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i {m} :: letter: i
IA {f} :: AI (artificial intelligence)
IA {f} :: AI (artificial insemination)
Iakoutsk {prop} {m} :: Yakutsk (city in Russia)
iambe {m} :: alternative spelling of ïambe
iambique {adj} :: alternative form of ïambique
iatro- {prefix} :: Forms terms relating to physicians
iatrogène {adj} :: iatrogenic
iatrogénique {adj} :: iatrogenic
iatrogéniquement {adv} :: iatrogenically
ibadite {adj} :: Ibadi
ibis {m} :: ibis
Ibiza {prop} {f} :: Ibiza
-ible {suffix} :: -ible
Ibo {prop} {m} :: Ibo (people)
ibère {adj} :: Iberian
Ibère {mf} :: Iberian
Ibérie {prop} {f} :: The European pensinsula Iberia, south of the Pyrenees
ibérien {adj} :: Iberian
Ibérien {m} :: Iberian
ibérique {adj} :: Iberian
ibéromaurusien {adj} :: Iberomaurusian
ibuprofène {m} :: ibuprofen
icarien {adj} :: Icarian
icarisme {m} :: Icarianism
iceberg {m} :: iceberg
icelle {pron} :: feminine singular of icelui
icelui {pron} [now, only in law or humorous] :: this one
-iche {suffix} :: Forming colloquial nouns and adjectives, chiefly with hypocoristic effect
ichnographique {adj} :: ichnographic
ichnographiquement {adv} :: ichnographically
ichnologie {f} :: ichnology
ichthyochorie {f} [biology] :: ichthyochory
ichthyologie {f} :: ichthyology
ichthyologique {adj} :: ichthyological
ichtyocolle {f} :: isinglass
ichtyol {m} :: ichthyol
ichtyologie {f} :: ichthyology
ichtyologique {adj} :: ichthyologic; ichthyological
ichtyologiste {mf} :: ichthyologist
ichtyologue {mf} :: ichthyologist
ichtyosaure {m} :: ichthyosaur
ichtyose {f} :: ichthyosis
ichtyosisme {m} :: ichthyism
ichtyotoxine {f} :: ichthyotoxin
ici {adv} :: here
ICI {abbr} :: industries, commerces et institutions - industry, businesses and institutions
ici-bas {adv} :: down here, here below
ici-bas {adv} :: yonder
icitte {adv} [Quebec, Louisiana French, colloquial] :: here; around here
icône {f} :: icon (image)
icône {f} :: icon (respected person)
iconifier {v} :: iconify
iconique {adj} :: iconic
iconoclasme {m} :: iconoclasm
iconoclaste {adj} :: iconoclastic
iconoclaste {mf} :: iconoclast
iconographe {m} :: iconographer
iconographie {f} :: iconography
iconographique {adj} :: iconographic
iconographique {adj} :: image, picture (attributive)
iconostase {f} [Christianity, art] :: iconostasis (a wall of religious icons)
iconothèque {f} :: picture library
icosaèdre {m} :: icosahedron
icosaédrique {adj} :: icosahedral
icosanoïque {adj} :: eicosanoic
icosicosidodécaèdre {m} :: icosicosidodecahedron
icosidodécadodécaèdre {m} :: icosidodecadodecahedron
icosihémidodécaèdre {m} :: icosihemidodecahedron
icosénoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: eicosenoic
ictère {m} [medicine] :: jaundice
ictérique {adj} :: icteric
idéal {adj} :: ideal
idéalement {adv} :: ideally
idéalisation {f} :: idealization
idéaliser {vt} :: to idealize
idéalisme {m} :: idealism
idéaliste {adj} :: idealistic
idéaliste {mf} :: idealist
idéalité {f} :: ideality (quality or state of being ideal)
idéalité {f} :: idealism
idée {f} :: idea
idéel {adj} :: ideal (pertaining to ideas)
idem {adv} :: idem, likewise
idée mère {f} :: idée mère
identifiable {adj} :: Identifiable
identifiant {m} :: login
identifiant {m} [computing] :: identifier (primary key)
identificateur {m} [computing] :: identifier
identification {f} :: identification
identificatoire {adj} :: identifying
identificatoire {adj} :: identificatory
identifier {v} :: to identify
identifier {v} :: to log in
identique {adj} :: identical
identiquement {adv} :: identically
identité {f} :: identity
identitaire {adj} [attributive] :: identity
idée reçue {f} :: a received, or accepted, idea
idée reçue {f} :: a catchphrase or platitude
idiographie {f} :: idiography
idiographique {adj} :: idiographic
idiographiquement {adv} :: idiographically
idiolecte {m} [linguistics] :: idiolect
idioélectrique {adj} :: idioelectric
idiomatique {adj} :: idiomatic
idiomatiquement {adv} :: idiomatically
idiome {m} [rare] :: language
idiome {m} :: idiom (in the sense of a form of language proper to a folk or region)
idiot {adj} :: idiotic; stupid
idiot {m} :: idiot
idiote {f} :: feminine noun of idiot
idiotement {adv} :: idiotically
idiotie {f} :: idiocy (state of being an idiot)
idiotie {f} :: nonsense
idiotisme {m} [linguistics] :: idiom
ido {prop} {m} :: the Ido language
idéo- {prefix} :: ideo-
idéogramme {m} [orthography] :: ideogram
idéographe {m} :: ideograph
idéographie {f} :: ideography
idéographique {adj} :: ideographic
idéographiquement {adv} :: ideographically
idoine {adj} [now legal or humorous] :: appropriate, suitable
idéolangue {n} [very rare] :: conlang
idole {f} :: idol. A graven image or representation of anything that is revered, or believed to convey spiritual power
idole {f} :: idol. A cultural icon, or especially popular person
idéologie {f} :: ideology
idéologique {adj} :: ideological (of or pertaining to an ideology)
idéologiquement {adv} :: ideologically
idéologue {mf} :: ideologue, ideologist
idolâtre {adj} :: idolatrous
idolâtre {adj} :: idol-worshipping
idolâtre {mf} :: idolater
idolâtrement {adv} :: idolatrously
idolâtrer {v} :: to idolize; to worship (treat as an idol)
idolâtrie {f} :: idolatry
idonique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: idonic
Idumée {prop} :: Edom
idylle {f} :: idyll
idylle {f} :: romance
idyllique {adj} :: idyllic
-ie {suffix} :: indicates a feminine noun, often an abstract one
Iekaterinbourg {prop} {m} :: Yekaterinburg (city in Russia)
-iel {suffix} :: Suffix used to form adjectives. Compare with English -ial
-iel {suffix} :: Suffix used to form some nouns, especially when the noun was originally an adjective
-ien {suffix} :: Denotes where something or someone is from; -ian
Ienisseï {prop} {m} :: Yenisei (river in Russia)
-ienne {suffix} :: feminine singular of -ien
-ier {suffix} :: used to form the names of trees bearing a particular type of fruit
-ier {suffix} :: used to form the names of ships
-ier {suffix} :: used to form the names of jobs
-iez {suffix} :: A suffix denoting the second-person plural imperfect indicative form of a verb
if {m} :: yew
-if {suffix} :: -ive; used in forming adjectives denoting characteristics or qualities
-ificateur {suffix} :: use to form noun to refer to someone or something that realise an action
-ification {suffix} :: -ification
-ifier {suffix} :: -ify
igbo {m} :: Igbo (language)
igloo {m} :: igloo
igloo mobile {m} [automotive, slang] :: a car that is covered in uncleared snow (possibly with only a window cleared into the snow on the front windshield) that is driven on the roads
igné {adj} :: igneous
Ignace {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Ignatius
igname {f} :: yam (plant)
ignare {adj} :: ignorant
ignatien {adj} :: Ignatian
ignifugation {f} :: fireproofing
ignifuge {adj} :: fireproof, fire-retardant
ignifuge {m} :: fire retardant
ignifugeant {adj} :: flame retardant; fireproof
ignifuger {vt} :: to fireproof
igniteur {m} :: igniter (device)
ignoble {adj} :: disgusting, repulsive, horrible
ignoblement {adv} :: ignobly
ignominie {f} :: ignominy (great dishonor, shame, or humiliation)
ignominieusement {adv} :: ignominiously
ignominieux {adj} :: ignominious
ignoramment {adv} :: ignorantly
ignorance {f} :: ignorance
ignorant {adj} :: ignorant
ignorantin {adj} :: Ignorantine
ignorer {v} :: to ignore
ignorer {v} :: to be unaware of, to be ignorant of
i grec {m} :: wye, letter: y
i grec {m} :: synonym of upsilon
iguane {f} :: iguana
içi {adv} :: archaic spelling of ici
il {pron} :: he (third-person singular masculine subject pronoun for human subject)
il {pron} :: it (third-person singular subject pronoun for grammarically masculine objects)
il {pron} :: Impersonal subject; it
ile {f} :: alternative spelling of île
il est quelle heure {phrase} :: what time is it?
iliaque {adj} [anatomy] :: iliac
ilicine {f} :: ilicin
ilien {adj} :: island (attributive)
ilien {m} :: islander
illatif {m} [grammar] :: illative case
Ille-et-Vilaine {prop} :: Ille-et-Vilaine [département]
illettré {adj} :: illiterate; analphabetic
illettré {adj} [dated] :: uncultured; lacking literary culture
illettré {m} :: illiterate (someone who cannot read or write)
illettrée {f} :: feminine noun of illettré
illettrisme {m} :: illiteracy (the inability to read and write)
illégal {adj} :: illegal; not permitted by law
illégalement {adv} :: illegally
illégaliser {vt} [rare, neologism] :: to illegalise (make illegal)
illégalité {f} :: illegality
illégalité {f} :: lawlessness
illégitime {adj} :: illegitimate
illégitimement {adv} :: illegitimately
illégitimité {f} :: illegitimacy
illibéral {adj} :: illiberal
illibéralement {adv} :: illiberally
illicite {adj} :: illicit
illicitement {adv} :: illicitly
illico {adv} [colloquial] :: pronto, right away
illimité {adj} :: limitless; infinite; unlimited
Illinois {prop} {m} :: Illinois
illisibilité {f} :: illegibility; unreadability
illisible {adj} :: unreadable; illegible
illisiblement {adv} :: unreadably
illogique {adj} :: illogical
illogiquement {adv} :: illogically
illogisme {m} :: illogicality
illuminateur {m} :: illuminator
illumination {f} :: enlightenment (philosophy and psychology related to achieving clarity of perception, reason and knowledge)
illumination {f} :: illumination, lighting
illuminatrice {f} :: feminine singular of illuminateur
illuminer {vt} :: to illuminate, to light up
illuminer {vt} [figurative] :: to illuminate, to enlighten
illumineur {m} :: illuminator, enlightener
illuminisme {m} :: illuminism
illuminist {adj} :: illuminist (attributive)
illusion {f} :: illusion
illusionner {vt} :: to delude
illusionnisme {m} :: conjuring, illusionism
illusionniste {mf} :: conjuror, illusionist
illusoire {adj} :: illusory
illusoirement {adv} :: illusorily
illustré {m} :: comics album
illustrateur {m} :: illustrator
illustratif {adj} :: illustrative
illustration {f} :: illustration
illustre {adj} :: illustrious
illustre inconnu {m} [antiphrastic, slightly ironic] :: a completely unknown person
illustrement {adv} :: illustriously
illustrer {v} :: to illustrate
illuvial {adj} :: illuvial
Illyrie {prop} :: Illyria
illyrien {adj} :: Illyrian (of or pertaining to Illyria, Illyrians or the Illyrian language)
ilménite {f} [mineralogy] :: ilmenite
il ne fallait pas {phrase} [idiomatic] :: you shouldn't have (said on receiving a gift) (literally, "it was not necessary")
il n'y a pas de fumée sans feu {proverb} :: there's no smoke without fire
il n'y a pas de quoi {interj} :: don't mention it, not at all, think nothing of it, you're welcome
il n'y a pas mort d'homme {idiom} :: It’s not that bad; said to de-dramatize an event
il n'y a pas un chat {phrase} :: there is no one, there wasn't a soul
iléon {m} [anatomy] :: ileum
ilotage {m} :: community policing
ilote {mf} :: helot
ilotier {m} :: community policeman
ilotière {f} :: feminine noun of ilotier
ilotisme {m} :: helotry
ils {pron} :: They
ilôt {m} :: islet (small island), variant of îlot
ilôt {m} :: (housing) estate
il était une fois {phrase} :: there was once …; once upon a time, there was … (traditional beginning of children’s stories, especially fairy tales)
il y a {prep} :: ago
il y a anguille sous roche {proverb} [by extension, idiomatic] :: I smell a rat
il y a plusieurs façons de plumer un canard {proverb} [idiomatic] :: there's more than one way to skin a cat
im- {prefix} :: a form of the prefix in-, used before b, m and p
imagé {adj} :: figurative (of sense of term or discourse)
imagé {adj} :: graphic (full of imagery), graphical
image {f} :: picture, image
image {f} [TV, film] :: frame
imager {v} :: to embellish with images
imagerie {f} :: imagery
imagerie {f} :: imaging
image satellite {f} :: satellite image
imagier {m} :: A person who sells illustrations etc
imagier {m} :: A collection of images (masculine only)
imaginable {adj} :: imaginable
imaginaire {adj} :: fanciful, imaginary
imaginairement {adv} :: imaginarily
imaginaire pur {m} [mathematics] :: imaginary number (number of the form ai)
imaginatif {adj} :: imaginative
imagination {f} [countable and uncountable] :: imagination
imaginer {v} :: to imagine
imagière {f} :: feminine singular of imagier
imam {mf} [Islam] :: imam
imamat {m} :: imamate
imanat {m} :: alternative form of imamat
imbattable {adj} :: unbeatable
imbécile {adj} :: stupid, foolish, acting like an imbecile
imbécile {m} :: imbecile
imbécilement {adv} :: stupidly; idiotically
imbécilité {f} :: Post-1990 spelling of imbécillité
imbécillité {f} :: imbecility, stupidity, idiocy, foolishness
imberbe {adj} :: beardless
imbibé {adj} :: soaked, saturated
imbiber {vt} :: to soak, saturate
imbitable {adj} :: meaningless, incomprehensible
imbootable {adj} [computing, of a computer system] :: Unbootable: impossible to boot up
imbrim {m} :: great northern diver
imbriqué {adj} :: interlinked
imbriquer {v} :: to imbricate
imbriquer {v} :: to nest one within another
imbrisable {adj} :: unbreakable
imbrûlé {adj} :: unburnt
imbroglio {m} :: a complicated situation; an entanglement
imbu {adj} :: full (of)
imbu {adj} :: imbued (with)
imbuvable {adj} :: undrinkable, impotable
imbuvable {adj} [colloquial] :: unbearable
-ième {suffix} :: -th, the suffix denoting an ordinal number
iminoacide {m} [organic chemistry] :: imino acid
imipramine {f} :: imipramine
imitable {adj} :: imitable
imitateur {m} :: imitator, impersonator, mimic
imitateur {adj} :: imitative, mimic
imitation {f} :: imitation
imiter {v} :: to imitate
immaculé {adj} :: immaculate
Immaculée Conception {prop} {f} :: Immaculate Conception
immanent {adj} :: immanent
immangeable {adj} :: inedible, uneatable
immanquable {adj} :: inevitable, impossible to miss
immanquablement {adv} :: unmissably
immarcescible {adj} :: immarcescible
immatérialité {f} :: immateriality
immatriculation {f} :: registration
immatriculer {v} :: to register
immatériel {adj} :: immaterial
immatériel {adj} :: intangible
immatériellement {adv} :: immaterially
immature {adj} :: immature, unripe
immaturité {f} :: immaturity
immédiat {adj} :: immediate
immédiat {m} :: time being
immédiatement {adv} :: immediately
immédiateté {f} :: immediacy
immense {adj} :: immense, huge
immensité {f} :: immensity, vastness
immensité {f} :: (great) scale
immensément {adv} :: immensely
immensément {adv} :: tremendously
immergé {adj} :: immersed
immerger {v} :: to immerse
immersif {adj} :: immersive
immersion {f} :: immersion
immersion {f} :: language immersion
immesurable {adj} :: immeasurable
immettable {adj} :: unwearable
immeuble {m} :: building
immeuble {m} [living arrangements] :: apartment building
immigré {m} :: immigrant
immigrant {m} :: immigrant
immigrant {adj} :: immigrant (attributive)
immigration {f} :: immigration
immigrer {v} :: to immigrate (to move into another country or area)
imminemment {adv} :: imminently
imminence {f} :: imminence
imminent {adj} :: imminent
imminer {v} [rare, nonstandard] :: To be due to happen or occur soon; to be imminent
immiscer {vt} :: to involve (someone)
immiscer {vr} :: to interfere (dans in)
immiséricordieusement {adv} :: mercilessly
immiséricordieux {adj} :: merciless
immixtion {f} :: interference
immémorable {adj} :: immemorable
immémorablement {adv} :: immemorably
immémorial {adj} :: immemorial, age-old
immémorialement {adv} :: immemorially
immobile {adj} :: motionless, unmoving, still, stationary
immobile {adj} :: immovable, immobile
immobile {adj} :: invariable
immobilement {adv} :: immovably
immobilier {adj} :: real, in the sense of "tangible and immovable"
immobilier {m} :: real estate, real property
immobilièrement {adv} :: immovably
immobilisation {f} :: immobilization
immobilisation {f} [accounting] :: Capital investments
immobiliser {v} :: to immobilize
immobilisme {m} :: opposition to change; immobilism, stasis
immobilité {f} :: immobility, stillness
immodeste {adj} :: immodest
immodestement {adv} :: immodestly
immodéré {adj} :: immoderate, excessive
immodération {f} :: immoderation
immodérément {adv} :: immoderately
immolation {f} :: immolation
immoler {v} :: to sacrifice (that is, to kill) as an offering to a higher being
immoler {vr} [s'immoler] :: offer one’s life in sacrifice
immoler {v} [figuratively] :: to massacre; to kill
immonde {adj} [religion] :: impure; unclean
immonde {adj} [figurative] :: vile; disgusting
immondement {adv} :: impurely
immondement {adv} :: disgustingly
immondice {f} [in the plural] :: refuse
immondice {f} :: filth
immondice {f} [obsolete in the singular] :: ordure
immondices {fp} :: refuse
immoral {adj} :: immoral
immoralement {adv} :: immorally
immoralisme {m} :: immoralism
immoraliste {adj} :: immoralist
immoraliste {mf} :: immoralist
immoralité {f} :: immorality
immortalisation {f} :: immortalization
immortaliser {vt} :: to immortalise
immortalité {f} :: immortality
immortel {adj} :: immortal
immortel {m} :: immortal (an immortal person)
immortelle {f} :: immortelle
immortelle {f} :: everlasting flower
immortellement {adv} :: immortally
immérité {adj} :: undeserved
imméthodique {adj} :: unmethodical
imméthodiquement {adv} :: unmethodically
immuabilité {f} :: immutability
immuable {adj} :: Which hardly ever change; unchanging
immuable {adj} :: Incapable, by its very nature, of changing; immutable, fixed
immuable {adj} [rare] :: Said of someone that remains true to themselves
immuablement {adv} :: immutably
immunisation {f} :: immunization
immuniser {v} :: to immunize/immunise
immunité {f} :: immunity
immunitaire {adj} :: immune (relating to immunity)
immunochimie {f} [immunology, chemistry] :: immunochemistry
immunocompétence {f} [immunology] :: immunocompetence
immunocompétent {adj} [immunology] :: immunocompetent
