding of the Greek alphabet.
This user has a basic understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
This user has a basic understanding of the Cyrillic alphabet.

This user has a basic understanding of Hiragana.

This user has a basic understanding of Katakana.

JS-4 This user can write and understand all kinds of complex JavaScript code.
lua-3 This user can write more complex Lua modules.
{{t}}-3 This user can write more complex wiki templates.
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Most likely from kefir (kefir). Some suggest it is an intentional misspelling of  . Compare Arabic كافر(kāfir, infidel).

Proper nounEdit

Keφr n

  1. This term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.


Usage notesEdit

May be spelled Kephir when Greek alphabet is unavailable or undesired, though this usage is discouraged.

This user's contributions to Wiktionary are for a large part technical in nature, although they also contain definitions of mathematical terms and random words in Polish. All this user's contributions (excluding JavaScript scripts) are dual-licensed under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License version 2 (terms).


  • xte — currently only reformats translation lists. May be expanded.
  • NECtie — transforms all redlinks to use User:Yair rand's new entry creator.

Originally developed for Wikipedia: (see User:Kephir/common.js to see how to install)

Also recommended:

Hit listEdit

  • Scripts:
    • Migrating translations to use {{t}}. xte does it. It needs some polishing, but often you can just save immediately after running it.
    • A comprehensive page editor that would replace both WT:EDIT and NEC.
    • Discussion archiving. Done: aWa.
    • Moving translations between pages.
    • A script to automate maintaining WT:WOTD and WT:FWOTD. (I had a proof-of-concept, but lost it. Maybe I will find it someday)
    • Patrolling gadget which groups changes by user. (I have a prototype, but I am not pleased with it. Maybe I will return to it.)
    • A script to remove links to a deleted page.
    • Converting scripts on WT:PREFS to proper gadgets. Then deprecate WT:PREFS. (Started.)
    • Configuration framework for gadgets. (In planning stages.)
    • Library for accessing Module:languages more intelligently than what I did in xte.
  • Modules and templates:
    • Template documentation.
    • Convert category boilerplate templates to Lua (to be) done by User:CodeCat.
    • Convert {{character info}} to Lua. Rough start: Module:character info. Not quite pleased with it. Might need a rewrite.
    • Standardise inflection templates.
    • Standardise quotation templates. Migrate plain wikitext citations to templates?
    • Fold declension templates into Module:pl-noun. Done… I am less than pleased with the result, though.
    • Write Module:pl-verb. Because.
    • Clean up Module:ru-noun: make it stop writing to the arguments table.
    • Combine Module:pl-noun and Module:pl-adj to facilitate generating declension tables of idiomatic noun-adjective phrases. Initial phase done by User:Tweenk.
    • Clean up the mess I made at Module:Unicode data. (Partly done)
    • Create a module which inspects pages (WOTD, FWOTD, open votes, monthly discussion rooms, etc.) and generates a list of maintenance tasks to be performed in the upcoming days (closing votes, updating WOTD/FWOTD, creating monthly discussion subpages).
    • Get rid of as many inline styles as possible. And of presentational markup.
    • Rewrite Module:workgroup ping. I am not quite satisfied with how it went. For one, require that the template be substituted. Done.
    • Come up with some styling for templates based on Module:object usage. Currently their output melds visually with the definition. And clean up the module itself, for that matter.
  • mw:Help:Editnotices for important pages. (I made some editnotices, though I had RFD and RFV in mind back then. Consider it partly done.)
  • Grammar appendices?
  • Think about treatment of combining characters. (Have thought. Not much came out of it.)
  • Poke the developers about Special:Contributions/663.19.150.52
  • Hydra Project: bot whose source code would be shared on Wiktionary, updated by everyone and runnable by multiple people.
  • Clean up Category:Archive boxes needing attention. Done.
  • Make Special:UnusedTemplates into something usable.

Proud achievementsEdit

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