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I am Leftmost Cat. I hold baccalaureate degrees in mathematics and linguistics, with interest especially in the Celtic languages (and especially again in Irish), the Germanic languages, morphology, syntax and both historical and computational linguistics, or in any area where one of those meets another. I speak with the General American dialect, with the Mary-marry-merry, cot-caught and wine-whine mergers. Pronunciations I add will undoubtedly reflect this. My casual register likely reflects my origins in Montana, but this shouldn't show up in my contributions.

What I'm Doing

  • Whimsically adding translations in one of the languages in my Babel box
  • Trying to work up the moxie to add full entries for Irish
  • Clearing out the Irish requests
  • Occasionally thinking of an English idiom or word I ought to add

What I Should Be Doing

What I've Done That It Doesn't Say I've Done

What Else Is There?