immunocytochimie {f} [immunology, chemistry] :: immunocytochemistry
immunodéficience {f} [immunology] :: immunodeficiency
immunodéficient {adj} [immunology] :: immunodeficient
immunodéficitaire {adj} [immunology] :: immunodeficient
immunodépresseur {adj} [immunology] :: immunosuppressive, immunosuppressant
immunodépresseur {m} [immunology] :: immunosuppressive, immunosuppressant
immunodéprimé {adj} [immunology] :: immunocompromised
immunoglobuline {f} :: immunoglobulin
immunologie {f} :: immunology
immunologique {adj} [immunology] :: immunological
immunologiste {mf} [immunology] :: immunologist
immunomodulateur {m} :: immunomodulator
immunomodulateur {adj} :: immunomodulating
immunonéphélométrie {f} [immunology] :: immunonephelometry
immunonéphélométrique {adj} [immunology] :: immunonephelometric
immunosénescence {f} [immunology, pathology] :: immunosenescence
immunosénescent {adj} [immunology, pathology] :: immunosenescent
immunosuppresseur {m} [immunology] :: immunosuppressive, immunosuppressant
immunothérapie {f} [immunology] :: immunotherapy
immunoturbidimétrie {f} [immunology] :: immunoturbidimetry
immunoturbidimétrique {adj} [immunology] :: immunoturbidimetric
immutabilité {f} :: immutability, constancy
immutable {adj} :: immutable
immutable {adj} [programming] :: immutable
impact {m} [literally or figuratively] :: impact
impactant {adj} :: impacting
impacter {v} :: To impact. collide
impacter {v} :: To influence
impair {adj} :: odd (of a number)
impairement {adv} :: oddly, unevenly (in number terms)
impala {m} :: impala
impaludation {f} :: alternative form of impaludisme
impaludisme {m} :: inoculation against malaria
imparable {adj} :: unstoppable
imparable {adj} :: unanswerable, irrefutable
imparablement {adv} :: unstoppably
imparablement {adv} :: irrefutably
impardonnable {adj} :: impardonable
impareil {adj} :: different
impareillement {adv} :: differently
imparfait {adj} :: imperfect, flawed
imparfait {adj} :: unaccomplished, incomplete
imparfait {m} [grammar] :: the past imperfect, the imperfect or continuous past tense
imparfaitement {adv} :: imperfectly
impartial {adj} :: impartial
impartialement {adv} :: impartially
impartialité {f} :: impartiality (the quality of being impartial; fairness)
impartir {v} :: to assign
impassable {adj} :: impassable
impasse {f} :: stalemate, impasse (situation in which no progress can be made; not used in the chess sense of stalemate)
impasse {f} :: dead-end; cul-de-sac (street)
impassibilité {f} :: impassivity, impassiveness
impassible {adj} [theology] :: impassible
impassible {adj} :: impassive
impassiblement {adv} :: impassibly
impatiemment {adv} :: impatiently, without patience
impatiemment {adv} :: sadly, with sadness
impatience {f} :: impatience
impatient {adj} :: impatient
impatient {m} :: impatient person
impatienter {vt} :: to make, become impatient
impavide {adj} :: fearless
impavidement {adv} :: fearlessly
impayé {adj} :: unpaid
impayable {adj} :: unpayable
impayable {adj} [colloquial] :: priceless (funny or original)
impayable {adj} [figuratively] :: funny, bizarre or extraordinary (about a person)
impayable {adj} [archaic] :: priceless, inestimably valuable
impécunieusement {adv} :: impecuniously
impécunieux {adj} :: impecunious
impécuniosité {m} :: impecuniosity, poverty
impédance {f} [physics] :: impedance (physics, measure of opposition to flow of current)
impec {adj} [colloquial] :: good; great; cool; awesome
impec {adv} [colloquial] :: good; great; well; brilliantly
impeccable {adj} :: faultless, impeccable
impeccablement {adv} :: impeccably
impensable {adj} :: unthinkable
impensablement {adv} :: unthinkably
imper {m} [colloquial] :: raincoat (waterproof coat)
imperceptible {adj} :: imperceptible
imperceptiblement {adv} :: imperceptibly
imperdable {adj} :: unlosable
imperdable {adj} :: unmissable
imperfectible {adj} :: imperfectible
imperfectiblement {adv} :: imperfectibly
imperfectif {adj} :: imperfective (related to the imperfective aspect)
imperfectif {m} [grammar] :: imperfective
imperfection {f} [uncountable] :: imperfection
imperfection {f} [countable] :: imperfection
Imperia {prop} :: A town and associated province on the coast of Liguria
imperieux {adj} [chiefly before 1780] :: obsolete form of impérieux
imperméabilisation {f} :: waterproofing
imperméabiliser {v} :: to waterproof; to make waterproof
imperméabilité {f} :: impermeability
imperméable {adj} :: waterproof
imperméable {m} :: raincoat
imperméablement {adv} :: impermeably (in a way not allowing liquids to pass)
impermanence {f} :: impermanence (state of being impermanent)
impermanent {adj} :: impermanent
impersonnalité {f} :: impersonality
impersonnel {adj} :: impersonal (not relating to a person)
impersonnel {adj} [grammar] :: impersonal
impersonnellement {adv} :: impersonally
impertinemment {adv} :: impertinently (in a way which is not pertinent, relevant)
impertinence {f} :: impertinence
impertinent {adj} :: insolent, ill-mannered
imperturbable {adj} :: imperturbable
imperturbablement {adv} :: imperturbably, calmly
impesanteur {f} :: weightlessness
impetueux {adj} :: obsolete spelling of impétueux
impie {adj} :: impious, ungodly, unholy
impieusement {adv} :: impiously
impieux {adj} :: impious
impiété {f} :: impiety
impitoyable {adj} :: pitiless; merciless; severe
impitoyablement {adv} :: ruthlessly, mercilessly
implaçable {adj} :: unplaceable; that cannot be put or placed
implacabilité {f} :: implacability
implacable {adj} :: implacable, harsh, unrelenting
implacablement {adv} :: implacably
implant {m} [medicine] :: implant
implantable {adj} :: implantable
implantaire {adj} :: implantation (attributive)
implantation {f} :: implantation
implantatoire {adj} :: implantatory
implantatoire {adj} [attributive] :: implant
implanter {v} :: to build (an installation); to install (machinery); to open (a business)
implanter {v} :: to instill (an idea)
implanter {v} [medicine] :: to implant
implanter {v} [computing] :: to embed
implantologie {f} :: implantology
implication {f} :: implication
implicite {adj} :: implicit
implicitement {adv} :: implicitly
impliquer {v} :: to implicate, to accuse
impliquer {v} :: to imply
impliquer {v} :: to involve (de faire, doing)
impliquer {vr} [s'impliquer, ~ dans] :: to get involved in, to participate in
implémenté {adj} :: implemented
implémentation {f} :: implementation
implémenter {vt} :: to implement
implorant {adj} :: pleading, imploring, beseeching, entreating
implorer {v} :: to beg, to plead, to implore
imploser {vi} :: to implode
implosion {f} :: implosion
impénitence {f} :: impenitence, obduracy
impénitent {adj} :: impenitent, unrepentant
impénétrabilité {f} :: impenetrability
impénétrable {adj} :: impenetrable
impénétrablement {adv} :: impenetrably
impolarisable {adj} :: unpolarizable / unpolarisable
impoli {adj} :: rude; impolite (bad-mannered)
impoliment {adv} :: impolitely; without politeness
impolitesse {f} :: impoliteness; rudeness
impolitique {adj} :: impolitic
impolitiquement {adv} :: impoliticly
impondéré {adj} :: unweighable
impondérabilité {f} :: imponderability
impondérable {adj} :: imponderable
impondérable {mf} :: imponderable, intangible
impopulaire {adj} :: unpopular
impopularité {f} :: unpopularity
import {m} :: Geographical import
importamment {adv} [rare, nonstandard] :: importantly
importance {f} :: importance
importance {f} :: significance
important {adj} :: important
important {adj} :: significant
importantissime {adj} :: very important
importateur {adj} :: importing
importateur {m} [business] :: importer
importation {f} :: importation
importer {vt} :: to import
importer {v} [à] :: to matter, to be relevant, important (to someone)
importun {adj} :: undesirable, troublesome
importun {adj} :: unwanted, unwelcome
importuner {v} :: to importune, to annoy
importunité {f} :: importunity
importunément {adv} :: undesirably
importunément {adv} :: unwelcomely
importunément {adv} :: intrusively
imposable {adj} [finance] :: imposable; that can be imposed
imposant {adj} :: imposing, impressive
imposer {v} :: to impose
imposer {vr} :: to triumph, to win
imposer {vr} :: to establish oneself, to make a name for oneself
imposition {f} :: imposition (all senses)
impossibilité {f} :: impossibility (the quality of being impossible)
impossible {adj} :: impossible
impossiblement {adv} :: impossibly
impossible n'est pas français {proverb} :: there's no such word as can't
imposte {f} :: transom
imposteur {m} :: impostor, fake
imposture {f} :: imposture
impotence {f} :: powerlessness
impotent {adj} :: infirm, disabled
impotent {adj} :: impotent
impraticabilité {f} :: impracticability
impraticable {adj} :: impracticable, unfeasible
impraticable {adj} :: impracticable, unusable
impératif {adj} :: imperative
impératif {m} [grammar] :: imperative
impérativement {adv} :: urgently
impérativement {adv} :: imperatively
impératoire {f} :: masterwort
impératrice {f} :: empress
imprécation {f} :: ill wish, desire for mischance to befall someone
imprécation {f} :: imprecation, curse
imprécis {adj} :: imprecise; lacking precision
imprécision {f} :: imprecision
imprécisément {adv} :: imprecisely
impremeuse {f} :: feminine singular of imprimeur
imprenable {adj} :: impregnable
impresario {m} :: alternative form of imprésario
imprescriptible {adj} :: imprescriptible
impression {f} :: an impression, the overall effect of something
impression {f} :: the indentation or depression made by the pressure of one object on another
impression {f} :: a print, print-out
impressionné {adj} :: impressed, overawed
impressionnable {adj} :: sensitive (to light etc)
impressionnable {adj} :: impressionable
impressionnant {adj} :: impressive
impressionner {v} :: to impress, wow or overawe
impressionnisme {m} :: impressionism (movement in art)
impressionniste {mf} [arts] :: impressionist (painter)
impressionniste {adj} [arts] :: impressionist, impressionistic
imprégnation {f} :: impregnation
imprégner {vt} :: to impregnate
imprégner {vt} :: to imbue
impérial {adj} :: imperial (related to an empire)
impériale {f} :: upper deck (of bus etc.)
impérialement {adv} :: imperially
impérialisme {m} :: imperialism (the policy of extending power, by force)
impérialiste {adj} :: imperialist
impérieusement {adv} :: imperiously
impérieusement {adv} :: masterfully
impérieux {adj} :: imperious
impérieux {adj} :: imperative, compelling
imprimable {adj} :: printable
imprimante {f} [computing] :: printer (machine used to print text or images)
imprimatur {m} :: imprimatur
imprimer {v} :: to print, to print out
imprimerie {f} [uncountable] :: printing
imprimerie {f} :: printing office, print shop
imprimeur {m} :: printer (operator of a printing press)
impérissable {adj} :: imperishable
impérissablement {adv} :: imperishably
impérissablement {adv} :: unfadingly
impéritie {f} :: inability
impéritie {f} :: ineptitude
imprémédité {adj} :: unpremeditated
impréméditément {adv} :: unpremeditatedly
impro {f} [colloquial] :: improv
improbable {adj} :: unlikely, improbable (not likely)
improbablement {adv} :: improbably
improbe {adj} :: dishonest, crooked
improbité {f} :: improbity, dishonesty
improductif {adj} :: unproductive
improductivement {adv} :: unproductively
improductivité {f} :: unproductiveness
impromptu {adj} :: improvised, not planned
impromptu {m} :: improvised action
impromptu {m} [music] :: impromptu
imprononçable {adj} :: unpronounceable
improportionnel {adj} :: disproportional
improportionnellement {adv} :: disproportionally
impropre {adj} :: inappropriate
impropre {adj} :: unsuited (to), unfit (for)
improprement {adv} :: improperly
impropriété {f} :: impropriety
impropriété {f} :: incorrectness, inaccuracy
improuver {v} :: To disapprove
improuver {v} :: To blame
improvisateur {m} :: improviser (person who improvises)
improvisation {f} :: improvisation (all meanings)
improvisatrice {f} :: feminine noun of improvisateur
improviser {v} :: to improvise
impréparation {f} :: lack of preparedness, lack of readiness
impréparation {f} :: lack of preparation, lack of training
imprésario {m} :: impresario
imprudemment {adv} :: imprudently, recklessly, rashly, carelessly
imprudence {f} :: imprudence, rashness
imprudent {adj} :: imprudent, rash
imprévisible {adj} :: unforeseeable, unpredictable (unable to be predicted)
imprévoyance {f} :: improvidence; a lack of foresight
imprévoyant {adj} :: improvident
imprévu {adj} :: unforeseen, unexpected
imprévument {adv} [very, rare] :: unexpectedly, unforeseenly
impôt {m} :: tax
impétigo {m} [pathology] :: impetigo
impétrant {m} :: recipient, grantee
impétrant {m} :: applicant
impétrante {f} :: feminine singular of impétrant
impôt sur le revenu {m} :: income tax
impétueusement {adv} :: impetuously
impétueux {adj} :: forceful, violent, strong
impétueux {adj} :: impetuous (impatient)
impétuosité {f} :: impetuosity, impetuousness, impulsiveness
impubliable {adj} :: unpublishable, unprintable
impubère {adj} :: prepubescent
impudemment {adv} :: with impudence, impudently, shamelessly
impudence {f} :: impudence
impudent {adj} :: impudent
impudeur {f} :: immodesty, shamelessness
impudicité {f} :: impudicity, shamelessness
impudique {adj} :: immodest
impudiquement {adv} :: immodestly
impuissamment {adv} :: powerless; futilely
impuissance {f} :: impotency, helplessness
impuissance {f} :: erectile dysfunction
impuissant {adj} :: impotent, powerless
impuissant {m} :: An impotent man
impulser {v} :: to encourage, egg on
impulsif {adj} [physics] :: impulsive
impulsif {adj} [of a person] :: impulsive
impulsion {f} :: impulse
impulsion {f} :: impulsion, drive, impetus
impulsion {f} [physics] :: electric pulse, momentum
impulsivement {adv} :: impulsively
impulsivité {f} :: impulsiveness
impuni {adj} :: unpunished
impunissable {adj} :: unpunishable
impunité {f} :: impunity
impunément {adv} :: with impunity
impur {adj} :: impure
impurement {adv} :: impurely
impureté {f} :: impurity
imputable {adj} :: imputable, attributable, ascribable, chargeable
imputation {f} :: imputation
imputer {vt} :: to attribute, impute, put down to
imputer {vt} [finance] :: to charge, allocate, settle
imputer {vr} :: to blame oneself
imputer {vr} :: to accept responsibility, take the blame
in- {prefix} :: in-; un- (indicates negation)
-in {suffix} :: adjectival suffix
-in {suffix} :: nominal suffix
inabordable {adj} :: inaccessible, unapproachable
inabordable {adj} :: extortionate, prohibitive
inabouti {adj} :: unfinished
inabouti {adj} :: unfulfilled
inabrité {adj} :: unsheltered
inaccentué {adj} :: unstressed
inaccentué {adj} :: unaccented
inacceptable {adj} :: unacceptable
inacceptablement {adv} :: unacceptably
inaccessible {adj} :: inaccessible
inaccomplissement {m} :: unaccomplishment, unfulfillment
inaccoutumé {adj} :: unaccustomed
inachetable {adj} :: unbuyable
inachevé {adj} :: unfinished, uncompleted
inachèvement {m} :: incompleteness
inactif {adj} :: inactive
inaction {f} :: inactivity
inactivé {adj} :: inactivated
inactivement {adv} :: inactively (with little or no activity)
inactiver {vt} :: to inactivate, deactivate
inactivité {f} :: inactivity, idleness
inactuel {adj} :: not current, not modern or up-to-date
inadapté {adj} :: maladjusted
inadmis {adj} :: unallowed; unallowable
inadmissibilité {f} :: inadmissibility
inadmissible {adj} :: inadmissible
inadmissiblement {adv} :: inadmissibly
inadéquat {adj} :: inadequate
inadéquat {adj} :: inappropriate, unsuitable
inadéquation {f} :: inadequacy
inadvertamment {adv} :: inadvertently
inadvertance {f} :: inadvertence
inadvertance {f} :: accident, oversight
inadvertant {adj} :: inadvertent
inaffrontable {adj} :: unconfrontable
inaliénabilité {f} :: inalienability
inaliénable {adj} :: inalienable
inaliénablement {adv} :: inalienably
inaltéré {adj} :: unaltered
inaltérabilité {f} :: inalterability
inaltérable {adj} :: unalterable; that cannot be altered
inaltérablement {adv} :: inalterably
inamical {adj} :: unfriendly, inimical
inamicalement {adv} :: in an unfriendly way
inamovible {adj} :: untouchable
inamovible {adj} :: unceasing
inanalysable {adj} :: unanalysable
inanimé {adj} :: inanimate
inanimé {adj} :: unconscious
inanimé {adj} :: lifeless
inanité {f} :: inanity
inanité {f} :: futility
inaperçu {adj} :: unnoticed, unobserved
inapplicable {adj} :: inapplicable
inappliqué {adj} :: inattentive
inappliqué {adj} :: unimplemented
inappréciable {adj} :: invaluable, inestimable
inappréciable {adj} :: inappreciable
inappréciablement {adv} :: invaluably, inestimably
inapprivoisable {adj} :: untameable
inapproprié {adj} :: inappropriate, unsuitable
inappropriément {adv} :: inappropriately
inappropriément {adv} :: unsuitably
inappétence {f} :: lack / loss of appetite
inapte {adj} :: inapt
inaptitude {f} :: inaptness
inarticulé {adj} :: inarticulate
inassouvi {adj} :: unsatisfied, unfulfilled
inattaquable {adj} :: irrefutable, watertight
inattaquable {adj} :: unassailable, impregnable
inattendu {adj} :: unexpected
inattentif {adj} :: inattentive
inattentif {adj} :: heedless, regardless (of)
inattention {f} :: inattention
inattesté {adj} :: unattested, not supported by attestations
inaudible {adj} :: inaudible
inaudible {adj} :: unlistenable, very unpleasant to listen to
inauguré {adj} :: inaugurated
inauguration {f} :: inauguration
inaugurer {v} :: to inaugurate
inauthenticité {f} :: inauthenticity
inauthentique {adj} :: inauthentic
inauthentiquement {adv} :: inauthentically
inavoué {adj} :: unproven
inavoué {adj} :: unadmitted (not having been confessed or confided)
inavouable {adj} :: unmentionable; guilty (of a secret)
inébranlable {adj} :: unshakeable
inébranlablement {adv} :: unshakeably, unswervingly
incalculable {adj} :: incalculable
