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Original InventionsEdit


  • Dendronym — A name for a kind of tree; a name given to a tree
  • Judeolatry — The worship of Jews (perhaps especially those of what some call Organized Jewry)
  • Lithonym — A name for a kind of stone or rock; a name given to a stone or rock
  • cul-Marxi — From "cultural Marxist", somewhat like the German colloquialism Sozi from Sozialist
  • race-Marxi — From "racial Marxist"
  • racial ruqya — A race-hate-motivated regimen of emotional, mental, psychiatric, physical, physiological and sexual abuses or tortures, that's intended to force a person of Indo-European descent, or even otherwise, to denounce and renounce all support and love for the European folks. (The term comes from ruqya, which is an Arabic word for exorcism; it can also mean an amulet. Therefore, "racial ruqya" could also mean either a magic ritual or an amulet, that is "meant to cleanse anything of Whiteness," such as but not limited to clothing, houses, bicycles, and so on.)
  • special edition meat: Flesh of Europid people (the term implies, that such a supply couldn't last long)
  • oxygenism — An attitude of dependency on anti-Europid sentiment and other Communist notions and factors (inspired by "glass-of-waterism" - a term for sexual indulgence that is mentioned in How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World)

Chinese Terms, both Classical and ModernEdit

Classical or LiteraryEdit
  • 三神宵夜 (Sānshén Xiāoyè): Three Gods Night — a holiday of Indo-Germanic paganism, that is celebrated on or about the 6th of January and that honors Thor, Odin and Frey
Modern ChineseEdit

From Bollockser (Discus)Edit



  1. What "homophobia" really is.



  1. What the adjective "Islamophobic" really is.
Usage notes from BollockserEdit
  • "Most of these (x)-"phobic" terms should be changed to Mis/o-(x). Most of these so called phobias are really motivated by disgust, repulsion, and hatred, not fear."
  • "Why is misogynist, misandrist, misanthrope, etc given the mis- (hatred of) modifier, but anything that's part of the degenerate NWO globalist agenda gets slapped with the "phobic" (fear of) modifier? Because they want sane people to be shamed and bullied into submission by implying that fear and irrationality are the motivators rather than aversion and contempt."