incalculablement {adv} :: incalculably
incandescent {adj} :: incandescent
incantation {f} :: incantation
incantatoire {adj} :: incantation (attributive)
incanter {vt} [rare, literary] :: to enchant, to cast a spell over
incapable {adj} :: unable, incapable
incapable {m} :: incompetent (person)
incapacité {f} :: inability
incapacitant {adj} :: debilitating
incapaciter {v} :: To incapacitate
incarcération {f} :: incarceration, imprisonment
incarcérer {vt} :: To incarcerate
incarnat {adj} :: carnation
incarnat {m} :: carnation (colour)
incarnatif {adj} :: incarnative
incarnation {f} :: embodiment (entity typifying an abstraction)
incarner {v} [religion] :: to incarnate
incarner {v} :: to embody, to personify
incarner {v} [theater] :: to play (act as a certain character)
incarner {vr} :: to grow in(for a toenail or fingernail)
incartade {f} :: prank, escapade
incassable {adj} :: unbreakable, shatterproof
incendiaire {adj} :: incendiary
incendie {m} :: fire (something on fire which is out of control)
incendier {vt} :: to burn down
incendier {v} :: to roast (criticize severely)
incensurable {adj} :: incensurable
incertain {adj} :: uncertain; unsure
incertainement {adv} :: uncertainly
incertitude {f} [countable and uncountable] :: uncertainty
incessamment {adv} :: unceasingly, incessantly
incessamment {adv} :: right away
incessant {adj} :: incessant
incessible {adj} :: nontransferable
inceste {m} :: incest (sexual relations between people legally unable to marry, especially close relatives)
incestueusement {adv} :: incestuously
incestueux {adj} :: incestuous
inchangé {adj} :: unchanged
inchangeable {adj} :: unchangeable
inchantable {adj} :: unsingable
inchrétien {adj} :: unchristian
inchrétiennement {adv} :: unchristianly
incidemment {adv} :: incidentally (in an incidental manner)
incidence {m} :: impact, effect, consequence
incidence {m} :: incidence
incident {adj} :: incidental
incident {adj} [physics] :: incident
incident {m} :: incident
incinérateur {m} :: incinerator
incinération {f} :: incineration
incinération {f} :: cremation
incinérer {v} :: to incinerate
incirconcis {adj} :: uncircumcised
incirconcision {f} :: uncircumcision (state of being uncircumcised)
incirconscriptible {adj} :: uncircumscribable
inciser {v} :: to incise, make an incision
incisif {adj} :: incisive (apt for making cuts, incision)
incisif {adj} [figuratively] :: incisive (quick and direct)
incision {f} [medical, general use] :: incision
incisive {f} :: incisor (tooth)
incisivement {adv} :: incisively
incitateur {m} :: inciter
incitatif {adj} :: incentivizing
incitatif {m} :: incentive
incitation {f} :: incitation
incitatrice {f} :: feminine singular of incitateur
inciter {vt} :: To urge; to impel
incivil {adj} :: uncivil
incivilement {adv} :: uncivilly
incivilité {f} :: incivility
inclassable {adj} :: unclassifiable
inclinaison {f} :: inclination
inclination {f} :: inclination (all senses)
incliner {v} :: to incline
incliner {vr} :: to lose
incliner {vr} :: to set, to go down
inclinomètre {m} :: alternative form of clinomètre
inclémence {f} :: inclemency
inclément {adj} :: inclement
inclément {adj} :: merciless
inclure {v} :: to include
inclure {v} :: to enclose (attach document, file)
inclure {v} :: to feature (important aspect, design, information, event)
inclus {adj} :: included, contained
inclus {adj} :: inclusive
inclus {adj} :: inclosed / enclosed
inclusif {adj} :: inclusive (all senses)
inclusion {f} :: inclusion
inclusivement {adv} :: inclusively
incoercibilité {f} :: incoercibility
incognito {adj} :: incognito
incognito {adv} :: incognito
incognito {m} :: incognito
incohérence {f} :: incoherence
incohérent {adj} :: incoherent (not coherent)
incollable {adj} :: unbeatable
incolore {adj} :: colourless; uncoloured
incolore {adj} [figurative] :: dull, uninteresting
incombement {m} :: behoving
incomber {vt} [formal] :: to behove
incombinable {adj} :: incombinable
incombustibilité {f} :: incombustibility
incomestible {adj} :: inedible
incommensurabilité {f} :: incommensurability
incommensurable {adj} [mathematics] :: incommensurable
incommensurable {adj} :: immeasurable
incommensurablement {adv} :: immeasurably
incommensurablement {adv} [maths] :: incommensurably
incommoder {vt} :: to incommode, bother, disconcert
incommodité {f} :: inconvenience
incommodément {adv} :: inconveniently
incommodément {adv} :: uncomfortably
incommunicabilité {f} :: incommunicability
incommutable {adj} [legal] :: incommutable
incommutablement {adv} :: incommutably
incomparable {adj} :: incomparable; uncomparable
incomparablement {adv} :: uncomparably
incomparativement {adv} :: incomparably
incompatibilité {f} :: incompatibility
incompatible {adj} :: incompatible
incompatiblement {adv} :: incompatibly
incomplet {adj} :: incomplete
incomplètement {adv} :: incompletely
incompressibilité {f} :: incompressibility
incompressible {adj} :: incompressible
incompressible {adj} [legal] :: For a penalty (peine incompressible): mandatory (period, minimum), ineligibility (period of parole ~)
incompréhensible {adj} :: incomprehensible
incompréhensiblement {adv} :: incomprehensibly
incompréhensif {adj} :: uncomprehending
incompréhension {f} :: incomprehension
incompris {adj} :: misunderstood
incompétemment {adv} :: incompetently
incompétence {f} :: incompetence
incompétent {adj} :: incompetent
inconcevable {adj} :: inconceivable
inconcevablement {adv} :: inconceivably
inconciliable {adj} :: irreconcilable
inconciliable {adj} :: incompatible
inconciliablement {adv} :: irreconcilably
inconciliablement {adv} :: incompatibly
inconditionné {adj} :: unconditioned
inconditionnel {adj} :: unconditional
inconditionnel {adj} :: dedicated
inconditionnel {adj} :: wholehearted
inconditionnel {m} :: devotee
inconditionnellement {adv} :: unconditionally
inconducteur {f} [physics] :: nonconductor
inconducteur {adj} [physics] :: nonconducting
inconduite {f} :: misconduct, misbehaviour
inconformité {f} :: inconformity, unconformity
inconfort {m} :: discomfort
inconfortable {adj} :: uncomfortable
inconfortablement {adv} :: uncomfortably
incongrûment {adv} :: incongruously
incongru {adj} :: incongruous (not matching)
incongruité {f} :: incongruity
incongrument {adv} :: alternative form of incongrûment
inconnaissable {adj} :: unknowable
inconnu {adj} :: unknown, obscure, unfamiliar, strange
inconnu {m} :: unknown, stranger
inconsciemment {adv} :: unwittingly; unknowingly
inconscience {f} :: unconsciousness
inconscience {f} :: unconscious
inconscient {adj} :: unthinking, unaware
inconscient {adj} :: unconscious
inconscient {adj} :: irresponsible
inconscient {m} [psychology] :: unconscious, unconscious mind
inconscient {m} :: irresponsible person
inconsidéré {adj} :: inconsiderate, thoughtless
inconsidérément {adv} :: inconsiderately, thoughtlessly
inconsistance {f} :: inconsistency
inconsistance {f} :: flimsiness
inconsistant {adj} :: inconsistent
inconsistant {adj} :: flimsy
inconsolable {adj} :: inconsolable
inconsolablement {adv} :: inconsolably
inconséquemment {adv} :: inconsistently
inconséquence {f} :: inconsistency
inconséquence {f} :: thoughtlessness
inconséquent {adj} :: inconsistent
inconséquent {adj} :: thoughtless
inconstamment {adv} :: inconstantly
inconstant {adj} :: inconstant
inconstitutionnalité {f} :: unconstitutionality
inconstitutionnel {adj} :: unconstitutional
inconstitutionnellement {adv} :: unconstitutionally
inconstructible {adj} :: Where construction (of buildings) is not permitted
incontesté {adj} :: undisputed, uncontested
incontestable {adj} :: incontestable
incontestablement {adv} :: undeniably
incontinemment {adv} :: incontinently
incontinent {adj} [medicine] :: incontinent, suffering from incontinence, enuretic
incontinent {adv} [now literary] :: forthwith, at once
incontournable {adj} :: unmissable, unavoidable, essential, inescapable, indispensable
incontrôlé {adj} :: uncontrolled, unchecked
incontrôlé {adj} :: out of control
incontrôlable {adj} :: uncontrollable
incontrôlable {adj} :: unverifiable
inconvenable {adj} [rare] :: inconvenable
inconvenable {adj} [rare] :: inconsistent
inconvenablement {adv} :: inconvenably
inconvenablement {adv} :: inconsistently
inconvenance {f} :: impropriety (word, action)
inconvenant {adj} :: improper, unseemly, indecent
inconvénient {m} :: inconvenience
inconvénient {m} :: drawback, disadvantage
incopiable {adj} :: uncopyable
incorporé {adj} :: built-in, inbuilt
incorporel {adj} :: intangible, incorporeal, insubstantial
incorporer {v} :: to incorporate
incorporer {v} [computing] :: to embed
incorrect {adj} :: incorrect (not correct)
incorrect {adj} :: incorrect (socially unacceptable)
incorrectement {adv} :: incorrectly
incorrection {f} :: A fault, default or impropriety, especially of language
incorrection {f} :: State of what is incorrect
incorrection {f} [dated] :: Character of what goes against courtesy and politeness
incorrection {f} [dated] :: Act displaying such character
incorrigible {adj} :: incorrigible
incorrigible {m} :: An incorrigible
incorrigiblement {adv} :: incorrigibly
incorruptibilité {f} :: incorruptibility
incorruptible {adj} :: incorruptible
incorruptiblement {adv} :: incorruptibly
inécoutable {adj} [rare] :: unlistenable (not suitable for being listened to)
incréé {adj} :: uncreated
inécrasable {adj} :: uncrushable
incrédibilité {f} :: incredibility, incredibleness
incrédible {adj} :: incredible
incrédule {adj} :: incredulous, nonbelieving
incrédule {mf} :: non-believer
incrédulement {adv} :: incredulously
incrédulité {f} :: incredulity (unwillingness to believe; doubt about the truth of something)
increvable {adj} :: unburstable; unpoppable
increvable {adj} [colloquial] :: tireless; unwearied
incriminé {adj} :: incriminated
incriminé {adj} :: accused
incriminer {v} :: to incriminate, accuse
inécrivable {adj} :: Unwritable
incrément {m} :: increment
incrémental {adj} :: incremental
incrémentalement {adv} :: incrementally
incrémenter {v} :: to increment (to increase in steps)
incrochetable {adj} :: unpickable (lock etc)
incroyable {adj} :: incredible
incroyablement {adv} :: unbelievably (all meanings)
incroyant {adj} :: unbelieving
incroyant {m} :: unbeliever, nonbeliever
incrétine {m} [biochemistry] :: incretin
incrucifiable {adj} :: uncrucifiable
incrustation {f} :: incrustation
incrustation {f} :: chromakey
incruste {m} [colloquial] :: gatecrasher, parasite, bad penny
incruster {v} :: to embed, to inlay
incruster {vr} [colloquial] :: to gatecrash, to stay (for a long time), to overstay
incubateur {m} :: incubator (place to incubate)
incubation {f} :: incubation
incube {m} :: incubus
incuber {v} :: to incubate
inculpé {m} [legal] :: A person charged with an offence
inculpation {f} :: inculpation
inculper {v} [legal] :: To charge
inculquer {v} :: to inculcate
inculquer {v} :: to instill into
inculte {adj} :: uncultivated
inculte {mf} :: ignoramus, yokel
incultivable {adj} :: uncultivable, unworkable (land)
incunable {adj} :: Which dates from the early days of printing
incunable {m} :: incunabulum
incurablement {adv} :: incurably
incurie {f} :: negligence, carelessness
incurieusement {adv} :: incuriously
incurieux {adj} :: incurious
incursion {f} :: incursion
incursion {f} :: foray
incursion {f} :: excursion
incurvé {adj} :: curved
incurver {vt} :: to bend into a curve
incus {m} [skeleton] :: incus
indaguer {v} [Belgium] :: to investigate
indate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: indate
indébordable {adj} [tennis] :: unpassable (can return every ball)
indéboulonnable {adj} :: ever-present, unbudgeable
indécelabilité {f} :: undetectability
indécelable {adj} :: undetectable
indécemment {adv} :: indecently
indécence {f} :: indecency
indécent {adj} :: indecent
indéchiffrable {adj} :: indecipherable
indéchiffrablement {adv} :: indecipherably
indéchirable {adj} :: tearproof
indécidabilité {f} :: undecidability
indécidable {adj} :: undecidable
indécis {adj} :: undecided
indécisif {adj} :: indecisive (not decisive)
indécision {f} :: indecision
indécisivement {adv} :: indecisively
indéclinable {adj} :: indeclinable
indécomposable {adj} :: indecomposable
indécrochable {adj} :: undetachable
indécrottable {adj} :: hopeless
indécrottable {adj} [colloquial] :: incorrigible
indécrottablement {adv} :: hopelessly
Inde {prop} {f} :: India
indemne {adj} :: unhurt, undamaged, unscathed
indemnisable {adj} :: compensable (entitled to compensation)
indemnisation {f} :: compensation
indemniser {v} :: to compensate
indemnité {f} :: indemnity
indemnité {f} :: compensation
indemnitaire {adj} :: indemnifying
indemnitaire {adj} :: compensatory
indentation {f} :: indentation
indescriptible {adj} :: indescribable
indescriptiblement {adv} :: undescribably
indestructible {adj} :: indestructible
indestructiblement {adv} :: indestructibly
index {m} :: index
index {m} :: forefinger
index {m} :: The welcome page of a web site, typically index.html, index.htm or index.php
indexé {adj} :: indexed
indexation {f} :: indexation
indexation {f} :: indexing
indexer {v} :: to index (put into an index)
indéfectible {adj} :: indefectible, unfailing, unswerving
indéfectiblement {adv} :: indefectibly, unfailingly, unswervingly
indéfendable {adj} :: indefensible
indéfini {adj} :: undefined; without a definition
indéfini {adj} [grammar] :: indefinite
indéfiniment {adv} :: indefinitely (for an indefinite amount of time)
indéfinissable {adj} :: indefinable
indéfinissable {adj} :: nondescript
indéfinissable {adj} :: intangible
indéformable {adj} :: undeformable
indégivrable {adj} :: undefrostable
indianiser {v} :: Indianize
indic {m} [slang] :: nark, grass (informant)
indicateur {m} :: indicator, measure, index
indicateur {m} :: gauge, indicator, meter
indicateur {m} :: informer, informant
indicateur {m} :: street directory, signpost
indicateur {adj} :: indicative
indicatif {adj} :: indicative (serving to indicate)
indicatif {m} [grammar] :: indicative
indication {f} :: direction, instruction
indication {f} :: indication, sign
indication {f} :: indication, information
indication {f} :: a hint
indice {m} :: clue, indication
indice {m} [finance] :: index
indice {m} [computing] :: index
indicible {adj} :: indescribable
indicible {adj} :: unspeakable
indiciblement {adv} :: unspeakably
indiciel {adj} :: index (attributive), indicial
indien {adj} :: Indian (related to India)
indien {adj} :: Indian (related to Amerinds)
indien {m} :: Indian (Amerind)
Indien {m} :: Indian (person)
indienne {f} :: feminine of indien
indienne {f} [historical] :: printed calico
indienne {f} [swimming] :: overarm sidestroke
Indienne {f} :: feminine noun of Indien
indifféremment {adv} :: indifferently, indiscriminately, equally
indifférence {f} :: indifference, uncaringness
indifférencié {adj} :: undifferentiated
indifférenciation {f} :: indifferentiation
indifférent {adj} :: indifferent
indifférentisme {m} :: indifferentism
indifférentisme {m} :: indifference
indifférer {v} [colloquial, nonstandard] :: To leave indifferent
indiffusible {adj} :: indiffusible
indigence {f} :: indigence
indigent {adj} :: (very) poor, needy, destitute
indigent {m} :: poor person, indigent [plural:] needy, destitute, poor
indigeste {adj} :: indigestible
indigestibilité {f} :: indigestibility
indigné {adj} :: indignant (angry, infuriated, mad, resentful)
indigné {m} :: indignant
indigénat {m} :: indigenousness
indignation {f} :: Indignation
indigène {adj} :: indigenous
indigène {mf} :: indigenous person, native, indigene
indigne {adj} :: unworthy
indigne {adj} :: disgraceful
indignement {adv} :: disgracefully
indigner {v} :: to fill with indignation, exasperate
indigner {vr} [s'indigner] :: ) to express self-righteous anger or disgust
indigénisme {m} :: indigenismo
indignité {m} :: unworthiness
indigocarmine {f} :: indigo carmine
indigotate {m} [organic chemistry] :: indigotate
indigotier {m} :: indigo (plant)
indigotine {f} [organic compound] :: indigotin
indigotique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: indigotic
indiligemment {adv} :: inattentively
indine {f} :: indin
indiquer {v} :: to connote (to signify beyond principal meaning)
indiquer {v} :: to show, indicate
indiquer {v} :: to prescribe
indiquer {v} :: to point to, to point out
indirect {adj} :: indirect
indirectement {adv} :: indirectly
indiscernabilité {f} :: indiscernibility
indiscernable {adj} :: indistinguishable
indiscernable {adj} :: indiscernible, imperceptible
indiscipliné {adj} :: undisciplined
indiscontinûment {adv} :: incessantly
indiscontinu {adj} :: incessant
indiscret {adj} :: indiscreet, indiscrete
indiscriminé {adj} :: indiscriminate
indiscrètement {adv} :: indiscreetly
indiscrétion {f} :: indiscretion
indiscuté {adj} :: undisputed, unquestioned
indiscutable {adj} :: undebatable; not arguable
indiscutablement {adv} :: indisputably; undebatably
indisert {adj} :: ineloquent
indisertement {adv} :: ineloquently
indispensable {adj} :: indispensable
indispensablement {adv} :: indispensably
indisponibilité {f} :: unavailability
indisponible {adj} :: unavailable
indisposer {v} :: to irritate, to annoy
indisposer {v} :: to make (someone) feel ill, to upset
indisputable {adj} :: indisputable
indisputablement {adv} :: indisputably; undeniably
indissociable {adj} :: indissociable, inseparable
indissociablement {adv} :: inextricably
indissoluble {adj} :: indissoluble
indissolublement {adv} :: indissolubly
indistinct {adj} :: not distinct; not easily distinguishable
indistinctement {adv} :: indistinctly
indistinguabilité {f} :: indistinguishability (the state of being indistinguishable)
indistinguable {adj} :: indistinguishable (not distinguishable)
inédit {adj} :: (previously) unpublished (of book etc.)
inédit {adj} :: brand new, original; unheard-of, never-been-seen-before
indium {m} :: indium
individu {m} :: individual
individualisation {f} :: individualization
individualiser {vt} :: to individualize, personalize
individualiste {mf} :: individualist
individualité {f} :: individuality
individuel {adj} :: individual
individuellement {adv} :: individually
individuer {v} :: To individuate
indivis {adj} :: undivided, indivisible
indivisé {adj} :: undivided
indivisibilité {f} :: indivisibility
indivisible {adj} :: indivisible
indivisiblement {adv} :: indivisibly
indivision {f} [legal] :: tenancy in common
indivisément {adv} :: undividedly
indélébile {adj} :: indelible
indélébilement {adv} :: indelibly
indélibéré {adj} :: accidental (not deliberate)
indélibéré {adj} :: unplanned
indélibérément {adv} :: accidentally (not deliberately)
indélicat {adj} :: indelicate, tactless
indélicat {adj} :: dishonest
indélicatement {adv} :: indelicately
indélicatesse {f} :: indelicacy
indélicatesse {f} :: tactlessness
indélicatesse {f} :: dishonesty
indélogeable {adj} :: entrenched, unmoveable
indélogeablement {adv} :: entrenchedly, unmoveably
indémaillable {adj} :: run-resistant, ladder-proof (stockings)
indûment {adv} :: unjustly; unfairly
indémodable {adj} :: ever-fashionable
indémontable {adj} :: unremovable
indémontrable {adj} :: unprovable
indémontrablement {adv} :: unprovably
indène {m} [organic compound] :: indene
indéniable {adj} :: undeniable
indéniablement {adv} :: undeniably; indisputably
indénombrabilité {f} :: uncountability
indénombrable {adj} [grammar] :: uncountable
indo- {prefix} :: Indian; pertaining to India
indo-aryen {adj} :: Indo-Aryan
Indochine {prop} {f} :: Indochina
Indochine {prop} {f} :: An orange-brown color
indochinois {adj} :: Indochinese
Indochinois {m} :: an Indochinese person
Indochinoise {f} :: feminine noun of Indochinois
indocilement {adv} :: intractably
indocilité {f} :: indocility
indocilité {f} :: disobedience
indocte {adj} :: unlearned
indoctement {adv} :: unlearnedly
indoeuropéen {adj} :: Indo-European (of or relating to languages originally spoken in Europe and Western Asia)
indo-européen {adj} :: Indo-European
indo-européen commun {m} [linguistics] :: Proto-Indo-European (reconstructed language)
indo-iranien {adj} :: Indo-Iranian
indolemment {adv} :: indolently
indolence {f} [obsolete] :: insensibility, lack of pain
indolence {f} :: laziness, indolence
indolent {adj} :: indolent (all senses)
indompté {adj} :: unbroken (horse)
indompté {adj} :: untamed
indomptable {adj} :: untamable, indomitable
indomptablement {adv} :: untamably
Indonésie {prop} {f} :: Indonesia
indonésien {adj} :: Indonesian
indonésien {m} :: Indonesian (language)
Indonésien {m} :: Indonesian (person)
Indonésienne {f} :: feminine noun of Indonésien
indophénol {m} [organic compound] :: indophenol
indoxyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: indoxyl
indépassable {adj} :: unsurpassable
indépassable {adj} :: timeless (that will not become outdated)
indépassablement {adv} :: unsurpassably
indépassablement {adv} :: timelessly
indépendamment {adv} :: independently
indépendance {f} :: independence
indépendant {adj} :: independent
indépendantisme {m} :: separatism (independence movement)
indépendantiste {adj} [politics] :: independence (used attributively); separatist
indépendantiste {mf} [politics] :: separatist
indépendantiste {mf} :: independentist
indéracinable {adj} :: ineradicable
Indre {prop} :: Indre
indéréglable {adj} :: very reliable (that will not break down)
indésiré {adj} :: undesired, unwanted
indésirable {adj} :: unwanted
indésirable {adj} :: undesirable
indétectable {adj} :: undetectable
indéterminé {adj} :: undetermined
indéterminé {adj} :: uncertain, unsure
indéterminable {adj} :: indeterminable
indétermination {f} :: indecision, indecisiveness
indéterminisme {m} :: indeterminism
indéterministe {m} :: indeterminist
indéterminément {adv} :: uncertainly
indu {adj} :: unjustified, unwarranted, undue
indubitablement {adv} :: indubitably; undoubtedly; unquestionably
inductance {f} [physics] :: inductance
inducteur {adj} :: inductive
inducteur {m} :: inductor
inducteur {m} :: starter
inductible {adj} :: inducible
inductif {adj} :: inductive
induction {f} :: induction
induire {v} :: to induce, to cause
induit {adj} :: induced
indulgemment {adv} :: indulgently
indulgent {adj} :: lenient (tolerant; not strict)
indument {adv} :: alternative spelling of indûment
industrialisé {adj} :: industrialised
industrialisable {adj} :: industrializable
industrialisation {f} :: industrialisation
industrialiser {v} :: to industrialize
industrialisme {m} :: industrialism
industrie {f} :: an industry, productive enterprise(s)
industrie {f} :: a profession
industrie {f} :: the virtue diligence, zeal
industrie {f} :: the quality of inventiveness, notably for disapproved purposes
industriel {adj} :: industrial
industriel {m} :: industrialist
industriel {m} :: (a particular) industry
industriellement {adv} :: industrially
industrieusement {adv} :: industriously
industrieux {adj} :: industrious
indévissable {adj} :: not unscrewable (not capable of being unscrewed)
indévot {adj} :: indevout
indévotement {adv} :: indevoutly
-ine {suffix} :: feminine noun of -in
ineffaçable {adj} :: unerasable; indelible
ineffaçablement {adv} :: undeletably
ineffable {adj} :: ineffable (unable to be expressed in words)
ineffablement {adv} :: ineffably
ineffectivité {f} :: ineffectiveness
inefficace {adj} :: ineffectual, ineffective, inefficacious
inefficacement {adv} :: inefficiently
inefficacité {f} :: inefficiency
inefficience {f} :: synonym of ineffectivité
inemployé {adj} :: unused
inemployé {adj} :: unemployed
inemployable {adj} :: unusable
inemployable {adj} :: unemployable
inentamable {adj} :: impenetrable
inenvisageable {adj} :: unforeseeable
inenvisageable {adj} :: inconceivable
inepte {adj} :: inept, incompetent, feckless
ineptement {adv} :: ineptly
ineptie {f} :: ineptness
inerté {adj} :: Rendered inert (especially of radioactive waste)
inertage {m} :: inerting (rendering inert)
inerte {adj} :: inert, inactive
inerter {v} :: to replace a dangerous gas with a safe one
inerter {v} :: to make inert or safe (especially radioactive waste)
inertie {f} [physics] :: inertia
inertie {f} [figuratively] :: lack of dynamism or forcefulness
inertiel {adj} :: inertial
inescompté {adj} :: unexpected, unhoped-for
inesgal {adj} :: obsolete spelling of inégal
inespéré {adj} :: unexpected
inespérable {adj} :: unexpected; not hoped for
inespérément {adv} :: unexpectedly
inessif {m} [grammar] :: inessive case
inesthétique {adj} :: unsightly
inestimable {adj} :: priceless, invaluable; inestimable
inexact {adj} :: inexact (not exact)
inexactement {adv} :: inexactly; imprecisely
inexactitude {f} :: inexactitude
inexaucé {adj} :: unfulfilled
inexaucé {adj} :: unanswered (prayer)
inexcusablement {adv} :: inexcusably
inexécutable {adj} :: unenforceable
inexécutable {adj} :: impracticable, unworkable
inexécutablement {adv} :: unenforceably
inexécution {f} :: inexecution
inexistant {adj} :: not existing; nonexistent
inexistence {f} :: inexistence
inexorable {adj} :: inexorable
inexorablement {adv} :: inexorably, relentlessly
inexplicable {adj} :: inexplicable, unexplainable
inexplicablement {adv} :: inexplicably
inexpliqué {adj} :: unexplained
inexploité {adj} :: unexploited, untapped
inexploitable {adj} :: unexploitable
inexploitable {adj} :: impractical
inexploré {adj} :: unexplored
inexpressif {adj} :: inexpressive, expressionless
inexpressivité {f} :: inexpressiveness, expressionlessness
inexpérience {f} :: inexperience
inexprimé {adj} :: unspoken, unexpressed
inexprimable {adj} :: undescribable, inexpressible
inexprimablement {adv} :: undescribably
inexpérimenté {adj} :: inexperienced (not experienced)
inexpugnable {adj} :: impregnable, unassailable
inextricable {adj} :: inextricable
inextricablement {adv} :: inextricably
infaillibilité {f} :: infallibility
infaillible {adj} :: infallible (without fault or weakness; incapable of error or fallacy)
infaillible {adj} :: inevitable
infailliblement {adv} :: infallibly
infaisabilité {f} :: infeasibility, impracticability
infaisable {adj} :: infeasible, impractical
infalsifiable {adj} :: unfalsifiable, unforgeable
infamant {adj} :: dishonouring
infamer {v} :: To dishonour
infamie {f} :: infamy
infanterie {f} :: infantry
infanteriste {m} :: A foot soldier, infantryman
infantile {adj} :: infantile
infantiliser {vt} :: to infantilize
infantilisme {m} :: infantilism
infarctus {m} :: infarct
infarctus du myocarde {m} :: myocardial infarction
infatigable {adj} :: indefatigable, tireless
infatigablement {adv} :: tirelessly, indefatigably
infatué {adj} :: conceited
infécond {adj} [biology] :: infertile (unable to procreate)
infécond {adj} :: unfruitful
infécond {adj} :: unproductive
infécond {adj} :: sparse (in)
infécondité {f} :: infecundity, infertility
infect {adj} :: vile, loathsome
infect {adj} :: revolting, disgusting
infecter {v} :: to infect
infectieux {adj} :: infectious
infection {f} [pathology] :: infection
infermentescible {adj} :: unfermentable
infernal {adj} :: infernal (relating to hell)
infernal {adj} [figuratively] :: infernal, hellish, awful, terrible
infernalement {adv} :: infernally
Infernet {prop} :: surname
infertile {adj} :: infertile
infertilement {adv} :: infertily, unfruitfully
infertilité {f} :: infertility
infester {v} :: to infest
infichu {adj} [colloquial] :: incapable (of)
infidèle {adj} :: unfaithful
infidèle {adj} :: adulterous
infidèle {adj} [translation studies] :: unfaithful, inaccurate
infidèlement {adv} :: unfaithfully
infidélité {f} :: infidelity, unfaithfulness
infilmable {adj} :: unfilmable
infiltrateur {m} :: infiltrator
infiltratrice {f} :: infiltrator (female), infiltratrix
infiltrer {vp} :: to infiltrate
infime {adj} :: lowly, inferior
infime {adj} :: tiny, minuscule
in fine {adv} [formal, finance] :: ultimately, in the end
infini {adj} :: endless, ceaseless, unending
infini {m} :: infinity (the symbol ∞)
infini {m} :: infinity
infiniment {adv} :: infinitely, ad infinitum
infiniment {adv} :: infinitely, extremely
infinimum {m} [maths] :: infimum
infinité {f} :: infinity, endlessness
infinitif {adj} [grammar] :: infinitive
infinitif {m} [grammar] :: infinitive (uninflected verb form)
infinitisme {m} :: infinitism
infinitive {f} :: infinitive clause, same as proposition infinitive
infinitésimal {adj} :: infinitesimal
infinitésimalement {adv} :: infinitesimally
infinitésime {adj} [maths] :: infinitesimal
infinitésime {mf} [maths] :: infinitesimal
infirmer {v} :: to weaken, to undermine (a theory, a testimony, etc.)
infirmer {v} [legal] :: To invalidate
infirmerie {f} :: infirmary
infirmier {m} :: nurse (medical professional)
infirmier {adj} :: nursing (relating to nurses)
infirmière {f} :: nurse
infirmité {f} :: disability, impairment
infirmité {f} :: infirmity
infixe {m} [grammar] :: infix
infixer {v} [grammar] :: to infix
inflammabilité {f} :: inflammability
inflammable {adj} :: flammable, inflammable
inflammation {f} :: inflammation
inflammatoire {adj} :: inflammatory (causing inflammation)
inflation {f} [economics] :: inflation
inflationniste {adj} :: inflationist, inflationary
infléchir {vt} :: To bend (a thing), forming an elbow-shape
infléchir {vt} :: To change the state or direction of (a thing) by inclining, curving, or crossing
infléchir {vt} [figuratively] :: To change the orientation or outcome of (a thing, a course of events)
infléchir {vr} :: to change direction; to curve
infléchir {vr} :: [of a ray of light] To change direction, to bend, as at the interface between two media
infléchir {vr} [music] :: To change in tone or pitch
infléchissement {m} :: reorientation
infléchissement {m} :: inflection
infléchissement {m} :: trend
inflexibilité {f} :: inflexibility
inflexible {adj} :: inflexible
inflexiblement {adv} :: inflexibly
inflexion {f} :: inflection
infliger {v} :: to inflict, to impose
inflétrissable {adj} :: synonym of immarcescible
influençable {adj} :: influenceable (easily influenced)
influencé {adj} :: influenced
influence {f} :: influence
influencer {v} :: influence (to exert an influence upon)
influent {adj} :: influential
influer {v} :: to influence (to exert an influence upon)
infâme {adj} :: infamous, nefarious, villainous
infâme {adj} :: disgusting, repugnant
infâmement {adv} :: infamously
infâmie {f} :: alternative form of infamie
info {f} :: shortening of information
info {f} :: shortening of informatique
infobulle {f} [graphical user interface] :: tooltip
inféodation {f} [historical] :: infeudation, enfeoffment
inféodation {f} [politics] :: allegiance
inféoder {v} [historical, Middle Ages] :: to infeudate
inféoder {v} [figuratively] :: to subjugate, to subdue
infogérance {f} :: facilities management
infogérance {f} :: outsourcing
infographie {f} [computer graphics] :: computer graphics
infographique {adj} [computing] :: computer graphics (attributive)
infographiste {mf} [computing] :: computer graphics specialist / designer
infoguerre {f} :: infowar
infondé {adj} :: unfounded, baseless, groundless
infonuagique {f} [computing] :: cloud computing
informateur {m} :: informant, informer – one who informs
informaticien {m} :: computer specialist, computer scientist; IT worker
informaticienne {f} :: feminine noun of informaticien
informatif {adj} :: informative, instructive
information {f} [countable] :: piece of information; datum
information {f} [plural only] :: news
information {f} [uncountable] :: information
informationnel {adj} :: informational (giving, related to information)
informatique {f} :: computer science
informatique {f} :: ICT (information and communications technology)
informatique {adj} :: computer science (attributive)
informatique en nuage {f} [computing] :: cloud computing
informatiquement {adv} :: By means of computer science
informatisation {f} :: computerization
informatiser {vt} [computing] :: to computerize
informe {adj} :: formless, shapeless
informe {adj} :: unfaithful
informe {adj} [astronomy] :: Étoiles informes : An old term for stars that were not members of any constellation
informel {adj} :: informal
informellement {adv} :: informally
informer {v} :: to inform
informer {v} :: to enlighten
informer {v} :: to impart knowledge (upon)
informulé {adj} :: unformulated
infortuné {adj} :: unfortunate (marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune)
infortuné {m} :: unfortunate person
infortune {f} :: misfortune
infortunée {f} :: feminine noun of infortuné
infoutu {adj} :: incapable (of)
infra- {prefix} :: infra-
infrabasse {f} :: synonym of infrason
infraclasse {f} [taxonomy] :: infraclass
infracteur {m} :: infractor
infraction {f} :: offense (US), departure
infraction {f} :: infringement, infraction
infragénérique {adj} [taxonomy] :: infrageneric
infranchissable {adj} :: insurmountable, impassable
infrangible {adj} :: indestructible, unbreakable, infrangible
infrangiblité {f} :: indestructibility
infraordre {m} [taxonomy] :: infraorder
infrarouge {adj} :: infrared
infrarouge {m} :: infrared
infrason {m} :: infrasound
infra-son {m} :: infrasound
infrasonore {adj} :: infrasonic
infra-sonore {adj} :: infrasonic
infrastructure {f} :: infrastructure (an underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system)
inférence {f} :: inference
inférer {v} :: to infer (make an inference)
inférieur {adj} :: lower, under
inférieur {adj} :: inferior
inférieur {adj} [math] :: less than or equal to. ,
inférieurement {adv} :: inferiorly
infériorité {f} :: inferiority
infroissable {adj} :: creaseproof, crease-resistant
infréquemment {adv} :: infrequently; not often
infréquent {adj} :: infrequent; rare
infréquentable {adj} :: That should be avoided or shunned; beyond the pale
infructueusement {adv} :: unfruitfully
infructueux {adj} :: unfruitful
infrutescence {f} :: infructescence
infundibulaire {adj} :: infundibular
infundibulum {m} [anatomy] :: infundibulum
infus {adj} :: innate
infus {adj} :: infused
infusant {adj} :: infusing
infuser {v} :: to infuse
infuser {v} :: to inject
infusette {f} :: tea bag
infusion {f} :: infusion (liquid product which has had other ingredients steeped in it to extract useful qualities)
infusoire {m} [zoology] :: infusoria
-ing {suffix} :: Used to form verbal nouns from verbs
inégal {adj} :: unequal
inégalé {adj} :: unequalled; unrivaled
inégalable {adj} :: incomparable, matchless
inégalablement {adv} :: incomparably
inégalement {adv} :: unequally
inégalité {f} :: inequality (an unfair, not equal, state)
inégalité {f} :: inequity
inégalitaire {adj} :: unequal, inegalitarian
ingambe {adj} :: spry, nimble
ingestion {f} :: ingestion
inglorieusement {adv} :: ingloriously
inglorieux {adj} :: inglorious
ingénier {vr} :: to strive
ingénierie {f} [usually, uncountable] :: engineering
ingénieriste {mf} :: engineer (engineering systems professional)
ingénieur {m} :: engineer (person qualified or professionally engaged in engineering)
ingénieur du son {m} :: sound engineer
ingénieusement {adv} :: ingeniously
ingénieux {adj} :: ingenious
ingéniosité {f} :: ingeniosity
ingéniosité {f} :: inventiveness
ingénu {adj} :: ingenuous
ingénuité {f} :: ingenuousness
ingénument {adv} [obsolete] :: frankly, openly
ingénument {adv} :: artlessly, ingenuously
ingouche {m} :: Ingush (caucasian language)
Ingouche {mf} :: Ingush
ingouvernable {adj} :: ungovernable
ingéré {adj} :: ingested
ingérable {adj} :: unmanageable
ingracieusement {adv} :: ingraciously
ingracieux {adj} :: ingracious
ingrat {adj} :: ungrateful
ingrat {adj} :: thankless
ingratement {adv} :: ungratefully
ingratitude {f} :: ingratitude, ungratefulness
ingrédient {m} :: ingredient
ingérence {f} :: interference, meddling
ingérer {v} :: to ingest, to swallow
ingérer {vr} [s'ingérer] :: to interfere in, to meddle with
Ingrid {prop} {f} :: given name
inguinal {adj} :: inguinal
ingurgiter {vt} :: to swallow
ingurgiter {vt} :: to drink avidly
inguérissable {adj} :: incurable (not capable of being cured)
inhabile {adj} :: unskilful; maladroit
inhabilement {adv} :: unskilfully
inhabité {adj} :: uninhabited
inhabité {adj} :: unoccupied
inhabité {adj} :: unmanned
inhabitable {adj} :: uninhabitable
inhabituel {adj} :: uncustomary, unhabitual
inhabituellement {adv} :: unusually (not according to routine or tradition)
inhalateur {m} :: inhaler
inhalation {f} :: inhalation (all meanings)
inhalatoire {adj} :: inhalational
inhaler {v} :: to inhale
inharmonieusement {adv} :: inharmoniously
inharmonieux {adj} :: inharmonious
inhiber {v} :: to inhibit (to hinder; to restrain)
inhibiteur {m} :: inhibitor
inhibition {f} :: inhibition
inhospitalier {adj} :: inhospitable (all meanings)
inhospitalièrement {adv} :: inhospitably
inhéremment {adv} :: inherently
inhérent {adj} :: inherent
inhæsion {f} :: obsolete form of inhésion
inhumé {adj} :: buried
inhumain {adj} :: inhumane
inhumainement {adv} :: inhumanely
inhumanité {f} :: inhumanity
inhumanité {f} :: barbarity
inhumation {f} :: inhumation
inhumer {v} :: to bury; to inter
iniaque {adj} [anatomy] :: inial
iniatrice {f} :: feminine noun of initiateur
iniencéphale {adj} [pathology] :: iniencephalic
inimaginable {adj} :: unimaginable
inimaginablement {adv} :: unimaginably
inimaginablement {adv} :: inconceivably
inimitabilité {f} :: inimitability, incontestability
inimitable {adj} :: unmatched, uncontestable, inimitable
inimitablement {adv} :: inimitably (in a way that cannot be imitated)
inimitié {f} :: enmity
ininflammable {adj} :: nonflammable
inintelligemment {adv} :: unintelligently
inintelligence {f} :: lack of intelligence, unintelligence
inintelligent {adj} :: unintelligent
inintelligible {adj} :: unintelligible
inintelligiblement {adv} :: unintelligibly; in a way that cannot be understood or deciphered
inintentionnel {adj} :: unintentional
inintentionnellement {adv} :: unintentionally
ininterrompu {adj} :: uninterrupted
inintéressant {adj} :: uninteresting
iniodyme {adj} [pathology] :: iniodymic
inique {adj} :: iniquitous, unjust
iniquement {adv} :: iniquitously
iniquement {adv} :: unfairly
iniquité {f} :: iniquity
initial {adj} :: initial
initiale {f} :: initial
initialement {adv} :: initially
initialisation {f} :: initialization
initialiser {vt} :: to initialize
initiateur {adj} :: innovative, groundbreaking
initiateur {m} :: initiator, instigator
initiation {f} :: initiation
initiatique {adj} :: initiatory
initiative {f} :: initiative
initier {v} :: to initiate, to start
injecté {adj} :: bloodshot (eyes)
injectable {adj} :: injectable
injecter {v} :: to inject
injecteur {m} :: injector
injecteur {m} [object-oriented programming] :: injector
injectif {adj} :: injective
injection {f} :: injection
injoignable {adj} :: unreachable
injonction {f} [legal] :: injunction (the act of enjoining)
injouable {adj} :: unplayable
injure {f} :: offense, insult
injurier {v} :: to abuse, howl abuse at
injurieusement {adv} :: injuriously
injurieux {adj} :: injurious; hurtful
injurologie {f} [humorous, rare] :: the study of insults
injuste {adj} :: unjust; unfair
injustement {adv} :: unfairly; unjustly
injustice {f} :: injustice
injustifié {adj} :: unjustified, unwarranted
injustifiable {adj} :: unjustifiable
inlandsis {m} :: ice sheet
inlassable {adj} :: indefatigable, tireless, unremitting
inlassablement {adv} :: tirelessly
inélasticité {f} :: inelasticity (quality of not being elastic)
inélastique {adj} [physics] :: inelastic
inélégamment {adv} :: inelegantly (in a way that is not elegant)
inélégance {f} :: inelegance
inélégance {f} :: clumsiness
inélégant {adj} :: inelegant (not elegant)
inéligibilité {f} :: ineligibility
inéligible {adj} :: ineligible
inéluctabilité {f} :: ineluctability, inevitability
inéluctable {adj} :: ineluctable; inevitable
inéluctablement {adv} :: inevitably, inescapably, ineluctably
inné {adj} :: Innate, inborn, congenital, inbred, native
inénarrable {adj} [dated or literary] :: indescribable, inexpressible
inénarrable {adj} [rare] :: hilarious
inénarrablement {adv} :: indescribably
inénarrablement {adv} :: hilariously
innervé {adj} :: innervated
innervant {adj} :: innervating
innervant {adj} :: nerve (attributive)
innerver {v} [anatomy] :: To innervate
innocemment {adv} :: innocently
innocence {f} :: innocence
innocent {adj} :: innocent
innocent {m} :: an innocent (innocent person)
innocent {m} [figurative] :: a naive person
innocenter {vt} :: to declare innocent, absolve
innocuité {f} :: innocuousness
innomé {adj} :: unnamed, nameless (having no name)
innombrable {adj} :: innumerable, countless
innombrablement {adv} :: innumerably
innominé {adj} :: unnamed
innommé {adj} :: alternative spelling of innomé
innommable {adj} :: unnameable
innommable {adj} :: unspeakable
innovant {adj} :: innovative
innovateur {adj} :: innovative
innovateur {m} :: innovator
innovation {f} :: innovation
innovatrice {f} :: feminine noun of innovateur
innover {v} :: to innovate
inobservé {adj} :: unobserved
inobservable {adj} :: unobservable
inoccupé {adj} :: unoccupied
inoccupé {adj} [of a person] :: unemployed
inoculable {adj} :: inoculable
inoculer {v} :: to inoculate
inodore {adj} :: odourless, scentless
inoffensif {adj} :: harmless
inoffensivement {adv} :: harmlessly
inoffensivement {adv} :: inoffensively
inofficiel {adj} :: unofficial; not official
inofficiellement {adv} :: unofficially
inofficieux {adj} :: inofficious
inofficieux {adj} [legal] :: depriving an heir of just inheritance
inondable {adj} :: liable to flooding
inondation {f} :: flood (overflow of water)
inondation {f} :: flood, inundation (a large influx of e.g. people)
inonder {v} :: to flood (to overflow)
inonder {v} :: to inundate
inopiné {adj} :: accidental, unexpected
inopinément {adv} :: unexpectedly
inopportun {adj} :: untimely
inopportun {adj} :: inopportune
inopportun {adj} :: inappropriate
inopportunité {f} :: untimeliness
inopportunité {f} :: inappropriateness
inopportunité {f} :: inopportuneness
inopportunément {adv} :: inopportunely
inopportunément {adv} :: inappropriately
inopérable {adj} :: inoperable
inopérant {adj} :: inoperative
inopérant {adj} :: ineffective
inorganique {adj} :: inorganic
inorganisé {adj} :: disorganized
inorganisé {adj} :: unorganized
inorganisation {f} :: disorganisation
inosate {m} [organic chemiatry] :: inosinate
inostensible {adj} :: inostensible
inostensiblement {adv} :: inostensibly
inouï {adj} [archaic, literal] :: unheard
inouï {adj} [figurative] :: unprecedented, incredible, unheard-of
inoubliable {adj} :: unforgettable
inoubliablement {adv} :: unforgettably
inox {m} :: Stainless steel; short form of acier inoxydable
inox {adj} :: stainless
inox {adj} :: made of stainless steel
inoxydable {adj} :: stainless, as in steel
inépuisable {adj} :: inexhaustible (that cannot be used up)
inépuisablement {adv} :: inexhaustibly
inqualifiable {adj} :: unspeakable, despicable, objectionable
inqualifiable {adj} :: inappropriate, unacceptable
inéquation {f} :: inequality
inéquation {f} [mathematics] :: inequation (a statement that two expressions are not the same)
inquestionnable {adj} :: unquestionable
inquiet {adj} :: worried
inquiet {adj} :: anxious
inquilin {adj} [biology] :: inquilinous
inquilin {m} [biology] :: inquiline
inquilinisme {m} [biology] :: inquilinism
inquisiteur {adj} :: inquisitive, probing, prying
inquisiteur {m} :: inquisitor
inquisitif {adj} :: inquisitive
inquisition {f} :: inquisition
inquisitivement {adv} :: inquisitively
inquisitorial {adj} :: inquisitorial (all senses)
inéquité {m} :: inequity
inéquitable {adj} :: unfair; unjust
inéquitable {adj} :: uneven; unequal
inéquitablement {adv} :: unequally; unfairly; unjustly
inquiétant {adj} :: worrying, disturbing
inquiètement {adv} :: worriedly; anxiously
inquiéter {vt} :: to worry
inquiéter {vr} :: to be worried, to worry
inquiétude {f} :: worry, concern, trepidation
inracontable {adj} :: ineffable
inracontable {adj} :: unrepeatable
Inrap {prop} {m} [France] :: The National Institute of Preventative Archaeological Researches
inratable {adj} :: not possible to go wrong, dead cert
inrayable {adj} :: scratchproof
inérotique {adj} [very, rare] :: unerotic
Inès {prop} :: given name derived from Spanish Inés
insaisissable {adj} :: elusive
insaisissable {adj} :: imperceptible
insaisissablement {adv} :: elusively
insaisissablement {adv} :: imperceptibly
insalubre {adj} :: insalubrious, unhealthful
insalubrement {adv} :: insalubriously
insalubrité {f} :: insalubrity
insane {adj} :: crazy
insane {adj} :: foolish
insanité {f} :: insanity
insapide {adj} :: tasteless; bland
insatiable {adj} :: insatiable
insatiablement {adv} :: insatiably
insatisfaisant {adj} :: unsatisfying
insatisfait {adj} :: dissatisfied, unsatisfied
insaturé {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: unsaturated
insaturation {f} [chemistry] :: unsaturation
insécable {adj} :: indivisible
insécable {adj} :: non-breaking
insciemment {adv} :: ignorantly
insciemment {adv} :: unknowingly
inscription {f} :: registration, enrolment
inscription {f} :: inscription
inscrire {vt} :: to inscribe (engrave)
inscrire {vt} :: to inscribe; jot down (make notes on paper)
inscrire {vt} [mathematics] :: to inscribe
inscrire {vt} :: to inscribe, sign up (to a publication, annual pass etc.)
inscrire {vr} :: to sign up (for)
inscrire {v} [sports] :: notch up, chalk up
inscrutablement {adv} :: inscrutably
insécurité {f} :: insecurity
insecte {m} :: insect
insecticide {m} :: insecticide
insectivore {adj} :: insectivorous
insectivore {m} :: insectivore
INSEE {initialism} :: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques
inselberg {m} :: monadnock
insensé {adj} :: insane, crazy
insensé {adj} :: mindless, meaningless
insensé {adj} [colloquial] :: phenomenal
insensibiliser {vt} :: to anaesthetize
insensibiliser {vt} :: to desensitize [to an allergy]
insensibilité {f} :: insensibility
insensible {adj} :: insensible
insensible {adj} :: impervious
insensiblement {adv} :: insensitively
insensément {adv} :: insanely
insert {m} [genetics] :: insert
insertion {f} :: insertion
insidieusement {adv} :: insidiously
insidieux {adj} :: insidious
insigne {adj} [literary] :: remarkable, distinguished
insigne {m} :: a badge
insignifiance {f} :: insignificance
insignifiant {adj} :: Of no impact; unimportant; inconsequent; insignificant
insignifiant {adj} [derogatory] :: Of no value or interest
insignifiant {adj} [dated] :: Without or with an unclear signification
insignifiant {m} [chiefly Quebec, derogatory] :: A boring (male) person of no importance
insignifier {v} :: to belittle
insincère {adj} [rare, nonstandard] :: insincere
insincèrement {adv} :: insincerely
insincérité {f} :: insincerity
insinuation {f} :: insinuation
insinuer {v} :: insinuate (make way for by subtle means)
insinuer {v} :: insinuate; hint at
insipide {adj} :: insipid, bland, tasteless
insipidement {adv} :: insipidly
insistance {f} :: insistence
insistant {adj} :: insistent, pressing
insistant {adj} :: persistent
insister {v} :: to insist
insémination {f} :: insemination
inséminer {v} :: to inseminate
insociablement {adv} :: insociably
insociablement {adv} :: unsociably
insolation {f} :: sunstroke, insolation (heatstroke caused by an excessive exposure to the sun's rays)
insolemment {adv} :: insolently
insolence {f} :: insolence
insolent {adj} :: insolent
insoleuse {f} :: platesetter
insolide {adj} [rare] :: unsolid
insolidement {adv} :: unsolidly
insolite {adj} :: unusual, strange
insolitement {adv} :: unusually, strangely
insolubilisé {adj} :: insolubilized
insolubiliser {v} :: insolubilize
insolubilité {f} :: insolubility
insoluble {adj} [chemistry] :: insoluble
insoluble {adj} [mathematics] :: insoluble
insolublement {adv} :: insolubly
insolvabilité {f} :: insolvency
insolvable {adj} :: insolvent
insomniaque {adj} :: insomniac
insomniaque {mf} :: insomniac
insomnie {f} :: insomnia (sleeping disorder)
insondable {adj} :: unsoundable
insondable {adj} [figurative] :: unfathomable
insondablement {adv} :: unfathomably
insonore {adj} :: soundless, inaudible
insonore {adj} :: soundproof
insonorisation {f} :: soundproofing
insonoriser {vt} :: To soundproof: to make (something) soundproof
insortable {adj} :: unsocial; inappropriate in social situations
insouciamment {adv} :: carelessly
insouciamment {adv} :: blithely
insouciance {f} :: insouciance, unconcern
insouciant {adj} :: carefree, without worries
insoucieusement {adv} :: unconcernedly, carefreely
insoucieux {adj} :: unconcerned, carefree
insoumis {adj} :: rebellious
insoumis {adj} :: unruly
insoumis {adj} [military] :: absent without leave
insoumission {f} :: disobedience, recalcitrance, rebelliousness
insoumission {f} [military] :: absence without leave
insoupçonné {adj} :: unsuspected
insoupçonnable {adj} :: above suspicion
insoutenable {adj} :: untenable
insoutenable {adj} :: unbearable
insoutenablement {adv} :: untenably, unbearably, unsustainably
inspammable {adj} :: unspammable
inséparable {adj} :: inseparable
inséparable {mf} :: lovebird (the bird)
inséparablement {adv} :: inseparably
inspecter {v} :: to inspect
inspecteur {m} :: inspector
inspecteur {m} :: assessor
inspection {f} :: inspection (act of examining something, often closely)
inspectrice {f} :: feminine noun of inspecteur
inspirateur {adj} :: inspirational
inspirateur {m} :: inspirer
inspiration {f} :: inspiration (instance of breathing in)
inspiration {f} :: inspiration (divine intervention)
inspiration {f} :: inspiration (something which brings about creativity or perseverance)
inspirer {v} :: to inspire
inspirer {v} :: to breathe
insérer {v} :: to insert
instabilité {f} :: instability
instable {adj} :: unstable
instablement {adv} :: unstably
installateur {m} :: installer (a person who installs)
installation {f} :: installation
installer {v} :: to install
installer {v} :: to place
installer {v} :: (reflexive) to settle
instamment {adv} :: instantly
instance {f} [often in the plural] :: urgent demand, insistence, plea
instance {f} :: authority, forum, agency, body
instance {f} [legal] :: legal proceedings, prosecution process
instance {f} [object-oriented programming] :: instance
instance {f} [computing] :: instance
instanciation {f} [programming] :: instantiation
instant {adj} [literary] :: pressing, insistent
instant {m} :: instant, minute, moment
instantané {adj} :: instant
instantané {m} [photography] :: snap, snapshot
instantanéité {f} :: instantaneity, instantaneousness, immediacy
instantanément {adv} :: instantaneously (without any delay)
instar {n} :: only used in à l'instar de
instaurateur {m} :: establisher, instaurator
instauration {f} :: establishment (of a government, regime etc.)
instauratrice {f} :: feminine singular of instaurateur
instaurer {v} :: to set up; to establish
instigateur {m} :: instigator
instigation {f} :: instigation
instigatrice {f} :: feminine singular of instigateur
instiller {v} :: To instil
instinct {m} :: instinct
instinct {m} :: gut feeling
instinctif {adj} :: instinctive (related to or prompted by instinct)
instinctivement {adv} :: instinctively
instinctuel {adj} :: instinctual
instinctuellement {adv} :: instinctually
instit {mf} :: primary school teacher
institué {adj} :: instituted
instituer {vt} :: to institute
instituer {vt} :: to bring forth
institut {m} :: institute
institut de beauté {m} :: salon (beauty salon)
instituteur {m} :: primary school teacher
institutif {adj} :: institutive
institution {f} :: institution
institutionaliser {v} :: alternative form of institutionnaliser
institutionnalisation {f} :: institutionalization
institutionnaliser {v} :: to institutionalise
institutionnalisme {m} :: institutionalism (stress of the importance of institutions)
institutionnel {adj} :: institutional
institutionnellement {adv} :: institutionally
institutrice {f} :: teacher (in a school)
instructeur {m} :: instructor, teacher
instructif {adj} :: instructive (conveying knowledge, information or instruction)
instructif {m} [grammar] :: the instructive case
instruction {f} :: instruction
instructrice {f} :: feminine noun of instructeur
instruire {v} :: to instruct, to teach
instruit {adj} :: learned, knowledgeable
instrument {m} :: instrument
instrumental {adj} :: instrumental
instrumental {m} [grammar] :: the instrumental case
instrumentalement {adv} :: instrumentally
instrumentalisation {f} :: instrumentalisation
instrumentaliser {v} :: to exploit, to use (for selfish gains)
instrumentation {f} :: instrumentation
instrument à cordes {m} [musical instruments] :: string instrument
instrumenter {vt} :: to instrument, draw up
instrumenter {vt} [music] :: to orchestrate
instrumentiste {mf} :: instrumentalist
insu {m} [in set phrases] :: ignorance
insubmersible {adj} :: unsinkable
insubordination {f} :: insubordination
insubordonné {adj} :: insubordinate
insuccès {m} :: failure
insuffisamment {adv} :: insufficiently
insuffisance {f} :: shortfall; insufficiency
insuffisant {adj} :: insufficient, not enough
insuffler {vt} :: to infuse
insuffler {vt} :: to instill
insulaire {adj} [attributive] :: island
insulaire {adj} :: insular, islandy (pertaining to an island)
insulaire {adj} :: insular (having inward-looking characteristics)
insulaire {adj} :: island-dwelling
insulaire {mf} :: islander (person who lives on an island)
insulairement {adv} :: insularly
insularité {f} :: insularity
Insulinde {prop} {f} :: the Malay Archipelago
insuline {f} :: insulin (polypeptide hormone)
insulinodépendant {adj} :: insulin-dependant
insulinome {m} [pathology] :: insulinoma
insulinorésistant {adj} :: insulin-resistant
insulté {adj} :: insulted
insultant {adj} :: insulting
insulte {f} :: insult
insulter {v} :: to insult
insulteur {m} :: insulter
insulteuse {f} :: insulter (female)
insupportable {adj} :: intolerable; insupportable; unbearable
insupportablement {adv} :: insupportably, intolerably, unbearably
insupporter {v} [colloquial, nonstandard] :: To be unbearable or extremely irritating to
insurgé {m} :: insurgent
insurger {vr} :: to rise up, to protest (against)
insurmontable {adj} :: insurmountable
insurmontablement {adv} :: insurmountably
insurpassable {adj} :: unsurpassable
insurrection {f} :: insurrection
insurrectionnel {adj} :: insurrectional, insurrectionary
insurrectionnellement {adv} :: insurrectionally
intact {adj} :: intact
intact {adj} :: unspoiled, unbroken
intactilité {f} :: untouchability
intarissable {adj} :: inexhaustible
intarissable {adj} :: unfailing
intarissablement {adv} :: inexhaustibly
intarissablement {adv} :: unfailingly
intellect {m} [psychology, philosophy] :: intellect
intellectualiser {vt} :: to intellectualize
intellectualisme {m} :: intellectualism
intellectualité {f} :: intellectuality
intellectuel {adj} :: intellectual
intellectuellement {adv} :: intellectually
intelligemment {adv} :: intelligently
intelligence {f} :: intelligence; cleverness
intelligence {f} :: comprehension
intelligence artificielle {f} :: artificial intelligence
intelligent {adj} :: intelligent
intelligentsia {f} :: intelligentsia
intelligible {adj} :: intelligible
intelligiblement {adv} :: intelligibly
intello {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: highbrow
intello {mf} [colloquial, pejorative] :: highbrow
intello {mf} [colloquial, pejorative] :: nerd, egghead
intempestif {adj} :: untimely, mistimed
intempestive {adj} :: inopportune, untimely
intempestivement {adv} :: untimely; at an awkward moment
intempestivité {f} :: untimeliness
intemporel {adj} :: timeless
intempéré {adj} :: intemperate
intempéramment {adv} :: intemperantly, intemperately
intempérance {f} :: intemperance
intempérance {f} :: overindulgence
intempérant {adj} :: intemperate
intempérant {adj} :: overindulgent
intempérie {f} [usually plural] :: bad weather, foul weather
intempérément {adv} :: intemperately
intenable {adj} :: untenable, indefensible
intendance {f} :: stewardship
intendance {f} [military] :: supply corps
intendant {m} :: intendant, administrator
intendant {m} :: quartermaster
intendante {f} :: The mother superior in certain nunneries
inétendu {adj} :: unextended
intense {adj} :: intense
intensif {adj} :: intensive
intensification {f} :: intensification
intensifier {v} :: to intensify
intensité {f} :: intensity
intensivement {adv} :: intensively
intensément {adv} :: intensely
intenter {v} [legal] :: to file, bring
intention {f} :: intention
intentionné {adj} :: intentioned
intentionnalisme {m} :: intentionalism
intentionnaliste {adj} :: intentionalist
intentionnaliste {mf} :: intentionalist
intentionnalité {f} :: intentionality
intentionnel {adj} :: intentional
intentionnellement {adv} :: intentionally; deliberately; on purpose
intentionnellement {adv} [rare] :: in intention only
inter- {prefix} :: inter-
interacadémique {adj} :: interacademic (between learned societies)
interactif {adj} :: interactive
interaction {f} :: interaction
interaction faible {f} [physics] :: weak interaction
interaction fondamentale {f} [physics] :: fundamental interaction
interaction forte {f} [physics] :: strong interaction
interaction gravitationnelle {f} [physics] :: gravitational interaction
interaction électromagnétique {f} [physics] :: electromagnetic interaction
interaction élémentaire {f} [physics] :: fundamental interaction
interaction nucléaire faible {f} [physics] :: weak nuclear interaction
interaction nucléaire forte {f} [physics] :: strong nuclear interaction
interactivement {adv} :: interactively
interactivité {f} :: interactivity (quality of being interactive)
interagir {vt} :: to interact (with)
interallié {adj} :: Allied (concerning the Allies during World War One)
interarmées {adj} [military] :: joint (of a combined force)
interarmes {adj} [military] :: interservice, joint
interatomique {adj} :: interatomic
interbancaire {adj} :: interbank
interblocage {m} [computing] :: deadlock
interburundais {adj} :: inter-Burundian
intercalaire {m} :: divider (separator used to divide sheets of paper)
intercalaire {adj} :: dividing; serving as a divider
intercalation {f} :: intercalation
intercaler {v} :: to intercalate (add an extra day)
intercaler {v} :: to insert
intercaler {v} [rugby] :: to join in a ruck
intercartilagineux {adj} [anatomy] :: intercartilaginous
intercaténaire {adj} [chemistry] :: interchain
intercéder {v} :: to intercede
intercellulaire {adj} :: intercellular
intercepter {vt} :: to intercept
intercepteur {m} :: interceptor
intercepteur {m} [sports] :: defender
interception {f} :: interception
interceptrice {f} [sports] :: defender
intercesseur {m} :: intercessor
intercession {f} :: intercession
interchangeable {adj} :: interchangeable
interchangeablement {adv} :: interchangeably
intercité {adj} :: intercity
interclasse {m} :: break (between lessons)
interclubs {adj} :: interclub
intercolonial {adj} :: intercolonial
intercolumnaire {adj} [anatomy] :: intercolumnar
intercommunal {adj} :: intercommunal
intercommunalité {f} :: intercommunality (region of France)
intercommunautaire {adj} :: intercommunity
interconfédéral {adj} :: interconfederal
interconnecté {adj} :: interconnected
interconnecter {v} :: to interconnect (to connect to one another)
interconnexion {f} :: interconnection (a connection between multiple things)
intercontinental {adj} :: intercontinental
interconvertible {adj} :: interconvertible
interconvertir {v} :: to interconvert
interculturalisme {m} :: interculturalism
interculturel {adj} :: intercultural
interdécile {adj} :: interdecile
interdiction {f} :: ban, interdiction
interdire {vt} :: to forbid, ban, prohibit
interdire {vt} :: to interdict
interdisciplinaire {adj} :: interdisciplinary
interdisciplinarité {f} :: interdisciplinarity
interdit {m} :: Something which is prohibited
interdit {m} :: an interdict
interdit {adj} :: forbidden, prohibited, off-limits
interdit {adj} :: stupefied, at a loss
interdépartemental {adj} :: interdepartmental
interdépendance {f} :: interdependence
interdépendant {adj} :: interdependent
interethnique {adj} :: interethnic
interfaçage {m} [astronautics] :: interfacing
interface {f} :: interface
interface {f} [object-oriented] :: interface
interfacer {vt} :: to interface
interfaceur {m} [astronautics] :: interfacer
interfacial {adj} :: interfacial
interfamilial {adj} :: interfamilial
interfécond {adj} [biology] :: interfecund, interfertile
interfertilité {f} :: interfertility
interfibrillaire {adj} [anatomy] :: interfibrillar
interférence {f} :: interference (all senses)
interférent {adj} [physics] :: interfering
interférentiel {adj} [physics] :: interference (attributive)
interférer {v} :: to interfere
interféromètre {m} [physics] :: interferometer
interférométrie {m} [physics] :: interferometry
interférométrique {adj} [physics] :: interferometric
interféron {m} [biochemistry] :: interferon
intergalactique {adj} :: intergalactic (occurring between galaxies)
intergiciel {m} [computing] :: middleware
interglaciaire {adj} [geology] :: interglacial
intergénique {adj} [genetics] :: intergenic
intergénérationnel {adj} :: intergenerational
intergouvernemental {adj} :: intergovernmental
intergroupe {adj} :: intergroup
interindividuel {adj} :: interindividual
interjectif {adj} :: interjectional
interjection {f} [grammar] :: interjection
interjectivement {adv} :: interjectively (as an interjection)
interjeter {v} [legal] :: to lodge
Interlaken {prop} {m} :: Interlaken
interligne {m} :: spacing
interligne {f} :: lead, leading (typography)
interlingua {f} :: the Interlingua language
interlingue {f} :: the Interlingue language
interlobaire {adj} [anatomy] :: interlobar
interlobulaire {adj} [anatomy] :: interlobular
interlocuteur {m} :: interlocutor, person with which one speaks
interlocutoire {adj} :: interlocutory, conversational
interlocutoirement {adv} :: interlocutorily, conversationally
interlocutrice {f} :: interlocutrice
interloquer {vt} :: to take aback
intermaxillaire {adj} :: intermaxillary
intermède {m} :: interlude
intermédiaire {adj} :: intermediate
intermédiaire {mf} :: intermediary
intermédiaire {mf} [statistics] :: mean, average
intermédiairement {adv} :: intermediately, intermediarily
intermembranaire {adj} :: intermembrane
interminable {adj} :: unending, endless, ceaseless, neverending
interminablement {adv} :: interminably, endlessly
interministériel {adj} :: interministerial
intermittemment {adv} :: intermittently
intermittent {adj} :: Intermittent
intermodal {adj} :: intermodal
intermodalité {f} :: intermodality
intermoléculaire {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: intermolecular
intermétallique {adj} :: intermetallic
intermunicipal {adj} :: intermunicipal
intermunicipalité {f} :: intermunicipality
intermusculaire {adj} [anatomy] :: intermuscular
interné {adj} :: interned
interné {m} :: internee
internat {m} :: boarding school
internat {m} :: entrance examination (for residency)
internat {m} :: (medical education) residency (as a doctor), hospital training
international {adj} :: international
internationalement {adv} :: internationally
internationalisation {f} :: internationalization
internationaliser {vt} :: to internationalize
internationalisme {m} :: internationalism
internationaliste {adj} :: internationalist (relating to internationalism)
internaute {mf} :: Internet user, surfer, websurfer
internautique {adj} [attributive] :: Internet
interne {adj} :: internal
internement {m} :: internment
interner {v} :: to intern, to imprison
interner {v} :: to section (in a psychiatric ward)
internet {n} [singulare tantum] :: the Internet
Internet {prop} {m} :: the Internet
internucléaire {adj} :: internuclear
interocéanique {adj} :: interoceanic
interopérabilité {f} :: interoperability
interorganique {adj} [anatomy, physiology] :: interorganic
interosseux {adj} [anatomy] :: interosseous
interpariétal {adj} [anatomy] :: interparietal
interparlementaire {adj} :: interparliamentary
interparticulaire {adj} :: interparticle
interpeler {v} :: alternative form of interpeller
interpellation {f} :: hailing, calling out
interpellation {f} :: questioning; heckling
interpellation {f} [politics] :: interpellation, questioning
interpellation {f} [law enforcement] :: (an instance of) questioning
interpeller {vt} :: to call out to
interpeller {vt} :: to question, to interrogate; to address (of police etc.)
interpeller {vt} [by extension] :: to apprehend, to arrest
interpeller {vt} [politics] :: to interpellate (question formally concerning official or governmental policy)
interpersonnel {adj} :: interpersonal
interphone {m} :: entryphone
interphone {m} :: intercom
interépineux {adj} [anatomy] :: interspinal
interplanétaire {adj} :: interplanetary
interpénétré {adj} :: interpenetrated
interpénétration {f} :: interpenetration
interpénétrer {v} :: To interpenetrate
interpolé {adj} :: interpolated
interpoler {vt} :: to interpolate
interposer {vt} :: to interpose
interprofession {f} :: All the professionals in a particular branch of work
interprofessionnel {adj} :: interprofessional
interprovincial {adj} :: interprovincial
interprétariat {m} [translation studies] :: interpreting
interprétatif {adj} :: interpretative
interprétation {f} :: interpretation
interprétation {f} [translation studies] :: interpretation, interpreting
interprétation consécutive {f} [translation studies] :: consecutive interpretation
interprétation simultanée {f} [translation studies] :: simultaneous interpretation
interprétativement {adv} :: interpretively
interprète {mf} [translation studies] :: interpreter (as opposed to translator)
interprète {mf} :: interpreter; spokesperson
interprète {mf} :: performer (for example, an actor, musician, singer)
interpréter {vt} :: to translate
interpréter {vt} :: to interpret
interpréter {vt} :: to construe
interreligieux {adj} :: interreligious
interrégional {adj} :: interregional
interrègne {m} :: interregnum
interro {f} [colloquial] :: test, exam
interrogateur {m} :: interrogator
interrogatif {adj} :: interrogative
interrogatif {adj} :: questioning
interrogation {f} :: questioning, interrogation
interrogation {f} [grammar] :: interrogative, question
interrogation {f} [computing] :: query
interrogativement {adv} :: interrogatively
interrogatoire {m} :: interrogation (series of questions)
interrogatrice {f} :: feminine noun of interrogateur
interrogeable {adj} :: searchable
interroger {vt} :: to question, interrogate
interrompre {v} :: to interrupt
interréseau {m} :: Internet
interrupteur {m} :: switch
interruption {f} :: interruption
intersaison {f} :: interseason
interscapulaire {adj} [anatomy] :: interscapular
interscolaire {adj} :: interschool, interscholastic
intersecter {v} :: to intersect
intersexualité {f} :: intersexuality
intersexuel {adj} :: intersexual
intersidéral {adj} :: interstellar
interspécifique {adj} :: interspecific
interstellaire {adj} :: interstellar
interstice {m} [religion] :: interstice
interstice {m} :: gap, interval
intersticiel {adj} :: alternative form of interstitiel
interstitiel {adj} :: interstitial
intersyndical {adj} :: interunion
intersystème {adj} :: intersystem
interétatique {adj} :: interstate (pertaining to or joining two states)
intertextualité {f} :: intertextuality
intertitre {m} :: subtitle
intertitre {m} :: caption
intertuberculaire {adj} [anatomy] :: intertubercular
interuniversitaire {adj} :: interuniversity, intervarsity
interurbain {adj} :: interurban
interurbain {adj} :: long-distance (phone call)
intervalle {m} :: interval
intervenant {adj} :: intervening
intervenant {m} :: stakeholder
intervenir {v} :: to intervene
intervention {f} :: intervention
interventionnisme {m} :: interventionism
interventionniste {adj} :: interventionist
interversion {f} :: inversion
interversion {f} :: reversal
interversion {f} :: transposition (of letters)
interversion {f} [phonology, rare] :: metathesis
intervertébral {adj} :: intervertebral
intervertible {adj} :: interchangeable
intervertir {vt} :: to invert, reverse
intervertir {vt} :: to interchange
interview {f} :: interview (by a journalist)
interviewer {v} :: to interview
intervieweur {m} :: interviewer
intervieweuse {f} :: feminine noun of intervieweur
intervocalique {adj} :: intervocalic
intestat {adj} [legal] :: intestate
intestat {m} [legal] :: intestate person
intestate {f} :: feminine noun of intestat
intestin {m} :: intestine
intestinal {adj} :: intestinal
intestin grêle {m} :: small intestine
intégrabilité {f} [maths] :: integrability
intégrable {adj} :: integrable (able to be integrated)
intégral {adj} :: full, complete
intégral {adj} :: uncut (film); unabridged (text); all-over (suntan)
intégrale {f} [mathematics] :: integral
intégrale {f} :: complete works of an author, a composer, etc
intégralement {adv} :: fully, completely
intégralisme {m} :: integralism
intégraliste {adj} :: integralist
intégraliste {mf} :: integralist
intégralité {f} :: entirety, wholeness
intégrande {f} [maths] :: integrand
intégrant {adj} :: integral
intégrateur {m} :: integrator
intégration {f} :: integration
intégrationniste {adj} :: integrationist
intégratrice {f} :: feminine singular of intégrateur
intègre {adj} :: honest
intègrement {adv} :: honestly
intégrer {vt} :: to integrate, to incorporate
intégrer {vt} :: to join, to join in (a group, a band)
intégrer {v} [mathematics] :: to integrate
intégrisme {m} :: fundamentalism
intégriste {adj} :: fundamentalist
intégrité {f} :: integrity
intégrité référentielle {f} [databases] :: referential integrity
intifada {f} :: intifada
intimé {m} :: respondent
intime {adj} :: intimate
intime {adj} :: inner
intimement {adv} :: intimately
intimer {v} :: to tell, to notify with authority
intimidant {adj} :: intimidating
intimidateur {m} :: intimidator
intimidateur {adj} :: intimidating
intimidation {f} :: intimidation
intimider {vt} :: to intimidate
intimine {f} :: intimin
intimisme {m} [arts] :: intimism (a genre involving depiction of quiet domestic scenes)
intimiste {mf} :: intimist
intimité {f} :: intimacy; closeness
intituler {vt} :: to title (eg. a book)
intituler {vr} :: to be titled
intolérable {adj} :: intolerable
intolérablement {adv} :: intolerably
intoléramment {adv} :: intolerantly (in a way which is not tolerant)
intolérance {f} :: intolerance
intolérant {adj} :: intolerant; not tolerant
intonation {f} :: intonation (all senses)
intouchable {adj} :: untouchable
intouchable {mf} [Indian caste system] :: pariah
intox {f} :: hoax (anything deliberately intended to deceive or trick)
intoxication {f} :: poisoning
intoxication {f} :: the act of spreading false information or propaganda
intoxiquer {v} :: to poison, to intoxicate
intoxiquer {v} :: to spread propaganda
intra- {prefix} :: intra-
intracardiaque {adj} :: intracardiac
intracaténaire {adj} [chemistry] :: intrachain
intracellulaire {adj} :: intracellular
intracommunautaire {adj} :: intracommunity
intracoronaire {adj} :: intracoronary
intracrânien {adj} [anatomy] :: intracranial
intradermique {adj} :: intradermal, intracutaneous
intradiégétique {adj} :: intradiegetic
intraduisible {adj} :: untranslatable
intragastrique {adj} [anatomy] :: intragastric
intraguilde {adj} [biology] :: intraguild
intraitable {adj} :: intractable
intraitable {adj} :: inflexible, uncompromising
intramoléculaire {adj} :: intramolecular
intramuros {adj} :: inner city, within the city's walls
intramusculaire {adj} :: intramuscular
intranet {m} [computing] :: intranet
intransigeance {f} :: intransigence
intransigeant {adj} :: intransigent, unaccommodating
intransitif {adj} [grammar, of a verb] :: intransitive (not taking a direct object)
intransitivement {adv} :: intransitively
intransitivité {f} :: intransitivity
intransportable {adj} :: untransportable
intranucléaire {adj} :: intranuclear
intrapéritonéal {adj} [anatomy] :: intraperitoneal
intraspécifique {adj} :: intraspecific
intrathécal {adj} [anatomy] :: intrathecal
intraveineuse {f} :: intravenous injection
intraveineux {adj} :: intravenous
intéressé {adj} :: interested
intéressé {m} :: person who is keen or interested
intéressé {m} [with the definite article le] :: the interested party, the person concerned
intéressant {adj} :: interesting
intéressée {f} :: feminine noun of intéressé
intéressement {m} :: profit sharing
intéresser {vt} :: to interest
intéresser {vr} [with à] :: to be interested in
intrication {f} :: entanglement
intrication quantique {f} [physics] :: quantum entanglement
intérieur {adj} :: interior
intérieur {m} :: interior, inside
intérieurement {adv} :: inside, on the inside, internally, interiorly
intrigant {adj} :: devious, scheming
intrigant {adj} :: bizarre, odd
intrigue {f} :: intrigue (all senses)
intriguer {vt} :: to puzzle; to arouse the interest, the curiosity of someone
intriguer {vi} :: to scheme, to connive
intérim {m} :: interim
intérimaire {adj} :: interim
intérimairement {adv} :: temporarily (on an interim basis)
intrinsèque {adj} :: intrinsic
intrinsèquement {adv} :: intrinsically
intériorisation {f} :: interiorization
intérioriser {v} :: to internalize, to interiorize
intérioriser {v} :: to accept, to receive, to take in
intérioriser {v} [a role] :: to take on, to assume
intériorité {f} :: interiority
intériorité {f} :: intimacy
intriqué {adj} :: entangled
intriquer {vp} :: [rare, sciences or literary] to become tangled
Intériste {m} [soccer] :: An Inter Milan player
intro {f} :: intro, introduction
introducteur {m} :: introducer
introductif {adj} :: introductory
introduction {f} :: introduction
introductrice {f} :: feminine singular of introducteur
introduire {v} :: to introduce
introduire {v} :: to insert, to put in
intronisation {f} :: enthronement
introniser {v} :: To induct, to introduce into
introspectif {adj} :: introspective
introspection {f} :: introspection
introït {m} :: introit
introuvable {adj} :: unfindable; elusive
introuvable {adj} :: unobtainable
introverti {adj} :: introvert
intrépide {adj} :: intrepid
intrépidement {adv} :: intrepidly
intrépidité {f} :: intrepidity, fearlessness, boldness
intérêt {m} :: interest (great attention and concern from someone)
intérêt {m} [finance] :: interest
intérêt {m} :: point (purpose, objective)
intrure {v} :: to intrude
intrus {m} :: odd one out, mismatch
intrus {m} :: intruder (unknown unwelcome person)
intrusif {adj} :: intrusive (tending to intrude)
intrusion {f} :: intrusion
intuable {adj} :: unkillable
intubation {f} :: intubation
intuber {vt} :: to intubate
intuitif {adj} :: intuitive (all meanings)
intuition {f} [uncountable, philosophy] :: intuition (cognitive faculty)
intuition {f} [countable] :: intuition, hunch
intuition {f} :: premonition
intuitionisme {m} :: alternative form of intuitionnisme
intuitionnisme {m} [maths, logic] :: intuitionism
intuitivement {adv} :: intuitively
inuit {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Inuit people
Inuit {m} :: Inuit (people)
Inuite {f} :: feminine noun of Inuit
inuktitut {m} :: Inuktitut (language)
inusable {adj} :: indestructible
inusité {adj} :: disused; outmoded; obsolete
inusuel {adj} :: unusual
inutile {adj} :: unused
inutile {adj} :: useless, unnecessary, pointless
inutilement {adv} :: uselessly, unnecessarily
inutilisé {adj} :: unused; not used
inutilisable {adj} :: unusable (not capable of being used)
inutiliser {v} :: To make unusable
inutilité {f} :: uselessness, inutility
inutilité {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: useless thing
invaginé {adj} :: invaginated
invaginer {v} :: To invaginate
invaincu {adj} :: undefeated
invalable {adj} :: invalid
invalable {adj} :: unacceptable
invalablement {adv} :: invalidly, unacceptably
invalidé {adj} :: invalidated
invalidant {adj} :: invalidating
invalidation {f} :: invalidation
invalidement {adv} :: invalidly
invalider {v} :: to invalidate, void
invalidité {f} :: disability
invariabilité {f} :: invariability
invariable {adj} :: invariable
invariablement {adv} :: invariably
invariant {adj} :: invariable
invariant {m} [physics, mathematics] :: invariable
invasif {adj} :: invasive
invasion {f} :: invasion
invective {f} :: invective
invectiver {vt} :: to insult, shout abuse (at)
invendable {adj} :: unsaleable / unsellable, unmarketable
invendu {adj} :: unsold
invendu {m} :: unsold article
inventaire {m} :: inventory (list of items)
inventaire {m} :: stocktake (the process of taking stock)
inventer {v} :: to invent (make something for the first time)
inventer {v} :: to invent (create a mistruth)
inventeur {m} :: inventor
inventif {adj} :: inventive
invention {f} :: invention
inventivement {adv} :: inventively
inventivité {f} :: inventiveness, ingenuity
inventorié {adj} :: inventorized
inventorier {v} :: to inventorize
inversé {adj} :: inverted
inverse {adj} :: inverse, the other way round
inverse {m} :: The inverse, the contrary
inversement {adv} :: inversely, conversely
inverser {vt} :: to revert; inverse
inverser {vr} :: to get reversed; to go the other way round
inversible {adj} [mathematics] :: invertible (which has an inverse)
inversion {f} :: inversion
inversion {f} :: deviance (especially sexual)
inversément {adv} [proscribed] :: alternative form of inversement
invertébré {adj} :: invertebrate
invertébré {m} :: an invertebrate
invertine {f} [enzyme] :: invertase
invertir {vt} :: to invert
investigateur {m} :: investigator
investigation {f} :: investigation, examination
investir {v} :: to invest
investissement {m} :: investment
investissement {m} :: commitment, devotion
investisseur {m} :: investor
investiture {f} :: investiture
investiture {f} [politics] :: inauguration
invincibilité {f} :: invincibility
invincible {adj} :: invincible
invinciblement {adv} :: invincibly
inviolé {adj} :: inviolate
inviolabilité {f} :: inviolability
inviolabilité {f} :: immunity (from prosecution)
inviolable {adj} :: inviolable
inviolablement {adv} :: inviolably
invisibilité {f} :: invisibility
invisible {adj} :: invisible (unable to be seen)
invisible {adj} :: invisible (not appearing on the surface)
invisiblement {adv} :: invisibly
invité {m} :: guest (person who is invited)
invité {adj} :: invited
inévitable {adj} :: inevitable; unavoidable
inévitablement {adv} :: inevitably, unavoidably
invitation {f} :: invitation
inviter {v} :: to invite
inviteur {m} :: inviter
inviteuse {f} :: feminine noun of inviteur
invivable {adj} :: unbearable
invocateur {m} :: invoker
invocation {f} :: invocation
invocatrice {f} :: feminine singular of invocateur
involontaire {adj} :: involuntary
involontairement {adv} :: involuntarily; unintentionally
involuer {v} [biology] :: To regress
involutif {adj} [botany] :: involute
involutif {adj} [maths] :: involutive
invoquer {v} :: to invoke
invoquer {v} :: to call upon (God)
invraisemblable {adj} :: unbelievable, improbable, implausible
invraisemblablement {adv} :: unbelievably, improbably, implausibly
invraisemblance {f} :: unlikeliness; doubtfulness
invérifiable {adj} :: unverifiable
invétéré {adj} :: inveterate
invétéré {adj} :: ingrained
invulnérabilité {f} :: invulnerability
invulnérable {adj} :: invulnerable
invulnérablement {adv} :: invulnerably
iochroma {m} :: alternative form of iochrome
iochrome {m} :: iochroma
iodé {adj} :: iodized, iodinated
iode {m} :: iodine (element)
iodeux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: iodous
iodhydrate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: iodohydrate
iodhydrique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydroiodic
iodique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: iodic
iodler {vi} :: to yodel
iodoforme {m} [organic compound] :: iodoform
iodométhane {m} [organic compound] :: iodomethane
iodométrie {f} [chemistry] :: iodometry
ioduré {adj} :: iodized
iodure {m} [chemistry] :: iodide
ion {m} [chemistry, physics] :: ion
ionien {adj} :: Ionian
ionique {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: ionic
ionique {adj} [architecture] :: Ionic
ionisé {adj} :: ionized
ionisable {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: ionizable
ionisant {adj} :: ionizing
ionisation {f} :: ionisation
ioniser {v} [physics, chemistry] :: to ionize
ioniseur {m} :: ionizer
ionène {f} [organic compound] :: ionene
ionosphère {f} :: ionosphere
ionosphérique {adj} :: ionospheric
-ions {suffix} :: A suffix denoting the first-person plural imperfect indicative form of a verb
-ions {suffix} :: A suffix denoting the first-person plural imperfect subjunctive form of a verb
iota {m} :: iota (Greek letter)
iota {m} :: jot, iota (negligible amount)
ipé {m} :: ipe (tropical tree)
ipé {m} :: ipe (wood)
iPad {m} :: iPad (the Apple iPad)
iPad {m} :: iPad (a generic internet/electronic tablet)
IPC {adj} [sport, dated] :: Indicating a sport adapted for the disabled, typically prefixing the term. This usage has been superceded by the use of the prefix para- in its place
IPE {prop} :: alternative spelling of I.-P.-E.
I.-P.-E. {prop} {f} :: Île-du-Prince-Édouard, a province in Canada
I.-P.-E. {prop} {f} :: Île-du-Prince-Édouard, an island in eastern Canada
iPhone {m} :: iPhone (the Apple iPhone)
iPhone {m} :: iPhone (a smartphone)
iPod {m} :: iPod (the Apple iPod)
iPod {m} :: iPod (a generic personal portable MP3 player)
ippon {m} [judo] :: ippon
ipsilatéral {adj} [anatomy] :: ipsilateral
IQA {m} :: abbreviation of indice de la qualité de l'air (air quality index)
Iqaluit {prop} :: Iqaluit (capital of the territory of Nunavut, Canada)
-ique {suffix} :: [used to form adjectives from nouns] -ic
ir- {prefix} :: not; negation
-ir {suffix} :: A suffix forming infinitives of many verbs
Irak {prop} :: Iraq
irakien {adj} :: Iraqi (relating to Iraq)
Irakien {m} :: Iraqi (Iraqi person)
Irakienne {f} :: feminine noun of Irakien
Iran {prop} {m} :: Iran
iranien {adj} :: Iranian (of or pertaining to Iran or its people or culture)
Iranien {m} :: Iranian (person)
Iranienne {f} :: feminine noun of Iranien
IRAP {prop} {m} [astrophysics] :: initialism of Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie
iraqien {adj} :: alternative spelling of irakien
Iraqien {m} :: alternative spelling of Irakien
Iraqienne {f} :: feminine noun of Iraqien
iraquien {adj} :: alternative spelling of irakien
Iraquien {m} :: alternative spelling of Irakien
Iraquienne {f} :: feminine noun of Iraquien
irascible {adj} :: irascible
ire {f} [archaic, literary or poetic] :: ire, anger
-ière {suffix} :: feminine noun of -ier
iridescent {adj} :: Iridescent
irideux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: iridium (attributive)
iridié {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: iridium (attributive, especially as an alloy)
iridien {adj} [anatomy] :: iridial
iridine {f} :: iridin
iridiosmium {m} :: osmiridium
iridique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: iridic
iridium {m} :: iridium
iridologie {f} :: iridology
iridologue {mf} :: iridologist
irien {adj} [anatomy] :: iridial
iris {m} :: iris
irisé {adj} :: iridescent
Iris {prop} [Greek god] :: Iris
Iris {prop} :: given name
irisation {f} :: iridescence
iris d'eau {m} :: yellow iris, yellow flag
iriser {v} :: to make, or to become iridescent
irlandais {m} :: Irish, the Irish language
irlandais {adj} :: Irish
Irlandais {m} :: Irishman, someone from Ireland
Irlandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Irlandais
Irlande {prop} {f} :: Ireland
Irlande du Nord {prop} {f} :: Northern Ireland
irène {f} [organic compound] :: irene
Irène {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Irene
irénique {adj} :: irenic, irenical
ironie {f} :: irony
ironique {adj} :: ironic
ironiquement {adv} :: ironically
ironiser {v} :: to be ironic
ironiser {v} :: to say ironically
ironiste {mf} :: ironist
iroquoien {adj} :: Iroquoian
Iroquoien {m} :: Iroquoian
Iroquoienne {f} :: feminine singular of Iroquoien
iroquois {adj} :: Iroquois (attributive)
Iroquois {prop} :: Iroquois
irracontable {adj} :: too complicated for words
irracontable {adj} :: unrepeatable
irradiateur {adj} :: irradiating
irradiateur {m} :: irradiator
irradiation {f} :: irradiation
irradier {v} :: to irradiate (sterilyse)
irraisonné {adj} :: irrational
irraisonné {adj} :: unreasoned
irraisonnable {adj} :: unreasonable
irraisonnablement {adv} :: unreasonably
irréalisable {adj} :: unrealizable
irréalisable {adj} :: impracticable
irréalisme {m} :: unreality (a lack of realism)
irréaliste {adj} :: unrealistic (not realistic)
irréalité {f} :: irreality (quality of being unreal)
irrationalisme {m} :: irrationalism
irrationaliste {adj} :: irrationalist
irrationaliste {mf} :: irrationalist
irrationalité {f} [maths] :: irrationality
irrationnalité {f} :: alternative form of irrationalité
irrationnel {adj} [mathematics] :: irrational (of a number)
irrationnellement {adv} :: irrationally
irrattrapable {adj} :: irretrievable
irréconciliable {adj} :: irreconcilable
irréconciliablement {adv} :: irreconcilably
irrécouvrable {adj} :: irrecoverable
irrécupérable {adj} :: irretrievable, unreclaimable
irrécusable {adj} :: unimpeachable
irrécusable {adj} :: incontestable, indisputable, irrefutable
irrécusablement {adv} :: unimpeachably
irrécusablement {adv} :: incontestably, indisputably, irrefutably
irrédentisme {m} :: irredentism
irréductible {adj} :: irreducible
irréductible {adj} :: indomitable, implacable
irréductiblement {adv} :: irreducibly
irréductiblement {adv} :: implacably
irrecevable {adj} :: inadmissible, unacceptable
irréel {adj} :: unreal
irréellement {adv} :: unreally (in an unreal way)
irremplaçable {adj} :: irreplaceable
irremplissabilité {f} :: unfillability
irrespect {m} :: disrespect
irrespectueusement {adv} :: disrespectfully
irrespectueux {adj} :: disrespectful
irrespirable {adj} :: unbreathable, suffocating
irresponsabilité {f} :: irresponsibility
irresponsable {adj} :: irresponsible
irresponsablement {adv} :: irresponsibly
irréfléchi {adj} :: rash, reckless
irréfléchi {adj} :: thoughtless, badly thought-out, short-sighted
irréflexion {f} :: short-sightedness, thoughtlessness
irréflexion {f} :: rashness, lack of thoughts
irréfragable {adj} :: irrefutable
irréfragablement {adv} :: irrefutably
irréfutable {adj} :: irrefutable (undeniable, unable to be disproved)
irréfutablement {adv} :: irrefutably (in a way which is irrefutable)
irrégularité {f} :: irregularity
irrégulier {adj} :: irregular (non-standard)
irrégulier {adj} [geometry] :: (of a polygon) irregular
irrégulier {adj} :: undependable
irrégulier {adj} :: illegal
irrégulier {adj} [grammar] :: (of a verb etc.) irregular
irrégulièrement {adv} :: irregularly (in a way which is not regular)
irrigation {f} :: irrigation
irrigué {adj} :: irrigated
irriguer {v} :: to irrigate
irrité {adj} :: irritated, annoyed
irritabilité {f} :: irritability
irritabilité {f} :: petulance
irritable {adj} :: irritable
irritant {adj} :: irritating; annoying
irritant {m} [medicine] :: irritant
irritatif {adj} :: irritative
irritation {f} :: Irritation (all senses)
irriter {v} :: to annoy, to irritate
irréligieusement {adv} :: irreligiously
irréligieux {adj} :: irreligious
irréligion {f} :: irreligion, irreligiousness
irrémédiable {adj} :: irremediable
irrémédiablement {adv} :: irrecoverably, irremediably
irrémissible {adj} :: irremissible
irrémissiblement {adv} :: unforgivably; impardonably
irrotationnel {adj} [maths, physics] :: irrotational
irréparable {adj} :: irreparable
irréparablement {adv} :: irreparably
irrépressible {adj} :: irrepressible
irrépressiblement {adv} :: irrepressibly
irrépréhensible {adj} :: irreprehensible
irrépréhensiblement {adv} :: irreprehensibly; irreproachably
irréprochable {adj} :: irreproachable
irréprochablement {adv} :: irreproachably (in a way that is beyond reproach)
irrésistibiliser {vt} [very rare] :: to make irresistible
irrésistibilité {f} :: irresistibility
irrésistible {adj} :: irresistible (not able to be resisted)
irrésistiblement {adv} :: irresistibly
irrésolu {adj} [of a person] :: indecisive
irrésoluble {adj} :: irresolvable
irrésolument {adv} [of a person] :: undecidedly; indecisively
irrésolution {f} :: irresoluteness, irresolution; indecision, wavering
irrétrécissable {adj} :: unshrinkable, nonshrink
irruption {f} :: outbreak (an eruption, sudden appearance)
irruption {f} :: irruption
irréversibilité {f} :: irreversibility
irréversible {adj} :: irreversible
irréversiblement {adv} :: irreversibly
irrévocable {adv} :: irrevocable (not able to be revoked)
irrévocablement {adv} :: irrevocably
irrévéremment {adv} :: irreverently
irrévérence {f} :: irreverence
irrévérence {f} :: disrespect
irrévérencieusement {adv} :: irreverently
irrévérencieux {adj} :: irreverent
irrévérent {adj} :: irreverent
-is {suffix} :: Suffix forming the first-person singular present indicative of -ir verbs
-is {suffix} :: Suffix forming the second-person singular present indicative of -ir verbs
-is {suffix} :: Suffix forming the first-person singular past historic of -ir verbs
-is {suffix} :: Suffix forming the second-person singular past historic of -ir verbs
-is {suffix} :: Suffix forming the first-person singular past historic of -re verbs
-is {suffix} :: Suffix forming the second-person singular past historic of -re verbs
is- {prefix} :: form of iso- before a vowel
Isaï {prop} :: Jesse [biblical character]
Isaac {prop} :: Isaac (Biblical figure)
Isaac {prop} :: given name
isabelle {adj} :: light tan
Isabelle {prop} {f} :: given name
Isaïe {prop} {m} :: given name
Isaie {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Isaïe
isard {m} :: chamois
ischiadique {adj} :: synonym of ischiatique
ischiatique {adj} :: ischiatic
ischio- {prefix} :: ischio-
ischio-jambier {adj} [attributive] :: hamstring
ischio-jambier {m} :: hamstring (muscle)
ischion {m} [anatomy] :: ischium
ischémie {f} :: ischemia
ischémique {adj} [pathology] :: ischemic
Isée {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Isaeus
isentropique {adj} :: isentropic
-iser {suffix} :: -ise/-ize
Isernia {prop} :: Isernia (province)
Isernia {prop} :: Isernia (town)
Iseult {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to the English Iseult
Ishikawa {prop} :: surname
isiaque {adj} :: Isiac
isidorien {adj} :: Isidorian
islam {m} :: Islam
islamique {adj} :: Islamic (of, or relating to, Islam)
islamiquement {adv} :: Islamically
islamisation {f} :: Islamization (ac of making Islamic)
islamiser {v} :: to Islamicize (to make Islamic)
islamisme {m} :: Islamism
islamiste {mf} :: islamist
islamiste {adj} :: islamist
islamologie {f} :: Islamology
islamologue {mf} :: Islamologist
islamophobie {f} :: Islamophobia
islandais {m} :: Icelandic, the Icelandic language
islandais {adj} :: Icelandic
Islandais {m} :: Icelander (someone from Iceland)
Islandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Islandais
Islande {prop} {f} :: Iceland
isle {f} :: obsolete spelling of île
isle {f} [Louisiana French] :: alternative form of île
Isles d’Hières {prop} :: archaic spelling of Îles d'Hyères
ismaélien {m} [Islam] :: Ismaelian; Shiite
ismaélienne {f} :: feminine singular of ismaélien
-isme {suffix} :: -ism
iso- {prefix} :: iso-
isobarique {adj} :: isobaric
isobarométrique {adj} :: isobarometric
isobornéol {m} [organic compound] :: isoborneol
isobutane {m} :: isobutane
isobutène {m} [organic compound] :: isobutene
isochronique {adj} :: isochronic
isochroniquement {adv} :: isochronically
isocèle {adj} [geometry] :: isosceles
Isocrate {prop} {m} :: Isocrates (an Ancient Greek given orator)
isodense {adj} :: isodense
isodensité {f} :: isodensity
isoédrique {adj} :: isohedral
isoeugénol {m} [organic compound] :: isoeugenol
isoflavone {f} :: isoflavone
isofonctionnel {adj} :: isofunctional
isoforme {m} [biochemistry] :: isoform
isogame {adj} [genetics] :: isogametic
isogamie {m} [genetics] :: isogamy
isogène {adj} [geometry] :: synonym of homocentrique
isogénique {adj} [genetics] :: isogenic
isogéotherme {adj} :: isogeothermic
isogéotherme {m} :: geoisotherm
isolé {adj} :: isolated
isolé {m} [cycling] :: An independent rider in the Tour de France
isolant {adj} :: insulating
isolant {adj} [linguistics, of a language] :: isolating
isolant {m} :: insulator
isolat {m} :: isolate
isolateur {m} :: insulator, isolator
isolation {f} :: isolation
isolation {f} :: insulation
isolationnisme {m} :: isolationism (a national (or group) policy of non-interaction with other nations (or groups))
isolationniste {adj} :: isolationist (of or pertaining to isolationism or an advocate thereof)
isoélectrique {adj} :: isoelectric
isolement {m} :: detachment
isolement {m} :: isolation
isoler {v} :: to isolate
isoler {v} :: to insulate
isolisme {m} :: synonym of isolement
isolément {adv} :: isolatedly, individually, separately
isologue {adj} [organic chemistry] :: isologous
isoloir {m} :: voting booth
isomorphe {adj} :: isomorphic
isomorphisme {m} :: isomorphism (all meanings)
isomérase {f} [enzyme] :: isomerase
isomère {m} :: isomer (chemistry: compounds)
isomérie {f} [chemistry] :: isomerism
isomérique {adj} [chemistry] :: isomeric
isomérisation {f} [chemistry] :: isomerization
isomérisme {m} [chemistry] :: isomerism
isomètre {adj} :: isometric
isométrie {f} :: isometry
isométrique {adj} :: isometric
isométriquement {adv} :: isometrically
isonomie {f} :: isonomy
isopalmitique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: isopalmitic
isopentane {m} [organic compound] :: isopentane
isopentènyl {m} [organic chemistry] :: isopentenyl
isophtalique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: isophthalic
isophylle {adj} [botany] :: isophyllous
isopleure {adj} [obsolete, geometry] :: isopleuron
isopode {m} :: isopod
isoprène {m} [organic compound] :: isoprene
isoprénoïde {adj} [organic chemistry] :: isoprenoide
isoprénoïde {m} [organic chemistry] :: isoprenoide
isopropyle {m} [organic chemistry, especially in combination] :: isopropyl
isopropylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: isopropyl (attributive)
isopétale {adj} :: isopetalous
isoptère {m} :: isopteran
isorel {m} :: hardboard
isoscédasticité {f} [statistics] :: synonym of homoscédasticité
isoscédastique {adj} [statistics] :: synonym of homoscédastique
isoscèle {adj} :: alternative form of isocèle
isostatique {adj} :: isostatic
isostémone {adj} [botany] :: isostemonous
isosyllabique {adj} :: isosyllabic
isoète {m} :: quillwort
isotherme {m} :: isotherm
isotherme {adj} [physics] :: isothermal
isothermique {adj} :: isothermic
isothermiquement {adv} :: isothermically
isotonique {adj} [physiology] :: isotonic
isotope {adj} :: isotopic (relating to isotopes)
isotope {m} :: isotope
isotopie {f} :: isotopy
isotopique {adj} [physics] :: isotopic
isotopiquement {adv} :: isotopically
isotopomère {m} [chemistry] :: isotopomer
isotrope {adj} :: isotropic (having properties which are equivalent in all directions)
isotropie {f} :: isotropy
isotropique {adj} :: isotropic
isotypique {adj} :: isotypic
Israël {prop} {m} :: Israel
israélien {adj} :: Israeli (of, from, or pertaining to Israel, the Israeli people)
Israélien {m} :: Israeli (person from Israel or of Israeli descent)
Israélienne {f} :: feminine noun of Israélien
Israëlienne {f} :: feminine singular of Israëlien
israélite {adj} :: Jewish
israélite {adj} :: Israelite
Israélite {mf} :: Israelite
isérois {adj} :: Of or from Isère
Issa {prop} {m} :: given name, widely used in Islamic North and West Africa
Issa {m} :: A member of the Issa clan
-isse {suffix} :: Used with a stem to for the first-person singular imperfect subjunctive of -ir verbs
isséen {adj} :: From the French town of Issé
isséen {adj} :: From the French town of Issy-les-Moulineaux
-issime {suffix} :: suffix used to form superlative forms of adjectives
issu {adj} :: from, originating from
issue {f} :: An exit, a way out
issue {f} :: The final outcome or result
issue {adj} :: Feminine singular of issu
Istanbul {prop} :: Istanbul
-iste {suffix} :: -ist
-iste {suffix} :: -istic
isthme {m} [geography] :: isthmus
isthmique {adj} :: isthmic
-ité {suffix} :: variant of -té, giving a quality or characteristic of an adjective; -ity
-it {suffix} :: Suffix forming the third-person singular present indicative of -ir verbs
-it {suffix} :: Suffix forming the third-person singular past historic of -ir verbs
-it {suffix} :: Suffix forming the third-person singular past historic of -re verbs
itaconique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: itaconic
italianisation {f} :: Italianization
italianiser {v} :: To Italianize
italianité {f} :: Italianness
Italie {prop} {f} :: Italy
italien {adj} :: Italian
italien {m} :: Italian (language)
Italien {m} :: Italian (person)
Italienne {f} :: feminine noun of Italien
italique {adj} :: italic
italique {m} :: italics
italo- {prefix} :: Italo-
italophile {adj} :: Italophilic
italophobie {f} :: Italophobia
-ite {suffix} [medicine] :: -itis
-ite {suffix} :: -ite (relating to following someone or something)
-ite {suffix} [mineralogy] :: -ite
item {adv} :: same; in the same way
ithyphalle {m} :: ithyphallus
ithyphallique {adj} :: ithyphallic
itinéraire {m} :: itinerary
itinérance {f} [chiefly Quebec] :: Homelessness
itinérance {f} [European French] :: Pedestrian traveling done for pleasure; hiking; backpacking
itinérance {f} [telecommunications] :: The ability to use a cell phone outside of its original registering zone; roaming
itinérance {f} [literary] :: Act of traveling without a particular goal or destination
itinérance {f} [telephony] :: roaming
itinérant {m} [Quebec] :: A homeless person
itinérant {adj} :: Which travels to perform its functions
itinérant {adj} :: Occurring in several places one after the other
itou {adv} [colloquial or archaic] :: likewise, also
itératif {adj} :: iterative (of a procedure that involves repetition)
itération {f} :: iteration
itérativement {adv} :: repeatedly; with many repetitions
itérer {v} :: to iterate
itéropare {adj} [biology] :: iteroparous
itéroparité {f} [biology] :: iteroparity
-itude {suffix} :: -itude
Iturée {prop} :: Iturea
iulacé {adj} [botany] :: Bearing catkins
iule {m} :: millipede
iule {m} :: catkin
IVG {abbr} :: interruption volontaire de grossesse, an abortion
ivoire {m} :: ivory
ivoirien {adj} :: Ivorian (of or pertaining to the Ivory Coast or its people or culture)
Ivoirien {m} :: A male Ivorian
Ivoirienne {f} :: A female Ivorian
ivoirité {f} :: The quality of being Ivorian
ivraie {f} :: ryegrass (Lolium)
ivraie {f} :: darnel, cockle (Lolium temulentum)
ivre {adj} :: drunk, inebriated
ivresse {f} :: drunkenness
ivresse {f} [figuratively] :: euphoria
ivrogne {adj} :: alcoholic
ivrogne {mf} :: drunkard, alcoholic
ivrogne {mf} :: red campion (Silene dioica)
ivrognerie {f} :: drunkenness
ivrognesse {f} :: feminine singular of ivrogne
ixe {m} :: ex. letter: x
ixer {v} [rare, cinematography] :: to X-rate; to make X-rated
ixième {adj} :: nth, xth
île {f} :: island
Île-de-France {prop} :: A region of France, including Paris
Île-du-Prince-Édouard {prop} {f} :: Prince Edward Island, a province in Canada
île flottante {f} [culinary] :: floating island (dessert with beaten egg white)
îles Aléoutiennes {prop} {m} :: Aleutian Islands
îles Anglo-Normandes {prop} {fp} :: Channel Islands
îles Baléares {fp} :: Balearic Islands (group of Mediterranean islands)
îles Canaries {prop} {fp} :: Canary Islands
îles Cook {prop} {fp} :: Cook Islands
îles Féroé {prop} {fp} :: the Faroe Islands
îles Malouines {prop} :: Falkland Islands
îles Mariannes du Nord {prop} {fp} :: Northern Mariana Islands (archipelago)
Îles Phœnix {prop} :: Phoenix Islands
îles Salomon {prop} {fp} :: Solomon Islands
îles Vierges Britanniques {prop} {fp} :: British Virgin Islands
îlien {adj} :: alternative form of ilien
îlien {m} :: alternative form of ilien
îlot {m} :: islet, ait (UK)
îlot {m} :: island bench (in a kitchen or lab)
îlot {m} :: block (group of houses etc)
îlotage {m} :: alternative form of ilotage
îlotier {m} :: alternative form of ilotier
îlotière {f} :: feminine noun of îlotier
-ît {suffix} :: A suffix denoting the third-person singular imperfect subjunctive form of an -ir or -re verb